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Cyon Imperium

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 06:01

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Country name: The Cyon Imperium
Capital city: New Cyonica (Rio De Janeiro)
Government type: Imperial Constitutional Dictatorship
Imperator: Axel Jvstinivs Fidel
First Consul: Marcus Reginald Löthe
Second Consul: Daniela Montes
Imperial Prime Minister: Francis Gemelo
Chair of the Cyon Research Commission: Maria Catalina-Robles
Chair of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps: Helena Carmen La Pointe
Population: 600 million
Demonym: Cyonian (ex. Cyonian artillery), Cyonians (ex. Over 10,000 Cyonians were killed)
Major Terran Cities:
Map of Cyon Imperium.png
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New Cyonica, Imperial Province - The largest and most advanced city in the Imperium, this is where the Imperator resides. The capital of the Imperium also hosts the Imperial Akademie and accompanying Imperial Music Conservatory. The space station Terra 1 lies in geosynchronous orbit almost directly above the city.
New London - The financial heart of the Imperium, New London rests on the eastern coast.
Getapol, North Argentina - Getapol serves as a secondary center of government administration in the geographical middle of the Imperium.
New Zionica, North Argentina - While not a provincial capital, New Zionica (north of Getapol) is notable as the current largest Mormon city outside of Utah, and the third largest in the world. It has become a major center for a minority religion that has firmly established itself in the Imperium. It has also become something of a hub for new and developing businesses and technological advancements on the corporate level in Cyon. It even rivals Cernopol and Arepol in this regard.
Donostia, South Argentina - A center of learning and culture, Donostia is a prime destination for students along with the Imperial Akademie in New Cyonica. It lies in the southeast of the Imperium.
Cernopol, Patagonia - Cernopol is the second most technologically advanced city in the Imperium, after New Cyonica. Scientists, engineers, and researchers all flock to Cernopol to contribute to the growing excitement of the future. Many private, corporate and government laboratories are based here. Cernopol is located near the southern tip of the Imperium's holdings on the western coast.
Valparaiso, Chile - The industrial and maritime center of the Imperium, Valparaiso lies on the western coast. Most of the mining companies have headquarters there, and the largest fishing and maritime trade businesses are often based in Valparaiso, also known as the "Jewel of the Pacific".
Stanley, Las Malvinas Territories - Stanley is a major pool for brilliant computer programmers and scientists. It is the Imperium's largest fishing capitol in the Atlantic, and has a healthy rivalry with its sister city, Valparaiso. A great deal of trade also passes through Stanley, since it serves as an important gateway to the mainland from the Atlantic side. It is surpassed in this respect, however, by New London, Georgetown, and New Cyonica.
Georgetown, Ascension Territory - Georgetown was built entirely to serve as a trading and customs outpost between South America, West Africa, and the Techabaun Federation. While the Ascension Territory is open to several nations for construction of trade outposts, Georgetown serves as the administrative and cultural center of the island of Ascension, which is a colony of the Imperium. It is the Imperium's single largest center of trade in the Atlantic Ocean.

Major Off-Earth Colonies:
Arepol, Mibuze et Deltaeris The growing capital of the Imperial Territories of Mibuze et Deltaeris, Arepol is a growing center of agriculture, industry, and tourism. As it is the only current non-Terran colony of the Imperium, businesses looking to expand beyond Earth are often beginning to look at opening offices in Arepol. Kaamo Luxury Outposts ("Space speaks volumes!"™) is the most famous example.
Mibuze et Deltaeris.jpg
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Nuevo Paraíso, Groombridge 34 AB - Population 10,000
Cyon's first extradolar colony, the burgeoning city of Nuevo Paraíso has begun thriving. 3 Ultracore transports have been converted into living spaces on the colony. The colony of Nuevo Paraíso is known for stunning natural rock formations, rivers, and waterspouts. The colonists have discussed harnessing the waterspouts for natural energy, but a group of conservationists have been staunchly opposing any such action, lobbying for protection of the breathtaking landscape. The colonists have planted several varieties of plant life, mainly for agriculture, but there are plans in the works for a nature reserve/garden in one of the more stunning ravines. The planet is sustaining life extraordinarily well. In addition to the colonists, there are 500,000 Autopians, 1,000 Man-O-War shuttles, and 100 IHES engineers. Oh, and also a massive and fully-armed fleet in orbit, just in case.

