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Gunboat Question

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2020, 18:47
by Waldmagier
I'm quite new in this forum and i have question concerning a gunboat game. Is it allowed to use the draw proposal function to indicate a potential alliance. For example (names changed) is it allowed that Turkey makes after the first round a draw prposal for Turkey and Russia obviously indicating that he wants an alliance with Russia in a game where every communication is forbidden. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Re: Gunboat Question

PostPosted: 23 Nov 2020, 22:32
by WHSeward
OP moved as it is not a cheater report.

Answer to OP: if the game provides for draw proposals, they are allowed. And yes, they are often used to convey information.

If game creators/players don't want that, choose DIAS and private voting options to reduce the ability to communicate with draws.

Re: Gunboat Question

PostPosted: 25 Nov 2020, 01:31
by Custer
Or to convey false info. Be careful grasshoppa.