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Liberation (PMO)

Postby Constantine072 » 07 Sep 2019, 18:37

Name: Liberation

Mission: Anti-Imperialism/Native for Native
1) Defend Purity of Body (anti-GM)
2) Reject the Machine (anti-Robot)
3) Defend those who cannot defend themselves

Civilian Assets: 3,500 Agents (Non-Combat Support, Civilian Supervisory staff and Recon Staff). 5000 Civilian companies mostly in Kuiato and SW USA. Additionally the civilians don't always know they are part of Liberation, and run things like "Liberation" Orphanges which help create a recruitment train of new Operatives.

Military Assets: 700 Battle Armors of Various Marks and support units , 2 Gotengo Majoris, and 4 Gotengo Minoris. Additionally in their regions, Liberation will found and co-opt paramilitary groups. Liberation also has access to several superweapons at its disposal most common is its Liberator Class Units, which are relatives Domuian Commanders. Often called Gotengos. In entrenched locations these can number to several thousands. The Liberation directly calls upon 20,000 of these paramilitaries units.

Technological Assets: See Tech List. Kuiato, Moscow and Nevada have tech research installations.

Location of Assets:
Major Cell/Starport (Gotengo Hangers)
-Kuiato (Pluto) (1 Gotengo Majoris) (217 Battle Armours (31 Squads (24 Mark III, 7 Mark IV), 1000 agents, 2750 Civilians Companies
-Grand Canyon/Nevada (1 Gotengo Majoris) (357 Battle Armours (54 Squads (24 Mark I, 16 Mark II, 10 Mark III and 4 Mark IV), 1800 agents, 200 Civilians Companies, 5,000 Paramilitaries units.

Minor Cells (Gotengo Refueling Stations)
-Montana (49 Battle Armors (4 Mark I, and 3 Mark II), 250 Agents, 100 Civilian Companies, 2500 Paramilitary Units
-Sicily (1 Gotengo Minoris) (42 Battle armours (5 Mark I, 1 Mark II), 200 Agents, 25 Civilians Companies, 1000 Paramilitary Units
-China (judging in white space required/Tibet or Venusian-Han) (1 Gotengo Minoris) (77 Battle Armors (6 Mark I, 4 Mark II, 1 Mark III). 400 Agents, 60 Civilians Companies, 2000 Paramilitary Units.
-Patallia (56 Battle Armors (5 Mark III, 2 Mark IV), 240 Agents, 75 Civilian Companies, 750 Paramilitary Units

Active Intel/Mission Cells
-SW US (see Canyon)
-South America (Cyon) (1 Gotengo Minoris) (21 Battle Armours (3 Mark IV), 15 Agents
-Iberia (Need to be Judge) (1 Gotengo Minoris) (28 Battle armors (4 Mark III), 150 agents.

PMO groups can run from well regulated militia to rednecks with shotguns. The groups number from 5-15 men with the average being 10. These groups are semi organized into a Liberation networked system with increasingly levels of in the know for leadership. For every 5 of those groups they will share a low level Liberation contact, whose not that in know but has the job of organizing PMO’s to not step over boundaries. Then for every 8-10 of those agents there be a supervisor agent whose a bit more in the know. For every around 2-3 of those level there be another the big supervisor whom for larger cells will report to a single supervisor.
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Re: Liberation (PMO)

Postby Constantine072 » 07 Sep 2019, 18:37

Tech List
Nueral Helms (used in Liberation made things) - essentially Nueral Network except uses emotions instead of thoughts, practically the same, except user suffers from exetreme bloodlust even with training
Liberator Units: The Primary Liberation Superweapon, a cousin to Domuian Commanders with similar abilities and weakness. These are notably smaller and divided into Malis and Majoris. Malis are only slightly larger than most mecha and can only carry 2 or 3 armored squads while Majoris can have up to 11. Uniquely Liberator units are Liberation only true Nueral Network, given the preference for Helms instead. Malis and Majoris are not mecha's unlike Commanders. And combined technology from Space crafts and Terrasubs for ability to engage and move around planets.

