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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby Subotai45 » 20 Jan 2019, 00:45

New prompt: How to say "you're useless" in your country's language? ;)

Answer to my serious culture prompt,

Venus has adopted a lot from other nations, considering it is the youngest of the major civilizations of the galaxy. It is a melting pot in itself, with Argentine, Pallisian, and New Hope influences. The first truly foreign influence, however, came from Aresia.

Aresia contributed major cultural touchstones in the fields of culture and entertainment. Tankery has been the premier professional sport on Venus for centuries, and Venus is one of the few places where it is played extensively outside Aresia. Additionally, the path towards genetic modification came from Aresia, who transported early Argentines to a facility where their race aquired the first of the modifications that would set them apart from the world.

The Nomad refugees are an enduring presence on Venus. Small in number, their nuclear religion was absorbed into the wider Venusian pantheon, and their food, social structure, and culture have a hugely disproportionate effect compared to their original population. The Nomads always caution their new homes that any attempt to change their ways will end poorly - but Venus changed to meet them and formed a new, stronger unit.

Baun, after planetary unification, became another major influence, as newly-prosperous Venusians seeked to adopt a sort of "high culture" from the self-confident Baunairi. Baunairi cuisine, wine, and art were incredibly widespread, and began to supplement and even replace the more drab styles of the Venusian natives. Pacifica also made a strong impact during the Imperial Era. The Pacifican language was the only foreign toungue ever to acquire significant use on Venus. Noble styles were similarly patterened off of the Pacificans, as were modes of address, clothing styles, and art.

In the post-revolutionary era, the Extrasolar Republics have had immense philophical impact on the Homeworld, but the more mature socialist societies of Earth also affect the newest revolutionary flame. West African scholarly works have become widespread, and their art, while not especially widespread, is valued. Mattopian architecture is found in many of the more modern and progressive cities.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby musashisamurai » 20 Jan 2019, 00:53

Subotai45 wrote:Prompt: Which foreign cultures affect your nation the most?

Viking probably. But Pacifican culture is largely organic/domestic, and has evolved significantly from Pan-Oceanism and our nationalist tendencies. So the strongest IRL cultures are various Indian and Polynesian groups
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby kingpie3 » 20 Jan 2019, 04:18

The Baujantecois homelands were a melting pot of French, Arab, and African cultures that were culturally influenced by the likes of the Neo-Vikings, Mattopians, and Nejanebi. When Technische arose as the first independent state and was integrated into Mobius it largely imported cultural traits from its new brethern, with Pacifican culture coming to the forefront. Strong impressions could be seen in the cuisine and fashion of the youth eager to consume what was then considered modern, elite culture.

Upon the political union of Technische and Clayton by Mobian officials, a cultural renaissance ensued as a result of rising incomes and nationalistic pride. The Mobian nation of Clay-Baunair saw the consolidation of homegrown culture with the emergence of the modern Baunairi language, a fusion of Afro-futurist and Neo-Renaissance architecture, and the luxury goods industry. It was during this time that the Pacifican and Neo-Viking fixation on biotechnology became mainstream in Old Baunairi culture, making genetic modification a cultural centerpiece.

Clay-Baunair also borrowed cultural cues from outside Mobius via a strong domestic market and free trade with emerging economies. The establishment of a Pallasian city-state near Marseille transmitted early Venusian culture directly. Language and sporting were notably impacted as loan words and Venusian-style tankery became prominent among the youth. Large waves of West African immigration further shaped cuisine and music across the nation as strong cultural ties were established in the southern regions.

The move to Mars dramatically shifted Old Baunairi culture as it actively attempted to reject its Mobian roots and assert a new identity on the Red Planet. While a period of independent cultural development washed over the young nation, undeniable influences would be felt across generations from its new neighbors. Baun found itself impacted by PCGian philosophy through the introduction of the Craft, Aresian art and cuisine, and Martisian Janisism during the Lestan Border Wars.

Native Martians (diverse subspecies' based off humans who were stranded on Mars after the Great Collapse) also profoundly impacted the nation's culture as it absorbed their alien territories. Rellakhan and Nelumboan architectural styles adapted to the unique conditions of Mars became prominent, as did Korhalan games and activities such as bloodsport and gliding. Even small Szalchian influence could be found in music and art.

As Baun became a dominant economy and further enhanced relations with middle powers its culture was primarily impacted through migration, including a second wave of West African and Venusian farmers, PCGian expats, and Martisian refugees. The rise of squatters from nearly every inhabited region after Ragnarok created a cosmopolitan underground culture that would frequently be appreciated in film and cuisine, despite being disliked publicly due to its lower class roots.

With the creation of the Consortium's Entinates due to Janisism's impressive growth, popular culture finds itself taking some cues from foreign markets where the faith has a moderate presence. As Janisism becomes prominent in Urmania, the Aresian successor states and Cyon, religious literature and cultural norms have changed accordingly, while the spread of Jukmeyosa (the Janisist holy tongue) has made the sharing of music, film, and television much easier. Janisism itself has taken small aspects of religious traditions such as Venus' God-In-The-Machine, Pacifican neospiritualism, and West African ancestor worship. This is reflected in the diverse faces and forms of the Xaesphric Muses who compose the upper crust of the faith's pantheon.

