Why was I demoted?

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Why was I demoted?

Postby das da » 22 Apr 2021, 06:16

Why was I demoted? I was Ambassador but am now Diplomat. I have no NMRs and no surrenders.

There was one wonky game where the computer gave me an NMR even though I had no units on the board. But I thought that was cleared up.

Any ideas?
das da
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Re: Why was I demoted?

Postby drillbit » 22 Apr 2021, 10:51

I don't suppose it could have taken an illegal order as an NMR could it?

For example Portugal to East Med, or Gulf of Bothnia in game 192659.
I realise there are many examples of illegal orders in gunboat games, but how many when the player enters an illegal order with their only unit?
The system says it replaces it with a Hold order, perhaps there is a bug that counts this the same as replacing an NMR with a Hold order?

Probably not but I guess it's a possibility.
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