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Re: New Player: Kingdom of Deseret

PostPosted: 26 Aug 2019, 17:58
by Vogelhut24
King Bryan and the kingdom of Deseret would like to thank its ally Ceona for its help in the civil war and for saving King Bryan's life when the kingdoms best were unable too, as such a reward of the highest honor is required for its Emperor. King Bryan and the royal family would like to bestow onto the Emperor the titular title of count of Grand Junction to one of his descendant as thanks. In the kingdom of Deseret Dukes and Counts still exist, but as a purely ceremonial title as all property is directly owned by the royal family. This descendant would swear fealty to King Bryan and become a noble of Deseret, and given a place at court.

In other news, the first Warp engine space ship of the kingdom was launched. Named the KDS Carlos, after the fallen prince.

King Bryan has also created a small counsel to help in the ruling of the kingdom. These council men are mearly advisors as the king has the final say in all matters.

The Hand of the King: Prince Jack Taylor
The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: leader of the kings personal guard and of Salt Lake City Guard: Bernard Ironside
The Master of War: head of the Militia: Prince Robert Taylor
The master of coin: head of the treasury and finances of the kingdom: Benjamin Holt
The master of laws: overseer of the law and justice for the kingdom: Patrick Charing
The master of whisperers: the spymaster and the head of intelligence: Oliver Grey
The master of ships: overseer of the royal navy: Roger Royce
The Master of Tecnology: Maximus Sohl
High Priest: the head adviser on matters of Religion and wisdom: Haythem White

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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2019, 18:45
by beadsman
The Emperor's grandson, Antonio Villanueva Astor- Santana, will accept this honor. The Immortal Emperor James Astor, protector of Ceona and the Crown of the Latin Empire, is very grateful for this gesture.

Let it be made abundantly clear that Count Antonio of Grand Junction is not a noble of Ceona (as we have done away with noble titles), but is to be treated as nobility of the court of Deseret. We gratefully and humbly accept this gesture of thanks, and are happy to help Deseret as the new nation takes its first steps onto the world stage.

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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2019, 20:05
by Subotai45
beadsman wrote:In spite of our friendly relationship with the Empire-in-Exile of Venus, Ceona is forced to denounce the overly violent and wholly indiscriminate path taken by the Imperial forces. While the Glorious Eternal Empire will accept that harsh methods must often be employed in the name of order, an indiscriminate nuclear strike on the city of Grand Junction was wholly excessive, unnecessary, and lacked any finesse.

The Ceonian troops deployed to the region were more than enough to effectively supplement the local forces, and a far more personal and effective display of authority could have been made with targeted raids, military law, and selective public executions of dissidents by firing squad. Not only would this method have protected the local infrastructure, it would have connected with the populace on a far more personal level. Wanton destruction rarely accomplishes anything.

More than upset with our Venusian allies, we are sorely disappointed. They should know better. Truly, much of their greatness has faded over the centuries.

To Deseret, we mourn the loss of the few faithful loyalists in that city. They did not deserve this fate. They will be remembered for generations. For those who would think to rebel against the established order, remember that defeat, fire, and destruction are the only fates that await the unfaithful and untrue.

The strike was wholly justified as it ended the rebellion in one stroke. We gave the opportunity for true loyalists to leave the city, but they did not take this option. Ergo, there were no loyalists in the city, and all deserved to be sacrificed to the Atomic Gods.

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PostPosted: 28 Aug 2019, 14:58
by mat.gopack
I realized I didn't actually welcome you to the game - so here's a belated one! I represent the (active) half of the Union of Mattibean Communes, the aquamarine tinted nation on the map that looks like someone spilled paint on it and didn't bother to clean up the random areas ;)

ICly, I doubt we'll initially have great relations, given the UMC's status as one of the more rabidly left-wing nations/populations, but it's nice to see a fresh face. If you've got any leftists in your nation you'd like to RP having some sort of foreign support to play in your ongoing war, I'd be happy to hook it up as the nefarious outside influence meddling there ;)

I'm also happy to have some of your people start to emigrate into either the Bay Area or Texas, the areas closest to you that I control. Could be fun to suddenly have a sizable Neo-mormon minority in the future to play with there ;)