Project Trinity: Project Trinity utilizes Biochemical research and nanobots to create a flurry of murder machines. That will utilizing nanolathe technology to deconstruct while same time, actually spreading radiation in an area salting the landscape. The nanobots themselves are semi-organic unlike other Liberation designs taking from recent discoveries and tech stealing. Trinity has also resulted in created of Mark IV and progress on Mark V Gaia and Hyperion armours. The third part of trinity, is known as Monster Maker. Monster Maker intentionally mutates individuals and animals into weapons of war. These beings often cannot live long once released from stasis but are tasked with destroyed industrialized infrastructure to make rebuilding too costly.
Core Techs

Father Hyperion Type- this is perhaps what will become the symbol of Liberation. They are on of the basic armors used by Liberation. They are around size of 3 Meters tall, they often still look like a A-CCA Armor visually, until they are in combat. Utilizing essentially rocket rifles, to make the most of their shots. They are three stages of this armor. The first two stages are larger body armors. They come equipped with a 'rocket' rifle, or a rifle that shoots explosive rockets. And blade armor, to help cut enemy infantry. Mark II variant is far more heavily armored, and loses some of the nimbleness of the Mark I. While both armors provide rudimentary protection to its wearer, the Mark I less so. Mark II having a fully enclosed chassis, means it takes longer for the pilot to prepare. Where Mark I are sometimes called Minute Men. Mark II also have two way Nueral Helm, where the Mark I are only one directional. Both Marks however utilized traditional radios, but Mark I more so.

Mother Gaia Type- These use AIA as basis, but they more function as a combat-medic type unit, with the sword replaced with a Nanolathe-Spear configuration. Mother Gaia acts as the primary receiver and giver of commands for the Helms. While Helms themselves provide less exact situational awareness, giving the wielders only the emotional feelings of those in it, they act more like a spidy-sense. The Mother Gaia Squad leader uses this emotions to construct a mental map to push and nudge their squad mates in battle. They are around 10% larger then a Father Hyperion Type.

Mark III Hyperion and Gaia Armours- The plan is the rollout of these armours to replace Mark I and Mark II armours. Far smaller more akin to a Spartan than 40k Space Marine armor. They are easily folded into backpacks. They have lower grade weapons but far more suited to special operations, and armour itself is far stronger than Mark I or Mark II. In combat situations the wielders will be given weapons out of their transports. These range from basic rifles, to smaller rocket rifles used by earlier marks. Additonally while core differences remain, with each one purpose. Mark III are moddable for mission when used in combat form not covert form. Such as including jetpacks to grappling hooks.

Mark IV Liberation Combat Armor - While designation of Gaia vs Hyperion still exists it only does so for squad leader to squadmates. These suites are more akin to mutations of the wearer and can activate and deactivated at will. Given the wearer scales as hard as steel. The design has been finalized for rollout and larger cells are beginning to see them, as Liberation Scientists take volunteer squads for the process. This armor while compatible with Mark III, due to similar body structure, the enhanced physical and defense capabilities has many operatives question why.

Mark V Trinity Armor - Extension of Mark IV armor, it incorporates many of Mark IV designs but notably these armors are truly fully organic. Part of that is incorporation of the helm directly into the 'wielder' and a nanolathe. The armour itself is designed be directly compatible with Mark III armors. The Mark III armors usable with the Mark V are often known as Trinity I. This research still in production only prototype testing been done.

Advanced-Civilian Construction Armor- This is what develop into core of what TLC use. They are similar to the base Domuian design, yet they are physically stronger, and smaller. In that they are only 2 meters high, and easier to transport and compact. Inside their two arms are small machineguns. They can be taken apart, and placed back in by a skilled techinician that knows the design. They also can be placed with toxin, that does will what toxin does.

Acidic type comic weaponry - Acid weaponry with around range of its comparative conventional weaponry, can melt metal and such with ease. Utilized by the "Trol" Line, cheaply manufactured transports that combine somewhat innocuous materials to create hazardous weapons to bypass security.

Trol Vehicles - are separated based on environment, with Heliocopters, Boats and traditional APC Units. Designed to carry a squad of armored operatives. They are designed to mimic the appearance of common civilian vehicles for transport. They generally have hidden compartments with additional weapon. Larger Cells will deployed Military Grade Versions more akin to tanks.