National Anthem: Das Reichslied, or Land of Plenty
"Oh, I hail the Cyon Imperium! It is the fairest nation of them all. The land of golden opportunity, the land of freedom from tyranny! I heed my nation's call. The Cyon Imperium!"

Motto: ROBORE ET UNITAS TEMPORIS ET AETERNITATIS (In strength and unity for time and eternity)
Official Languages: Basic, Neuvespañol, Neudeutsch, Romangues
Diplomatic Relations:
Protectorate/Client State - This state is a Client State of the Imperium, and as such is under the protection of the Imperial military. Foreign affairs of this nation is handled jointly with Cyon.
Ally - Official alliance exists, coupled with extremely friendly relations.
Positive - Both nations deeply respect one another, but with no formal alliance.
Neutral - While there are no negative relations, there is also an absence of very good relations.
Negative - The two nations have strained or tense relations.
Enemy - Cyon is actively at war with this nation.

Empire of Brazil - Protectorate
Democratic Republic of Asian Central States (DRACS) - Ally (Ever since the conflict in Centralia-Turkmenistan, Cyon has had extremely good relations with the DRACS, due to our support of their cause. I'm not sure if an alliance is official, but it might as well be. However, sadly, the government is now in exile in the Cyon Imperium.)
Asterian Republic - Ally (This alliance is a bit controversial in the Imperium, as some feel that Asteria has been too aggressive in their recent actions. Nevertheless, Asteria remains one of the strongest allies of the Imperium in recent years.)
Federal Republic of Brazil - Ally (The Empire of Brazil, and therefore by default the Cyon Imperium, has a defensive pact with the Federal Republic of Brazil. Our relations have grown quite cordial, especially given Cyon's strong alliance with Asteria.)
Techabaun Federation - Ally (The Techabaun Federation and Cyon have very good relations, and have very similar goals. The alliance is one of our strongest.)
Atlantic Imperium - Ally (The Imperium has historically supported the Atlantic Imperium, especially given our time in its formation. In recent years, that alliance had only strengthened thanks to our excellent relations with Techabaun.)
Phoenix Corporate Group (PCG) - Positive (The Phoenix Corporate Group has always been a very close friend of the Imperium, but aside from trade agreements and very positive relations, there exists no formal alliance as of yet. A research alliance may be in the works.)
Mobius Confederacy - Ally (Cyon's relationship with Mobius is a good one. We have very good relations with all member states, and some limited cooperation has taken place.)
The Cooperative - Ally (Despite being at odds during the League Wars, we have patched up our relations with The Cooperative. We are now dedicated to working together to combat any potential common threat.)
Empire-in-Exile of Venus - Ally (The Empire of Venus' government-in-exile and the Cyon Imperium have excellent relations, and are committed to mutual trust and cooperation both by agreement and by blood.)
Union of Mattibean Communes - Negative (Despite several attempts to reach out to the UMC, relations between the Imperium and the UMC have grown increasingly tense. At the heart of the tension is a major clash of economic ideologies. While the Imperium's official stance is one of neutrality and Cyonian leadership still aims to patch up the differences, the UMC is widely considered by many Cyonian officials to be one of the biggest potential international threats to Cyon currently in existence. We are essentially in the middle of a cold war with the UMC and their allies.)
Workers' Republic of Terra - Negative (After the betrayal of our previous alliances and agreements when they declared war on us, the Workers' Republic of Terra has had extremely icy relations with the Imperium. In fact, like the UMC, we could be considered on opposite ends of a world-wide cold war.)
The United Peoples' Federation of Venus - Negative (As with the UMC and the WRT, our relations with the UPF are far from cordial. They are considered a potential enemy of the state, and are, like the other known communist factions, in an economic and political standoff with the Imperium. We're in the middle of a Cold War.)

Anything else: The Imperium tends not to rely on military force as much as diplomacy. However, due to several events throughout the history of the Imperium, it has become extremely paranoid where foreign policy is concerned.

