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PostPosted: 15 Feb 2019, 07:51
by RedSun
So for your RP:

I was planning on starting a group called the “Patriotic Front”.
They’re a bunch of anti-imperialist, freedom fighters. They don’t believe in mega, multinational states so effectively they don’t like most of the big countries here.
I wanted to introduce them somehow and I think this would be a good way. Supporting Greek rebels against the imperialist Transylvanians.

Re: RP Queue

PostPosted: 05 Dec 2019, 21:13
by Subotai45
Academy IV: Memories and Munitions

The Academy, known under many names, has been the pinnacle of Venusian education for centuries, and one of the foremost international schools for just as long. Despite the illustrious pedigree, its students can be rather rambunctious and are equally as famed for accidentally setting off explosions and committing several misdemeanors as their famous peace-influencing photograph that swept through the PCG in years of yore.

A common selling point is that its graduates, in every country, typically move on to positions of power and influence, in the fields of diplomacy, business, and the military. They were integral in settling the Mars Crisis, as well as (less happily) forming the general staff of most of the conflicts of recent history.

Let us see if they handle the problems presented by the Ljudevit Rebellion with such grace...

This is the fourth* Academy RP, but will be focused on the experiences of graduates in solving a nasty extrasolar and working on all that fun peacekeeping stuff. Consider it a mix of those fun civil war RPs where you command armies and such, and the Musashi-style diplomatic banquets and balls - with the twist that everyone already knows each other and might bring up something from decades and decades ago, entirely unexpectedly. Alternatively, you can collaborate with people ahead of time, so your backstories are congruent.

You can bring as many characters as you think you can handle, but I'd advise no more than five unless you plan on decapitating people really fast and narrowing the amount of people you have to write for down, and at least two, so if it's a lil quiet you got someone to talk to, and can move around a bit more and not be stuck if one dude stops responding for a bit. They should be adults, who have attended the academy in the past, but that's about the only rule. Admirals and ambassadors, economists and entertainers, pirates and royal wanna-bes, one dude who just happens to be on vacation there, they all can have a place in the RP.

Reverend-Captain Kolsto - Subs

*short "Academy Simulation" after our dip game, and the aborted "Mars Conference" could make it six, depending on how you count

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PostPosted: 10 Dec 2019, 19:38
by Subotai45
The Olympic Mining Corporation is large, profitable, and exceptionally powerful in the Ljudevit system, providing returns hand over fist for its shareholders. The system has been ruled under the auspices of the Democratic Unitary State, but even the least astute observer would notice that the hefty bribery and influence of money in the politics of the system refutes any claims for democracy.

The remote system includes three planets. One of which approximates habitability and holds the vast majority of the planetary population while the other two are good for little more than materials and target practice. Nevertheless, some poor folks live on Ljudevit-B, an icy-cold planet where conditions are little better than deep-space, in well-insulated mining villages directly owned by the OMC. The conditions are poor, and the economics don't resemble modern megacorporations like the PCG, so much as Gold Era company towns from the days of the American Empire on Earth.

Declining birth rates forced the OMC to seek labor elsewhere, and put out a call for immigrants - come to Ljudevit, create your own destiny! This message was especially strong to right-wing individualists from socialist nations, who felt that excessive government regulation was an infringement on their freedom. Their hard-charging individualism (and, for Venusians, gene-mods) made them exceptional workers, bringing an economic boon to the system and drawing immigrants from other space-faring nations, like the Pacificans and their broad sphere of culturally associated extrasolar statelets.

Depletion of the most valuable resources in the mines caused a precipitous economic collapse, sharpening tensions between the old inhabitants of Ljudevit-B and the newcomers. The OMC laid off vast numbers of "less productive" - baseline - employees, leaving them without means of income. In MineTown 3-A, a small gathering of locals formed the Nativist Movement, and in a lightly violent rebellion, drove out the newcomers and demanded to be rehired by the OMC.

This was the spark that ignited the flame - the Nativists were quickly beset by right-wing nationalist groups of immigrants, leftist groups that thought they were redirecting their anger to the wrong place, and moderate democratic groups that accused both the nativists and their foes of vile racism, and called the DUS to step in and solve the conflict.

Unfortunately, the DUS's meager resources were insufficient to preserve OMC control and profits, necessitating the OMC to step in directly, which made matters much, much worse, forcing a major international summit in the system to avert the ethnic cleansing that was becoming endemic to the system, fueled by foreign volunteers and paramilitary groups.

