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Mafia Sub-Forum Policy (Players and GMs Please Read)

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2012, 15:41
by Crunkus_old Mafia Sub-Forum Policy
Last Updated: January 5, 2015

Moderator Team: AlphaTangoEcho, bkbkbk, connect4, Crunkus, vindictus, sjg11
Please feel free to contact any and all members of this team at any time if you have any questions or concerns relating to this sub-forum.

  • Mafia Sub-forum Links
  • Games in Development
    • If a GM wishes to post a message to seek feedback on a game whose rules and/or theme are incomplete the appropriate place to do so is the In Development sub-forum.
    • The GM can also consult the Game Checker, Rolan A Doobie.
    • Games in this sub-forum should not go into sign-ups or accept players to the roster. If you wish to move the game to the pending games section, message the Mafia subforum moderators.
  • Game Numbering
    • All games are assigned numbers at the moment a game begins its in-thread play. GMs should add the Roman Numeral to the game's topic at this time.
    • GMs are requested to check the Mafia History to confirm the correct number for the game. They may contact the moderators for help with this.
    • If your active game is not yet in the Mafia History as a game underway, please contact the moderators and let them know.
    • Roman Numeral Conversion Tool
  • The Queue
    • To have a game added the queue, post the rules to the pending games forum and message the subforum moderators. Provided the game has a well-defined set of rules and there are no other outstanding concerns, it will be added to the queue in the appropriate section (Standard Game, Small Game, or Mentor Game) at the first opportunity. Do not post sign-ups or interest lists for non-mentor games before they are added to the queue. Do not post sign-ups or interest lists for non-mentor games that have not been listed on the queue as eligible for sign-ups.
    • Once a game is ready to go into sign-ups, a moderator will contact the GM running the game. That game will have 10 days, starting from when this message was sent to the GM to fill with players. If it does not fill in this time, the game may be cycled to the bottom of the queue, at the moderators' discretion. The time and date that a game was added to the queue for sign-ups will be posted next to the game's listing in the queue.
    • Mentor games can go into sign-ups at anytime.
    • Invitational games still queue as dictated by their size (or mentor status) but GM's may secure a roster by invitation at their leisure. They must still have a final roster prepared by the requisite time or be shuffled to the bottom of the queue.
  • GM Discretion
    • GMs have wide discretion to run their games as they see fit under this sub-forum policy.
      • GMs have discretion as to who is accepted to a game's roster. It is acceptable to take sign-ups, and compile a roster at GM discretion based up the sign-up list. GMs are encouraged to keep interactions with interested players as positive as possible, and seek guidance from the moderators if a situation turns negative.
      • GMs have discretion as to how they adjudicate game situations. GMs should be familiar with (and review when necessary) the guidelines relevant to various situations, but decisions are of the GMs are ultimately final and not subject to moderator influence. They are welcome to consult via pm non-playing moderators for advice at any time.
  • Player Responsibilities
    • Player are expected to know their limits. It is very hard to maintain quality play in multiple games, especially for less experienced players.
    • Players are expected to put forth a good faith effort to read and follow all games rules, and to ask the GM questions if needed.
    • Players are expected to play to their full winning conditions. This is taken especially seriously.
    • Players are expected to continue to follow the general forum rules and guidelines for this site's entire Forum at all times. This policy can be viewed here.
    • Players are expected to maintain consistent participation and effort within games, and if they find themselves unable to do so, they are expected to inform the GM of this promptly.
  • GM Responsibilities upon Game Completion
    • When active games are completed, GMs are responsible for creating an AAR in the appropriate place and linking the main game thread to the AAR. If the game is not moved within a day or two of completion GMs are requested to pm the mods requesting that it be moved and the queue advanced. Games without an AAR where the AAR simply follows the game in the game thread should be appropriately notated in the subject, and moved to the AAR subforum then moved again to the games subforum but leaving a shadow topic in place in the AAR subforum. This way the game appears in both the AAR and Game thread archived game subforums.
    • GMs are responsible for submitting game information here.
  • Site-wide Rules
    • The site-wide Other Forum Games rules can be found here.

  • Policy Modification History
    • Formal original policy posted...25 Jul 2012
    • Number of active/in queue games per GM limited...13 Aug 2012
    • "Good Standing" clause added to requirements for a game being added to the queue...13 Aug 2012
    • Policy Modification History added...13 Aug 2012
    • The clause allowing for 2 mini-games to go to sign-ups at once is removed...06 Sep 2012
    • Updated to reflect queue going on hold....14 Sep 2013
    • Added the History Data Submission form....9 July 2014
    • Moved some points over the GM guidelines....25 July 2014
    • Added "Player Responsibility" and "Site Rules" section....26 July 2014
    • Queue reinstated, requisite rules added and related policies updated....29 Dec 2014
    • Queue section updated to make invitational roster development policy explicit....05 Jan 2015

Re: Mafia Sub-Forum Policy (Players and GMs Please Read)

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2014, 23:29
by AlphaTangoEcho

Please note that the expectations for players has now been codified, and these expectations have been put in the "Player Expectations" section.

Feel free to let ask us if there are any questions.

-The Mods.