Cyon Civil Department
Culture and Government
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Technologies of the Imperium

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 06:23

Complete list of Tech, excluding basic starting techs as listed:[/u][/b][/size]

Civilian technologies
Landfall - Automated, self-replicating miners & factories - Bought from Sybus
Utopia - High-density versions of everything (housing, agriculture, &c) - to fit more into less space. Bought from Sybus
Automated Medicine - AutomatedNexCorps medicine, production, surgery, diagnosis, etc. - Bought from Sybus
Advanced Civilian Biotechnology (Acquired from Baun) - The use of biotech for healthier citizens, longer life expectancies, and slightly improved human productivity
Renewable Resource Systems - frees from a dependance on non-renewable energy sources - Bought from Republic
Tourism Systems - increases revenue from tourism - Bought from Republic
Food Systems - increases food production - Bought from Republic
Cornmaze - advanced crop engineering for better yields
Sentient supercomputers
Biological computers - immune to computer viruses but not to biological ones; both sentient and non-sentient models
Screwdriver - wireless energy transfer technology
Autopians - Automated humanoid robots, nearly indestructible
Metal Avatar (HFPE) - Application of Mind Upload technology to Autopians and other human-sized robotic bodies, as well as miniaturization of sentient AI tech to fit said robotic bodies
Soul Search (Very HFPE) - A more complete understanding of the human brain and sentience/conscience in general.
Ultracore Transports - Huge interplanetary ships for trade and colonization
Kaamo Terranium Star Liners - Basically passenger jets in space
Kaamo Solarium Star Liners - Ultra, ultra fancy VIP transports for posh interplanetary travel in style, truly the most comfortable way to travel in space. They're even made of solid platinum with gold lining, an interior encrusted with rubies and emeralds, and silk furniture. Unbelievably expensive.
Gaia-class Colony Ship
For 10 years, we researched and designed the Gaia-class Colony Ship. This ship is specifically designed for the colonization of exoplanets. Up until this point, I've been able to make do with my Ultracore Transports, but they are more designed for transportation of supplies than colonization. The Gaia-class will be quite large (the size of a small capital ship), roughly circular, and able to carry 10,000 colonists, as well as additional habitats, ultra-condensed farming equipment/farms, livestock, massive food and water stores, additional construction materials, recreation facilities, gardens, and so forth. It has 3 hangars able of carrying 300 Man-O-War Shuttles for transport, scouting, and interacting with other spacecraft. It travels through space conventionally, but then uses repulsors to land on the target in an orderly fashion. It will then serve as part of the colony itself, serving as quarters for officers and some other colonists, as well as serving as the cultural, government, and community center of the new city layout. Once landed, non-essential parts of the ship are designed to be dismantled and rebuilt into other colonial structures. For example, the propulsion systems are meant to be disassembled and reconstructed into additional power plants.

The Gaia-class has 3 fusion reactors on board. That's more than enough to power the ship and, later, the colony. It is also equipped with extensive solar panels to provide additional energy. The ship itself is designed to be very comfortable, rather like a cruise ship in space (bit without fancy dinners all of the time and nightly entertainment). It's clean, elegant, and ready to take on the (new) world(s).

Nuclear Fusion - Yep. Nuclear Fusion.
Repulsortech - We can now use basic repulsors.

HFPE/Military techs

Offensive Weaponry
Astral Cannons - Each one is capable of accelerating 1-3 ton projectile to about 1/10th the speed of light. On impact, they are capable of obliterating just about any individual target.
Cerulean Laser technology - Bought from Venus
FireTeeth Laser technology - Acquired from URMA
Cerulean Fireteeth - Cerulean is a far more powerful laser than standard, and when combined with FireTeeth, it's nigh unstoppable. Except by anti-laser stuff, of course. We've already implemented this improved design in all of our designs and existing weapons.
Blazing Fang turret technology (Shared with URMA) - very powerful rapid-fire laser machine gun; too big for normal infantry to wield; also capable of powerful point defense and starfighter defense using Darts, NET A, and NET B. Versatile and accurate but comparably small; extremely rapid rate of fire, but with (Shared with URMA) out the raw power of certain other models using FireTeeth (such as SabreTeeth)
SaberTeeth tech (Shared with URMA) - extremely powerful ship-ship laser cannons; primarily for use in space
Westar Inferno (Details shared with URMA) - very powerful laser pistol; somewhat comparable (but not equal) to the Starfire Heavy Pistol from Venus
Eliminator Rifle (Details shared with URMA) - standard-issue, rapid fire, FireTeeth and Cerulean equipped laser; in the Eliminator, FireTeeth technology is combined with more advanced Cerulean lasers to improve the overall power of FireTeeth.
Precision micro-missiles - Bought from Sybus
Hailfire Missiles
Using Sybian Micro-missile technology and Darts, we are designing new cluster missiles for ground-to-ground engagements. They will be relatively long-range when using a firing system such as an artillery piece (15 Kilometers), but can also be used on a much smaller scale with a handheld one-shot rocket launcher. One relatively large (~ 1 foot long), central missile will be surrounded by a layer of 100 Micro-missiles. When approximately 20 meters from the target, the Micro-missiles will split off. Forming a cloud, they will accelerate slightly faster than the main, central missile. The cloud of Micro-missiles will serve as a screen for the main missile, and will also target weak spots on the target around the area where the main missile will make its impact. Then, when the main missile hits, the area will already have been weakened by the Micro-missiles. This will result in dramatically increased effectiveness for ground-ground missile strikes. Another advantage of the split-missile system is a much higher success rate when used against clusters or formations of infantry, where it is extremely useful. Its primary function will be, however, as an anti-vehicle/tank/mech missile.

