Imperial Diplomacy Strategy: France

World map beginning in 1861/1935. 13-player variant created by Michael David Roberts. Brought to site by Waterice Man.

Imperial Diplomacy Strategy: France

Postby eminem4evr21 » 02 May 2011, 23:21

France has a close relationship with the Dutch, whether good or bad. They have similiar spheres of influence, and similiar target sc's. Britain doens't have the same pull, since he is more involved inn the Middle East, India, and North America. You two on the other hand are heavily invloved in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Britain has some mild influence there, but nothing major, with the possible exception of the far reaches of the South East. (AKA Australia.)

So, the first descision a French player must make is if he is going to be best buds with the dutch, or fight him to the death. There is no in-between, only extremes. You can't say, "Hey, I want to fight you in South East Asia, but we're still chill about Africa, right?" No, you are not still chill about Africa. You can't be killing each other in the South East while having pleasant conversation in Africa. People don't work that way.

I think allying with the Dutch is the best descision a French player can make. The Dutch out number you in South East Asia, with a settlement nearby in Africa. You two are technically even in Africa, but the Dutch can change the tide quicky. An opening move into the South Atlantic unleashes Dutch hell on Africa. You outnumber him in Latin America, but only by one. And if Brazil doesn't like you, that means absolutely nothing. It's like two skinny dudes fighting. One has a baseball bat, the other one has Hulk Hogan with a baseball bat.

Congratulations, you have allied with the Dutch! Now what? The first thing to do is get rid of the British. That doesn't mean invade England and conquer London, it means get him off of your turf. There is no reason for him to have anything in South East asia, with the possible exception of Australia. (The government insists that Australia isn't part of South East Asia. Yeah right.)

In Africa, divide it up as you see fit. I would say take Western Africa, and leave the southern parts to the Dutch.

As for South America, fight Brazil, but not immediatley. Get some manpower first by taking the northern part of South America, and maybe a few Carribean treasures. Then, go all out against Brazil. Don't anger mexico while this is happening. Try to get the Norh Americans to fight Mexico and Canadian Britian, it should keep him busy if need be. You will have to fight Brazil at some point, so you might as well have the upperhand. Note that Britian may not be very happy with you two, considering you just slaughtered millions of good ol chaps in the South East. Keep that in mind.

Allright, so your colonies are doing well. But oh no! What about the Mothership? France does not have as influential of a role in Europe as in regular diplomacy, stop crying about it. You now have to deal with an overpowered Turkey, an almost invulnerable Britian, and a gigantic Russia. Ditch the dreams of conquering Europe, it is all but impossible for you in particular. So, stay alive, keep involved, and don't anger the Germans. Two World Wars are the result. You are smarter than that.

And finally, the Chinese and Japanese. Now, these relationships depend on the circumstances. (Don't you just love hearing that over and over and over and over and over again?) If Russia is commiting East, then ally with Japan against China. If not, do the opposite. Ally with China against Japan. The Dutch will be especially useful, since they are a massive naval force to begin with.

Oh, and don't surrender. While being a funny stereotype, it is not funny here.
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Re: Imperial Diplomacy Strategy: France

Postby raphtown » 03 May 2011, 00:24

As Britain in the current game of Imperial diplomacy, I can't say I like your 'kill Britain' axiom too much. However, I will refrain from commenting any further until the game ends.
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