Predecessor Techs:

Mecha Fighter - This unit was based off orginal Gundamium Blueprints 'liberated' by the Exodus Terrorist Group, use research was then used to upgraded the Robotech Fighters. The Mecha Fighter has an empowered Jump Pack for shock attacks. It is very durable fighter unit able take medium bombardment with relative ease. It has 2 100mm cannons attached to its back as its primary weaponry, through they do have daggers and one handed Rocket Rifles.

Exodus Battle Armor - Once again uses some of the research liberated by Exodus. It is somewhat akin to Spartan Battle Armor, but different. Most notably it slightly more bulkier and has no shield. It can make a single man worth 8. They use jump pack for movement, primary use a man-sized Rocket Rifle.

Stealth Tech - sound muffling background changing clothes (i.e. changes to match the background not true invisibility), rader scrambling device.

Rockoroid - Droids that look like rocks

Improved Biochemical - building off knowledge retrieved from Soveign Union and Terraculis is a new set of biological creations. These creations will implement into bodies to make them superhuman, metahumans like X-Men.

Spectral Missiles - using modified designs during Canadian attacks combining them with knowledge from SN and Terraculis to make devastating biological weaponry which will drive anyone it hits insane, and switfly succumb to 'melting'/rapid disease
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Re: Liberation (PMO)

Postby mat.gopack » 20 Sep 2019, 05:14

A note for Liberation/Slight change (clarification) for its makeup after talking with cons - obviously this is subject to Constantine's veto/confirmation, as are the names.

Liberation is not a singular organization. Instead, it is more like an international support group for its various affiliated members. These are entirely autonomous, though the highest levels communicate with each other for tech and some high level assistance/discussion.

Each of these autonomous groups have their own faction and areas of operation - several of which outright control territory.

The major groups of this loose alliance:

Liberation HQ/Kuiato - This is the main 'Liberation' cell, controlling its distinctive units and with the most advanced technology. This group operates a research institution hidden away in the Siberian tundra, to study the radiation permeating the frozen wastes.
---Group membership [Actual members of the group - fighting, researchers, and other]: X total (X standard, X Agents, X non-combatants)
---Total Group assets [The Equipment of the group/military assets]: 1 Gotengo Majoris, 250 Battle Armor Units, 2 research centers (1 Kuiato, 1 Siberia)
---Offshoot Civilians [Non-members of the group employed by a front company that funnels cash/resources to the group]: X across Y Kuiatan companies

Arizona Hearth and Freedom Front - This is a member that is headquartered in and around the Grand Canyon. This group outright controls the majority of the state of Arizona, having taken the role of protector for the local population.
---Group membership: X total (X standard, X Agents, X non-combatants)
---Total Group Assets: 1 Gotengo Majoris, 400 Battle Armor Units
---Population of area controlled by group [Non-members of the group living within the area controlled by the group]: 7 million
---Offshoot Civilians: X across Y companies and 'tax' paying groups in Arizona

Sicilia Maffia Pattu (Sicily Mafia Alliance) - this member controls the majority of the island of Sicily, composed of a number of mafia groups that banded together to keep outside interests away, perhaps growing out of the ancient Crocodile Empire.
---Group Membership: X total (X standard, X Agents, X non-combatants)
---Total Group Assets: 1 Gotengo Minoris, 250 Battle Armor Units
---Population of area controlled by group:
---Offshoot Civilians: X across Y companies and 'protection' paying groups in Sicily

In addition, there are smaller local members that have more limited assets. These include:

China Freedom Army - a small group founded by local peasants that looks to expel the various foreign overlords of China - the Cooperative, Asteria, the IWA overlordship over Tibet, and the Sino-Venusian nobility.
---Group Membership: 2400 (2000 standard, 400 Agents)
---Total Group Assets: 1 Gotengo Minoris, 75 Battle Armor Units
---Offshoot Civilians: X across Y associated shell companies

Patallian Defense Coalition - the Pattalian Freedom Coalition opposes the overlordship of Baujantec over the wider Pattalia area.
---Group Membership: 1,000 (750 standard, 250 Agents)
---Total Group Assets: 50 Battle Armor Units
---Offshoot Civilians: X across Y associated shell companies
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