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PostPosted: 10 Dec 2019, 22:09
by Subotai45
"Goddamn space dust," someone think-mutters over the neubrain comms after, from the sound of it, knocking down a stalagtite with his thick spode-cursed skull. Good help, right?

"Quiet on the air!" responds Junior, the youngest soldier in the gaggle, failing to predict the storm of scorn that begins to crackle across the varied communications channels that the rough platoon is using.

They're trying to creep along a partially-collapsed mining tunnel in order to strike a large Nativist gathering, but doing a poor flipping job of it, in the opinion of their leader, the Reverend-Captain Kolsto. His Evangelical Great-Pantheonic (Old Rite) Warriors of the Faith Legion (Provisional) has acquired a reputation for viciousness and dedication during their time on Ljudevit-2, if not military aptitude. The Nativist assembly is reportedly armed with only small arms, but the Legion is hiking a smallish cannon through the cramped tunnel that should provide a decisive advantage.

Kolsto pauses to check on his gaggle. There are those who would say that this is a sharp reduction from his former station, an Academy graduate, a rising star within the Culture Commisseriat, now leading twenty ragged militiapeople. However, they have not seen the light of the New Gods in their full and unfettered glory. No Academy learning can compete with the words of the Machine God, broadcast directly into the skulls of the Faithful, no politician-speak can compare to the emotional power of the street preacher.

At his command, the group sets up the cannon and begins to spread across the walls of the canyon, positioning themselves for the attack on the armed mob in the town. Giving the signal, the cannon initiates contact, and Reverend Kolsto leads the charge, wreaking havoc with his Gods-given gene-mods on the unfaithful.

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PostPosted: 11 Dec 2019, 23:11
by Subotai45
It is quite rare for a believer in evolutionary eudaemonic tectonics to make it to the highest ranks of the foreign service, seeing as the primary thrust of Federal policy and culture points quite squarely at its opposite (revolutionary eudaemonic tectonics). That is most likely why Calpurnia Trurl has reached her present state and no higher and has little hope nor probability of further advancement. She is also, of course, the most precisely suited for the job.

Where better to station a foreign service officer who has no belief in the ability of higher civilizations to improve the happiness of others, than in a remote region where the government has no ability to do so? Any denial of aid or lack of a fully-armed Federal battlefleet can be couched in the pleasant words of evolutionary eudaemonic tectonics (above the philosophical might of the natives to comprehend, and too peaceful for the foreigners to have much of a problem with).

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PostPosted: 13 Jul 2020, 22:09
by kingpie3
"We're not here for one of your bounties, Phex. If the Cult's Shapers wanted to perform that ritual on her they shouldn't have waited until after EnSap sent us to this esper-forsaken planet."

"Jaivant, that's no way for a diplomat to speak. Have you learned nothing from our time at the Academy?", Riophex joked.

"I'm nearly a century older than you, the curriculum must've changed since I left."

The two Consortium delegates to the war torn Ljudevit system traded jabs for a few more moments as the airship Cheseru's Brood-Son landed outside a stately planetary outpost. It had been designated the meeting site for peace negotiations in the hopes that a 12th attempt at bringing Nativist and DUS forces to an agreement would end local fighting in the southern continent.

Jaivant looked contently at the structure as he approached it, the oppressing heat distracting him as Riophex droned on about how he'd grown tired of being his bodyguard for the last 2 years. The two entered and were greeted by an array of Mobian and Mattibean diplomats, who seemed to be doing a much better job of hiding their disinterest in the affairs at hand than they were.

Ljudevit is a backwater planet, but one boasting a sizable Janisist population which had unfortunately developed the all too stereotypical reputation of being Baunairi smugglers. But that was far from a high priority for the Cult and the primary objective they gave Jaivant and his bounty hunter friend was to prevent Nativist bombings of Consortium factories. Though among some, the planet's harboring of criminal lords from the Consortium's space colonies was deemed a threat to sensitive military and infrastructure secrets.

"I'm telling you, I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy that can point us to where the traitor is. You want to get back in the good graces of EnSap's diplomatic arm? We can do it, just give the order and she's as good as ours."

"Phex, even if I didn't think you were full of bullshit, do you really think catching some third rate hacker is gonna do anyone any favors? We're here to appease some Nativists and earn proselytism rights, let's stick to that shall we?"

Phex snickered as the two were seated by a slightly aged AI and awaited the DUS representatives' presentation.