If you want to propose a variant for discussion

Posts applicable to the variant selection process circa 2015 and before. Will also contain subforums where approved & elected variants are "workshopped" for specific tweaks during implementation.

If you want to propose a variant for discussion

Postby Pedros » 16 Oct 2013, 16:42

This is a summary of the process laid out in What's it all about?

  1. First check through the criteria for inclusion in a discussion (see end of this post) to make sure that you think it fits!
  2. PM Pedros or asudevil (preferably both) with the completed questionnaire (again, see end of this post!) The more detail you can give the more chance there is of getting a Yes answer (we aren't going to do your research for you!)
  3. We will get back to you! We may say "Great idea - let's get on with it - but what about these questions?"; or we may say "No chance - nobody's ever heard of the variant - not enough play-testing to be sure it's a reliable game"; or "Interesting. Tell us more about ...."
  4. Whichever it is, it will be added to the "Lists of variants discussed" so that everybody can see what's what.
Once discussion starts (probably not immediately - as soon as this gets going there's likely to be a queue - remember, only three at once max!) there will be a separate sub-Forum here for that discussion.

The criteria
  1. Rule changes must be manageable (Seismic and Vain Rats no chance! dipsy would have a meltdown!)
  2. Well-established variants which can be relied on to produce quality games. Probably they will have been played several times in DVFG; if not they will certainly be well-known and respected across the wider Dip community
  3. Very large variants will get looked at particularly carefully because of the number of NMRs and Surrenders they are likely to produce!

The questionnaire
Name of variant
Username of proposer
Number of players
Link to map - or maps, if there are multiple versions
Link to rules
Please list all the questions which need answering, so far as you are aware. This includes alternative versions of the map and rules, optional rules, known ambiguities and uncertainties, variations introduced by GMs here or elsewhere, etc.
What experience do you have of playing or GMing the game?
List the games which you know to have been played here or elsewhere and which constitute a basis of play-testing to establish the robustness and value of the variant
Why do you believe it would be a positive addition to the site?
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