Stingray - Stun gun. Pretty good. Nothing more.
Wyrm Advanced Missiles (WAM missiles)
WAMs are a variant of Hailfire missiles for use against heavily defended positions - using most of the mini-missiles to assist in the final assault, by keeping the main missile alive. There are 20 jamming missiles attached, which are mostly thrusters + an EW warhead that jams/emits a lot of noise, throwing sensors off of the main missile. The main missile, and 5 larger mini-missiles, are the destructive elements. The larger mini-missiles have shaped warheads, allowing them to focus their blast/explosive charge far more effectively, and hit just ahead of the larger missile, combining their blasts to weaken a chink in the armor, which is then be exploited by the main hit (also a shaped warhead). They are far more effective vs heavy close defenses and heavily armored targets than their cousins, at the cost of being far weaker against 'soft' targets (the shaped blasts make it have much less of an AOE, so it wouldn't be hitting many other targets - a good thing vs armor, a not-so-good thing vs unarmored infantry).

Artemis Long-range Tactical Missile
The Artemis is a medium to large-sized missile designed for long-ranged tactical space combat. Primary research has gone into fuel/engine power and targeting, as they can make slight course adjustments, and can reasonably hit their target within a 10-foot area despite the long distance. They have shaped, small, nuclear, warheads designed to focus the entire blast directly into the area of contact, with minimal energy dissipation. They should be able to rip holes in most things at long distances, but are actually less effective than other missiles at short range. They are excellent ammunition for Lancer-class light frigates, as the two combined make a very formidable opponent at long ranges. They are armed with Unexpected Death and Neutrality to help with stealth.

FYI, what I call "Long Distance Protocol" is a measure initiated by the missile's computing systems which at a certain point (3/4 of fuel gone), will result in the cutting of the propulsion engines until near the target, at which point the missile will turn on the engines to maneuver and ensure the target is hit.

Size: 85 tons (10 meters long, 3.5 meters wide)
Acceleration: 8 km/sec^2
Effective Range (will of course be able to hit at much longer distances if they engage long-distance protocol): 2 AU

Blue Arrow - Bought from Venus
The ability to make some truly immense space-based Cerulean lasers. They are fully capable of ripping through shields. These will replace the current technology on HCTs, making them much heavier.

Ukon Cannon (short for Ukonvasara)
Basically an "uber-mini Astral Cannon", this powerful railgun functions a lot like a mass driver. It was designed as a powerful railgun to completely demolish capital ships and rip through shields, but on a much smaller scale than an Astral Cannon. It's like SabreTeeth, but projectile instead of laser-based. Ships could have hundreds, or thousands if Hyperion or Imperator, of these things on them. Also a way better alternative to SabreTeeth, if a much shorter range. Can accelerate a 1/2 - 1 ton projectile at 1/20th the speed of light. Powerful stuff.

Ultraheavy Cerulean Turbolasers (UCTs) Using Blue Arrow technology, UTCs are new ultraheavy space combat gun emplacements. UCTs have replaced HCTs in many of our designs. These things are truly, utterly massive. They can cut through shields like nobody's business, and will deal incredible damage once that is done. Their biggest limitation is, well, their bigness. We can only fit 5 of them on Scythe-class Battlecruisers, for example.
Advanced Sniper Munitions - Dual sniper bullets
Detnamissiles - Anti aircraft missiles that release mini-bombs that attach to enemy planes and can be detonated remotely

Defensive Technologies
Magnetic Shielding - Bought from Venus
Utilizes electromagnets with the Boost to repel metallic projectiles. How? The shielded object is studded with electromagnets that constantly operate at a low level. When a metallic object disrupts the field projected by these low-level electromagnets, the electromagnets suddenly go to full power, slowing if not entirely stopping the projectile. Requires a lot of power, but useful.