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PostPosted: 29 Aug 2019, 18:05
by Vogelhut24
Which brings me to Max, who is having a great time with you there and really getting stuck into his job with enthusiasm. He sees this as an opportunity to become one of the architects of your next great age.
Maximus Sohl tightened his tie with sweaty hands. Today was a day that would go down is history. Today was Pioneer Day in the Kingdom. Pioneer Day was a holiday for the kingdom that had it roots over two millennia ago. The holiday honors the arrival of Brigham Young and his followers to the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th 1847. They had been forced to flee the persecution they experienced in the east of this continent. The day has been continuously celebrated since the first memorial of this event which occurred way back in 1849, when Brigham Young lead a procession to the future site of a Mormon Temple. The Young family had died out a long time ago, no one in the kingdom is quite sure however, though the Taylors claim decent from them as well as the Smiths, according to legion at least. Max was weary of such statements, though was smart enough not to mention those thoughts. Every Pioneer day the king would give a speech to the citizens of Salt Lake about changes in the Kingdom. This year however the King also has all of the primary advisors speak.
Max was nervous, he’d been doing his best at his job as master of technology. In the last few months he’d been in contact with his grandfather, working on projects to improve the medical system of the kingdom. His most successful project had been along medical lines. He had used the knowledge of the PCG to create clothing materials containing MAC (medical administration cloth). These new clothing regulate body temperature, administer medication as required, and heal minor wounds on-contact. The best thing about these clothing though, was that It is cheap enough to produce that it would become the standard clothing fabric in no time. The only push back he had got was from High Priest Haytham White. White required him to have regulations on the clothing that fit in with scripture. The temple garment that everyone is required to wear in the kingdom is produced solely by the church, with strict regulation following the doctrine of modesty and thy symbols of the faith weaved in them. The undergarments are viewed as a symbolic reminder of the covenants made in temple ceremonies and are seen as a symbolic and literal source of protection from the evils of the world. Max found these restraints ridiculous, but the king agreed with White’s notions, costing Max dozens of sleepless nights to have the product ready for today. The man seemed to have it out for Max, though Max wasn’t the only target. Catherine had to bow down to his proclamations as well. While the king has the say in all matters, he didn’t want to anger the church any more than he already had with the marriage of a non-Mormon to the crown prince and the promotion of max to the council. Catherine had to attended daily mass in the Court Chapel and wore extremely conservative gowns, covering everything bur her face and head. Catherine did as she was bid, though not quietly. Many nights Max was able to pear into Jack and Catherine’s room only to see her stabbing a voodoo doll of White, curing his very existence. It was very obvious why White hated Catherine in particular though, his sister was Marcus’ wife and had died at the command of Catherine’s uncle.
Luckily Max was having greater luck with the master of coin, Benjamin Holt. Holt was a merchant of the kingdoms Salt mines, with his family running the mines for the kings for over a hundred years now. Holt was a man always trying to enrich his own pockets, which is something Max could work with. With the help of his grandfathers connections and Holt’s, he was able to improve the efficacy of salt extraction, with the industry being worth close to 15 billion dollars. There were agreements of course to this improvement. The kingdom had to hire around 30 businessmen from the PCG to help in this project, which Holt was reluctant to give power to, that was until they struck up some marriage proposals with the dowries so large max could swear Holt’s eyes turned straight green.
Max heard a knock on the door “Its time.” Max sighed, as he turned to walk to the palace courtyard.

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PostPosted: 29 Aug 2019, 18:48
by Vogelhut24
Maximus Sohl felt that his presentation had went pretty well, he had thought that the citizens of Deseret would look down upon him because of his age. Though no one seemed to have a problem with it. Max remember Prince Jack telling him one “the kingdom is use to young rulers, just look at me. To most people, Nobel lineage is more important to leadership than to age or experience, we just assume because their father was great at their job, they will be to.” Maximus thought how ridiculous this was, maybe this would be his next great project. Apparently though the king was one step ahead of him.

Out of the Palace Stepped King Bryan, dressed in his royal apparel with the ancestral crown of kings on his head. The crowd of thousands suddenly cheered with prays and excitement “Long live the king.” “Praise be the king.” Bryan smiled at this and waved his hand around. As he stepped up to the podium the crowd went silent, anticipating what he had to say.
“Good evening citizens of Deseret, I hope all of you are having a good pioneer day. We Mormons are a proud people with a proud tradition. Together we were able to create this great nation under god. With the crown at the head and the people as its loyal supporters.” The king pauses. “For hundreds of years the monarchy has claimed to be the shield of its people, but for hundreds of years we’ve come short of that. God gave the monarchy to me and my forefathers not because the people are support to serve us, but because we are support to support the people. My son Tyler, while abroad at the league of Cairo told me about the other nations of the world, and how their people’s rights are protected by law instituted by its ruling governments. That is why this year on Pioneer day, I pronounce with the power invested with my me by god, that I will protect the rights of all citizens of Deseret. In one months’ time, the kingdoms first constitutional convention on the rights of the people shall be hold in the royal palace. everyone of noble birth is invited to vote in this affair”

The crowd roared in approval, Haytham White stood up and walked off the stage, and Jack and Catherine Smiled, holding hands. Max wondered how Tyler was able to convince the king of this momentous change, and how his grandfather would react to this news.

