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Re: End of Game and AARs

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2014, 16:40
by Pagane
The zombies' grouping in the German/Balkan regions of the map was the result of the player bids for SCs. Perhaps a handful of SCs should ALWAYS start as zombie-owned, to ensure a bit of a spread. Otherwise, there's no way to really change the tendency to group that way.

Re: End of Game and AARs

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2014, 16:45
by EpicDim
This is the reason I have a standard start with the amphibious rules as an option for my next game to test if more spread out zombies are too powerful. My gut tells me that it will work out fine.

Re: End of Game and AARs

PostPosted: 23 May 2014, 18:54
by Pedros
EpicDim wrote:For the record, I instituted a new rule that if one player has over half the SCs the other remaining players can concede the game to create a solo.

Congratulations to condude1 for the solo. Xildur has conceded.

Thank you to all the players and please post your AARs and let us know what was going through your heads.

The Swiss Republic of Iberia: condude1 (NMRs: 1, 0 Major)

Sjg's Empire: sjg11 (NMRs: 5, 1 Major)
Eliminated 1908

The Republic of Survivors: jqz1212jc (NMRs: 0)
Eliminated 1910

Pink Panthers: bluecuillin (NMRs: 3, 0 Major)
Eliminated 1910

Roman Empire: Xildur (NMRs: 2, 1 Major)

Split Confederation: I Love Italy (NMRs: 0)
Eliminated 1907

Duchy of Normandy: Pagane (NMRs: 1, 1 Major)
Eliminated 1907

Can I just say EpicDim that this concession rule contravenes your basic rule that the game ends only with the elimination of the last Zombie. You and all players may be convinced that condude1 would have eliminated the Zombies, but until it's over, it isn't!

Not saying this to start a great argument or anything, but if you make a rule then you have to follow it.