Adamantium - Bought from Venus
Refractive Armor - Bought from Venus
Brass tacks alloy - Bought from Sybus
Battlehammer-class Plasma Shielding - advanced plasma shielding (not usable in human-sized applications)
Brandmauer-class EMP shielding - highly advanced EMP shielding for buildings
Shepherd weapons jamming systems - Bought from Sybus
NET A - EMP point-defense systems - Bought from Sybus
NET B - Physical point-defense systems - Bought from Sybus
NET C - NET A & B, incorporated into a larger system to defend cities, bases, &c - Bought from Sybus
Reflective Armor
An improvement on Refractive Armor that is able to reflect lasers as well as simply refract them. It includes small whitesteel crystal fragments embedded in the armor to act as prisms, and the armor itself is enhanced to be much stronger. It also includes small bends in the armor itself. The idea is it can reflect 20% of lasers fired back at the firer, and will then absorb/refract most of the rest (about 55% will be refracted, but the armor at that point can only stand so much). It is not affected by plasma or other weapons, just lasers. It's a way to reflect and mess with light.

Aurelian Shielding
Aurelian Shielding is an improvement on our older heavy plasma shielding. Aurelian is now general energy shielding (it blocks everything, unlike plasma shields) with a new overlapping hex design to greatly increase the power of the shields. Can go into "power save" mode if shielding over the entire unit is not necessary (detected by powerful sensors from magnetic shielding tech), only focusing shielding on a specific area of the ship. If incoming projectiles/energy blasts/other attacks are detected coming from multiple angles, this feature will automatically disable itself and shielding over the entire unit will commence. Will be install-able in many sizes of units, from large starships to Silver Shield units.

S-Class Aegir Anti-Missile Platform (AAMP-S)
Each platform will be approximately 20 by 35 by 10 meters, have 20 Adjudicatior targeting computers inside, and will house 40 Rapid-Fire modified SabreTeeth lasers (less powerful, individually, than ordinary SabreTeeth, but with a faster rate of fire). Each of these platforms will be capable of targeting and destroying missiles on the ground (using Aegir-Beta targeting systems) at a rate of 2,000 missiles a minute (ideally, if they split, before that happens.) Will also use reflective armor, brass tacks, Adamantium, and Aurelian Shielding.

Military Infrastructure, Computers, Targeting and Communications Technology
Agamemnon (Extremely HFPE)
It's time I gave Achilles a makeover. Achilles will still be used to further scientific research by sapping CPU from people (no longer government computers, though). However, all back-door hacking nonsense is no longer Achilles' playground.

Agamemnon is a new virus/physical chip combo that will make Achilles completely obsolete in that field. It will use similar virus technology as Achilles, but re-vamped. The Agamemnon virus will be stored on a small external storage device, which, once inserted into a computer, will immediately and automatically spread quietly to any computers connected with the infected one, avoiding detection at all costs. The virus will then quietly monitor all the files on the infected computers, watching for any files that might be of use to the Imperium's intelligence networks. Those files will then be openly transmitted over the airways, heavily encrypted and disguised/hidden as the white noise of nearby ordinary radio/communications chatter (the virus will monitor for the use of communications, and will only transmit the information at that point).

Achilles - advanced computer virus tech (also very, very HFPE)
Hector - Highly advanced government computer anti-virus technology.
Degenerative Wiring - A twist on regenerative wiring, this electronic/communications wiring will completely disintegrate on command.
Shifter - easily-up-gradable factories
Doppelganger - cloning tech (very, very HFPE)
We can produce clones with a 6 month growth period, and increased learning ability for the first 2 years of life. This will create a 2.5 year turnover for civilian clones, allowing for rapid population growth.

