Fall 1803

9-player variant in which formal coalitions can be formed between powers. Designed and GMd by VaeVictus. Solo win: JonathanSwaim (Prussia); 4-way draw shared between Austria (Stanislaw), Britain (Xildur) and France (haroonriaz)

Fall 1803

Postby VaeVictis » 01 Mar 2014, 15:25

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Austria (Stanislaw):
A Hel support Cis to Pie [Support order fails]
A Cis-Pie [Bounced, 2v3]
F Adr-Ion [Bounced, 1v1]
A Vie-Tyr [Resolved]
A Bud-Vie [Resolved]
A Gal-Ukr [Resolved]

Britain (Dan2):
BoB move Brest [Resolved, 2v1]
Eng support BoB move Brest. [Resolved]

Denmark (FortressDoor):
Norwegian Sea Convoy Chr Iceland [Resolved]
Chr Iceland [Resolved]
Ska North Sea [Bounced, 1v1]
Sheleswig - Hanover [Resolved]
Finland St. Petersburg [Resolved]

France (haroonriaz):
A (Pie) s A (Lyon) H [Support cut by A Cis]
F (Marseilles) s A (Pie) H [Resolved]
A (Lyon) s A (Pie) H [Resolved]
A (Paris) s F (Brest) H [Support cut, destroyed by A Bel, 1v2]
F (Brest) H [Dislodged by F BoB, 1v2][Retreat needed]

Ottoman Empire (norlight):
Mol MOVE Sevastopol [Resolved, 2v1]
Black sea SUPPORT Mol MOVE Sevastopol [Resolved]
Wallachia MOVE Mol [Resolved]
East Med MOVE Cen [Resolved]
Egypt MOVE East Med [Resolved]

Prussia (JonathanSwaim):
Kiev S Gal MOVE Ukraine [Resolved]
StP MOVE Moscow [Resolved, 2v1]
LIV S StP MOVE Moscow [Resolved]
Poland MOVE Galicia [Resolved]
Sax MOVE Bohemia [Resolved]
Wph MOVE Rhi [Resolved]
Lor S Bel MOVE Paris [Resolved]
Belgium MOVE Paris [Resolved, 2v1]

BREAK coalition with Austria. [Resolved]

Russia (ThisEndUp):

Sicily (I Love Italy):
Fleet in Plm move to Ion [Bounced, 1v1]
Army in Pap hold [Resolved]
Army in Nap support army in Pap to hold [Resolved]

Spain (G_Force):
Tun S Trip hold [Resolved]
Trip S Plm - Cen [Support order does not correspond]
Atl hold [Resolved]
Cat hold [Resolved]

I am also breaking my alliance with France [Resolved]

The retreats from Russia are meaningless since the last two Russian centers were captured. I still need a retreat/disband from France in Brest, but since it will not affect builds, we can move ahead to the next phase.

Austria: 6 SC's, 6 units = 0 builds
Britain: 4 SC's, 3 units = 1 build
Denmark: 7 SC's, 5 units = 2 builds
France: 3 SC's, 4 units = 1 disband
Ottoman Empire: 6 SC's, 5 units = 1 build
Prussia: 10 SC's, 8 units = 2 builds
Sicily: 3 SC's, 3 units = 0 builds
Spain: 5 SC's, 4 units = 1 builds

Winter 1803 Build Orders are due 24 hours from now on Sunday, March 2nd 7:00 GMT-6, 13:00 GMT
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