The Trans-Martian Partnership has also facilitated a significant cultural exchange between the Entinates and the other Martian Majors of Aresia and the PCG. This has resulted in the proliferation of the pro-bending sport, acoustic technologies, and a shared tourism market. PCGian and Aresian film and TV are readily available in the Entinates and vice versa.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby jonisilk » 22 Jan 2019, 15:51

Fuck it! Lost an entire post, so here's the abridged version:

PCG - On Mars

The biggest cultural influence if recent times have been the Baunari, but that goes both ways and for the most part, we're both on the same page despite some early teething problem (like our concern over their rapid expansion, or our co-opting of their black market economy, which led to the loss of that market as they legitimised themselves within the Corporation and no doubt contributed to the Baunari financial collapse a while back). Since then, lots of collaboration of symbiotic public transportation links, roads canals and other infrastructure. Weapons laws have been relaxed, but individual gun ownership remains at around 2%. There has also been a rise in Religiosity with around 19% claiming to be of faith, much of this due to the rapid rise of the Janist faith.

Mar del Plata gets a lot of love from us as we've long had Venusians settle in the PCG, in fact our Venusian population is about the same as MdP's
As for everyone else on Mars - yeah, we cool.

On Earth

since the Brazilian civil war, things have been chill. Amazonia joined as our 9th region, and the Free City of Manuas has become something of a cross-cultural pollination point for the South American continent. Relations with neighbours are good and internationally, we're very friendly with West Africa and Asteria.

Asteria's probably been the nation we've had most to do with in recent times, establishing trade, investinig in business start-ups (like Universal Exports) and we've long been public supporters of the Naturalist Party and the stability they've brought to the still young, but large and populous nation, identifying Tourism (Antiquity Tourism in particular), as the next sphere of industry we'd like to collaborate with them on.

Also, useless - a "Wooden-Magnet", or, "Broken Pencil" (as it's pointless)
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby mat.gopack » 22 Jan 2019, 16:46

So kind of like my joke-y answer implies, the largest cultural influences in the UMC has been internal between Mattopia and the Caribbean - and each part of the internal areas of both nations. German, Arabic, Chinese, Martian, etc, all of these have had huge influences in the spread out Mattibean melting pot.

Externally though, the traditional 'cultural giant' to the UMC has to be Mobius. Centuries of close ties with the individual Mobian states, and close borders (in Europe, the Middle East, and eastern asia) and large amounts of trade have made that almost impossible to not have happen. Though the genetic manipulation aspect of Mobian society never caught on in the Union, the NVC and Pacifica have had deep cultural impact within the Union's population - initially mostly in Mattopia, but with the high mobility of citizens it quickly spread.

More recently a lot of cultural input has come from IWA members due to closer ties. West Africa has long had many immigrants within the union, and its often (more) chaotic political system has periodically drawn the attention of many politicians and groups. At this point centuries of close ties, trade, and immigration in both directions has made West Africans (and Brazilians) a fixture in virtually every Mattibean city - and the majority in Madagascar.

Venus has re-entered the UMC's cultural sphere - first during/after its civil war, where the Martian communes first sent a doomed expeditionary force, and the subsequent evacuation of as many leftists as possible from it, and then with the Venusian revolution. With the forming of the NAMP and Venus joining the IWA, trade picked up and so did cross-cultural exchanges.

Other IWA states (Thailand & Turkestan, primarily) have had much more limited cultural impact on the Union, though there are several sizable populations of expats within UMC cities. Their lower population and secondary status on the world/galaxy stage has had much more of a reverse effect - namely, UMC influence within those nations.

Other nations with what I'd consider decent cultural impact on the UMC include the PCG and Domuia-Sybus (mostly limited to Hong Kong and some pockets of Venezuela).


However if we are talking about all nations, there is one long gone nation whose impact on the UMC has lasted for over a Millenia - the Collective. The impact of the Collective's genetic modification projects, and the subsequent outcry within Mattopia, helped to form the notorious anti-GM outlook of the Mattopian (and then Mattibean) nation.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby RedSun » 22 Jan 2019, 17:50

So Asterian culture is pretty varied across the country so Mongolian traditions are very different than those in the Russian regions, Korea, China and Japan. And the Mediterranean is an entirely different story.

Still if I’m going to say where the most minor power influence comes from it’ll be from Nirvan, Brazil and the Oriental Republic. Nirvan is actually the source of Buddhism which spread rapidly throughout Asteria despite the small size of the source nation. Religiously and culturally Nirvan and Asteria share a lot although due to DUAS’s existence in the large cities of the western half besides Mongolia there is little to be found. Elsewhere Nirvan’s customs and religion have managed to make it into many powerful forces including the Naturalist Party leadership. The Oriental Republic and Brazil both have a large effect on Asterian culture as well. Brazilians often travel to Asteria and many hold dual citizenship. The Oriental Republic for a long time had many of its people working in Asterian Chinese coastal cities. Still most of these tend to have generated ethnic enclaves in the country and brought new foods and traditions into the country. They didn’t revolutionize society like the Nirvan did.