Mind Meld - MInd Upload technology; allows us to upload human minds into robots and computers - Bought from Venus
Light Computers - unbelievably fast computers - Bought from Venus
Prometheus - Ability to mass-produce sentient supercomputers
RotA communications technology - Bought from Venus
Battlehammer-class AI - sentient AIs that can be easily fitted into robots as small as a standard human (larger sentient supercomputers would be more powerful)
Darts advanced homing mechanism - Bought from Sybus
Whitesteel Synthesis - synthesizing Whitesteel and making it stronger, less brittle, etc.
Refrigeration field unit - basically a force field that cools everything inside of it. It's only real purpose is to keep Whitesteel from melting in normal temperatures. They are designed to be small black boxes that can just clip into most utility belts.
Adjudicator - Portable supercomputers, for use in things such as aircraft or ships, to aid in targeting, evasion, and communications. Meant to be enhanced by our own targeting computers, creating a more powerful computer altogether - Bought from Sybus
Tech Suite 8 - Battlefield technologies, such as targeting systems, anti-tank weapons, etc - basically, the technology required to bring a nation up to roughly the 2030 (hypothetical) level. Drones, lightweight weaponry, vehicles, etc (at least, the tech for them) are included. Weaker than Sybus-made devices, of course, but these give you the technology to build/develop your own.

General Military Tech

Advanced Military Biotechnology (Acquired from Baun) Our human troops can be made stronger, more analytical, and less prone to things like PTSD. They cab also have faster reflexes, faster running times, etc. Specialists have their own things too, like snipers have the DNA of hawks to shoot from long range with ease and so forth.
PAR reactor (Portable Atomic Reactor) - very small, very very powerful nuclear reactor; capable of powering a human-sized robot for 80 years
Man-o-War - All-terrain craft (space, sea, air, overland, etc); used for freight, mining, fighting, etc - Bought from Sybus
Unexpected Death - improves general stealth and renders invisible to radar
Neutrality - eliminates heat signature
El-0 technology - increasing/decreasing the density of metals to let heavy units to crazy stuff... I think. I'm not honestly sure. - Bought from Venus
Improved nanobot technology - helps us create nanobot swarms that, when networked, can function as a powerful single computer. The bigger the swarm, the more powerful the network. A dense, roughly human-sized swarm could be created to be sentient, like our best normal computers now.
Operation Nosferatu - INCREDIBLY HFPE - Details highly classified.
El-0 Manipulation
Updating element zero to include more powerful gravity manipulation technology (to be used on starships, in tractor beams, and etc). Also includes more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping. With this new technology we could theoretically create El-0 fields in the shape of a balloon animal.

Aegir-class Point-Defence Targeting System
We have developed an advanced, state-of-the-art targeting system to be used in point defence/missile defense systems. It will use light computers, Nets A, B, and C, adjudicators, and our other computer tech to advance this project. It will be fully automated and run by one of our most powerful AIs. It will be capable of running the point defense of entire weapons platforms, mega-tanks, starships, space stations, and the like.

There will be 3 versions to be used in different circumstances: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.

Aegir-Alpha will be used to target missiles near the end of their tragectories, in the terminal phase. This will be used at short range, and will mainly be used on the battlefield.

Aegir-Beta will be used for long-range Space to Ground missile defense. It will be used to target missiles during their initial boost phase, before they have gotten very far at all.

Aegir-Gamma will be used at long to mid-range, and will be implemented largely in space to space combat situations.

The Ultimate VR, Phase 1
We have developed a new way of life! For uploaded consciousnesses, being simply stored... well, frankly, it sucks. It's kind of inhumane, honestly. You're basically in a sort of vegetable state, so if your soul is uploaded to be stored, well, you're as good as dead. However, the Ultimate VR aims to fix that! We'll start out with the basics: Instead of being brain-dead, you get to live in an awesome virtual simulation of the entire world! You can do what you want, and it won't hurt anyone! The graphics and other things will be able to use updating later, but we'll cover that during later bug fixes. For now, we want some people to be able to start living again. For example, we'd like to build a prison network to apply this technology, so felons can live out their lives the way they want and never harm a fly (other than the virtual ones, of course). Participants will be able to interact with one another.

Complete and utter, totally irreversible, mind-wiping technology. Nothing precision here. Just totally blasting their memory to smithereens.