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PostPosted: 29 Aug 2019, 20:34
by Vogelhut24
For those wondering about the constitutional convention. Only members of the nobility can vote for which their is about 400. Every member gets one vote total. Those 400 are divided more or less into political factions under much more powerful nobles. At this vote the members of the nobility will make laws for the new constitution based on the legal rights of the peasantry. The major factions are
The kings party - for social liberation of peasants, pro immigration and foreigner rights.
The White Family - Religious laws and absolute monarchical power, anti immigration and foreigner rights.
The Holt Family- For economic conservationism and privatization. pro immigration and foreigner rights.
The Grey Family- for Social liberation of peasants, anti immigration and foreigner rights.
The of Boise Family- For absolute monarchical power, pro immigration and foreigner rights.

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2019, 03:01
by Vogelhut24
Prince Tyler had only recently learned about the nation of Ceona. Apparently, they were ruled by a viscous, cruel immortal dictator. After hearing about the tragedy of Grand junction back home, he wasn’t trying to interact with any madmen with nuclear capabilities. Jack had called him and told Tyler about the whole incident. Jack….
Tyler loved his brother; they were family after all. But he was always envious of him. People saw Jack as Tyler’s better in almost every way. His father was called Bryan the reformer, Jack was called the brave, but do you know what the lowborn called him in behind the kings back? The broken. Well he was not broken damn it; he was a prince of Deseret and was going to prove that here in Cairo.
“Prince Tyler?” one of the Ceonian men said. Tyler snapped out of his thought train. “oh. Yes, show the way.” He wasn’t about to ignore a summon from one of the most powerful nations on earth. Jack followed the two men into a large chamber room. Not large by palace standards, but large for Cairo. In the room sat a 12-year-old girl. The girl had darker skin, long black hair, and large brown eyes. She was sitting at a small table with two chairs and two cups of water with a pitcher.
“Please sit down.” Tyler awkwardly sat down. He’d never been good with girls, they mainly just giggled at him or looked away at his gaze. He found most of them quite stupid. He wasn’t as charismatic as his father or brother was, so mainly he just ignored them. This girl however, stared right at him, with her gaze not leaving his. He shifted uncomfortable in his chair and picked up the cup with his arm.
“My name is Amelia Vasquero, I am the daughter of Duke Antonio Villanueva Astor of Grand Junction, and great- granddaughter to the emperor of Ceona. I am here at the behest of the immortal emperor and of your father the king of Deseret.” She smiled
“What does the emperor want with me?” Tyler asked inequality, nervously trying to avoid her gaze.
“after negotiations started by your father, about … certain information Ceona had, it was decided that we are to be wed to each other immediately.”
Tyler’s cup shattered on the floor. All of his practice and training on diplomatic relations over the past few months were lost to him.
“W-what, I’m sorry could you repeat that.”
Amilia turned her head inquisitively. “I said that we are to be husband and wife, what part of was unclear your grace.”
Tyler started to panic, he couldn’t get married now, he was only 14 for Christ sake, the nobility of Deseret marries young yes but not that young. Unusually there is a betrothal not a marriage. Who would want to marry a crippled second son? To a girl even younger than him that he knew nothing about. Tyler looked down at the table.
“A-alright then.” He knew his duty to the kingdom, if his father arranged it, he would comply.
“Good” Amilia smiled, having successfully completed her task for her emperor. “There is one more thing.”
Tyler looked up as one of the liaisons brought over a large suitcase and opened it. Inside was a cybernetic arm and eyeball.
“A present from the emperor. It’s the finest in Ceonian technology.”

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2019, 03:16
by Subotai45
"Lemme get this straight - the dictator of Cyon denies his own people the right to health care, but will bestow it on some princeling halfway across the world, whose family has the wealth of a whole nation at their disposal? Rather than the poor at home, the dictator gives his bounty to one of the most privileged young men in all of North America?"
- Commissar Claro, VSFSR

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2019, 14:08
by kingpie3
Yea, I realize I never introduced myself either :P

Greetings from the Consortium's Entinates! We are the peach nation in the center of Mars, a bustling planet of megacities and megacorps! We welcome your nation to the world stage and extend our goodwill in the hope you will allow us to send Janisist priests across your borders. They are skilled in the science of biotechnology with great religious and philosophical knowledge they'd be glad to share with your people. And of course, there is always much to learn from other faiths, thus we'd be open to a vibrant exchange of ideas with your own holy men! The Entinates are a land of artists and thinkers so we welcome the opportunity to share knowledge in these areas as well.

Outside of enlightenment, the Consortium's Entinates offer the chance to expand commercial relations for the prosperity of both our peoples. As a corporation controlled by a benevolent cult, our nation always seeks new economic ties. Whether it be through free trade agreements or long term contracts to enhance infrastructure and tourism, we anticipate a profitable relationship with your country. The leader of the Consortium, our Adored One, would be very honored to visit with your leadership and further discuss the potential for cooperation. In these divisive times, it is always good when non-aligned nations can approach each other and collaborate.