As for major powers.
Baunair is very influential in the Mediterranean and Trojkat. Over 7 million Asterians live there and speak the Baunari language and the Janis faith albeit not very large yet has managed to gain some supporters. Out of those two regions though Baunair hasn’t effected the nation much culturally. It’s companies though have brought some great prosperity to the entire nation and they are viewed as allies. Cyon meanwhile among technology experts and the government is seen as a great ally making many individuals in the international stage learn the Cyonian language and traditions. It’s probably the PCG that takes the cake on effecting the nation the most. The Naturalist leadership had announced that that government type is the model they are striving. The PCG also has large corporate holdings like Universal Exports, and is engaged in high level trade. Phoenix Marijuana is now quite common in Mongolia and China. The Darius Initiative is an inspiring organization and their assistance in space travel and tourist partnership with Asteria makes them likely the most influential and popular country among the common man admired by both on the right and left. Venus has a smaller footprint in the country. Venus through the Church and Aristocratic Sino-Venusians. Other countries have influence but most of it is minimal. Mobius has influence among some higher people, Sybus has fed fear to the nomads and Chinese, West Africa once a hopeful close ally has limited connections still to the country and the Naturalist Party, and Mattopia has some influence on Phoenician and Mediterranean culture.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby Constantine072 » 24 Jan 2019, 21:32

Cooperative History and culture is moslty self made tbh if I had to choose in universe country inspirations? Hard to say. While explicitly much of as Musashi describe Capitolist Meritocracy comes from Sybus, it was me also looking at Capitolism drawn to natural conclusion when its goes wrong but how it would be different if it went right. Some of the more ‘weird’ beliefs the concept of humanity in the Cooperative derives from the propagandistic portoyals by our enemies. Of faceless and emotionless droid armies.

The other extension is that it is meant to showcase how cooperative grew beyond its founding, both Liberation and itself splintered. But I dunno? Not much else to say there
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby Subotai45 » 18 Feb 2019, 23:43

What languages are spoken in your country? Which are dominant? Are any official? What alphabets do they use?

For the Federation, the Venusian language is dominant in all sectors of life, especially on the Federal levels. Venusian is pluricentric - there are several separate standardized literary forms: Federal Standard, Cytherian, Argentine, Pallisian, Welsh, Jerseyan, Northwest Islander, and Southern formed by the influence of the generally-deceased local languages. Federal Standard is generally spoken by the Machine Intelligences and by ridiculously scrupulous Federal appointees who strive to avoid regionalisms, but most regard it as rather stilted.

Federal Standard, Argentine, Pallisian, and Southern, are written in an adapted Latin alphabet that has a few characters added for unique sounds, much like the South and West Slavic languages of pre-collapse Europe.

Jerseyan uses the variant of the Latin alphabet used by English and just assumes you know how the word is supposed to be pronounced within the range of acceptable options. Eg, there's no character for "ch" - it hopes you know that the "c" in this specific instance means a "ch" sound.

Northwest Islander uses the Cyrillic alphabet brought from the Nomad settlers.

Cytherian is written in adapted Arabic, and Welsh alternates between the Cytherian Arabic and Venusian Latin alphabets.

There are also regional languages, but they're spoken by an exceptionally small minority. Of these, Nerran is the most visible, and has been preserved by the small culture in the north. It uses rune-like letters that the rest of Venus does not read well. Off-world, some of the colonies still have populations that use Cytherian Proper (not the Cytherian dialect of Venusian) or Pallisian Proper, but they're in the minority by far. However, due to strong language-protection policies from the UPF that aim to arrest the language decline from earlier governments, it is likely that they will survive for quite some time.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby jpstreetman » 19 Feb 2019, 17:56

Subotai45 wrote:Language
What languages are spoken in your country? Which are dominant? Are any official? What alphabets do they use

Romanian and Magyar are the most prevalent,though each Balkan people group use their own language, either Cyrillic or Roman alphabets are used. Government business is conducted in Romanian.
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Re: Judging Flavor Repository

Postby Subotai45 » 22 Apr 2019, 20:33

Country name:
First land:
Capital City:
Government type:
Starting Population (50 million or less):
Information on size of Military(max 10% of pop):
Starting technologies:
Some advantages your civ holds:
Some disadvantages your civ must deal with:
Anything else:

This is the starting template if you've already forgotten. One thing, in CYOC, that we ignore a *lot* is that no one, even as someone great as me, can't be the best at everything and we all still have disadvantages and weaknesses. What are your disadvantages and weaknesses?

I'll start:
- For some reason we have over 60% of our land devoted to conservation and not anything useful
- I'm not saying our militia gets too drunk to really conduct training most weekends, but I am saying that they're pretty buzzed
- Eggs too tasty for our own good
- Hasn't even tried to maintain a wet navy in centuries
- Provinces can decide which wars they participate in
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