HFPE/Military designs
Mechabomb - A spiked weapon sphere literally packed with decks of mini missiles with high explosive power
Elektra-class Bomber - A stealth bomber that drops specialized rods that release powerful electrical pulses, turning off all technology within a 10 foot radius (drop that on a computer and it's fried along with the rest of the lab).
Flametank - A tank that spews out intense flames. It will have 3 versions for 3 specific purposes.
Mines that release a torrent of metal eating nanobots that shred through steel. It first attacks the bottom before eating through everything else.
Jupiter-class Mecha - A mech that harnesses the power of storms and electricity.
Hailfire Tank
A heavily armed robotic (non-sentient) or manned (Mk. 1-A and Mk. 1-B, respectively) ground tank for medium range assaults with Hailfire missiles that can fire 20 missiles accurately every minute at a maximum range of 1 kilometer. It will use a heavy layer of Adamantium surrounded by Brass tacks with an outer layer of Refractive Armor. It will have 4 Blazing Fang turrets mounted on top for point defense and anti-infantry operations. Fitted with a self-destruct mechanism and EMP and Plasma Shielding.

"Chaos" Heavy Artillery
A robotic artillery piece that can fire 50 Hailfire missiles a minute with good accuracy at a range of 15 kilometers in good conditions. The downside is that in order to accommodate so many missiles and such a high firing rate, it is poorly armored. Made only of Adamantium without Brass Tacks or Refractive Armor, but with EMP and Plasma Shielding. Fitted with a self-destruct mechanism.

"Pandemonium" Entropy-class Rocket Launcher (PERL)
PERL is basically a bazooka that fires Hailfire Missiles at a rate of 1 every minute at a maximum range of 1 kilometer. Its high reload time makes it essentially one-use only, but one hit should be more than enough to bring down a normal mech or tank.

Westar Inferno - Powerful sidearm
The Westar Inferno was developed by the influential Cernopol contractor Westar, Inc. This semi-automatic handheld sidearm is extremely powerful, and uses FireTeeth technology. Westar, Inc. promises impressive statistics for the small firearm. They brag that it can take down almost anything given enough shots, and they even released the following predictions on the numbers of shots required to take down even the toughest of units:
1 shot for all infantry, 2 only if really heavily armored
2/3 shots for most mecha units
4/5 shots for really heavy mechas/light-medium tanks
6-10 shots for ultra heavy tanks, artillery pieces, and the like.
A skilled user could target the weak points in a building and bring it down in 10 shots

BMCU (Barca-class Mobile Command Units) Field Commanders
Essentially all-terrain vehicles fitted with one of our sentient AIs, BMCUs serve as our ground commanders. The AI runs the vehicle, and is also the commander. The BMCU was specifically designed to be able to rival the very greatest human commanders of history, and as such they serve as brilliant strategists and tacticians, displaying great creativity and innovation on the battlefield. The latest model of the BMCU is a cloaked man-o-war shuttle. It will be made entirely of Adamantium with an outer layer of Refractive Armor, and the new design will have radiation, EMP, and plasma shielding. They will also be equipped with 2 PAR (Portable Atomic Reactor) units each. Each BMCU will also now be armed, sporting 4 fully operational (also capable of point-defense and anti-starfighter targeting) Blazing Fang Turrets. It goes without saying that, being field generals, they are also equipped with RotA comms and Shepherd Jamming Systems.

Austri-class HFPU (Heavy Field Production Unit)
When deployed in proper force, these mostly eliminate the need for supply lines for ammunition, as they are essentially mobile ammo factories. Pretty much useless in combat, but still heavily armored and not without defenses.

L-Class Aegir Anti-Missile Platform (AAMP-L)
The AAMP-L is a new mobile anti-missile platform for use on the battlefield using Aegir-class targeting systems. It is a large vehicle using standard repulsors, measuring 20 by 35 by 7 meters. It stores and deploy 1,000 Blazing Fang mini-turrets. It's powered by a fusion reactor and heavily armored. It uses Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems to jam incoming missiles. On the platform itself, it has 10 Adjudicatior targeting computers and uses wireless energy transfers to power the mini-turrets. The platform is capable of defending an entire Legion from any missile assaults that the orbital defenses miss. It will be capable of destroying 8,000 missiles in 1 minute. It also employs the use of reflective armor, brass tacks, Adamantium, and Aurelian Shielding.

The mini-turrets themselves are actually quite small, and are more-or-less spherical (with extendable tripods). Most of the systems are centralized into the main central unit, with minimal systems on the turret itself. Each turret is about 2.5 feet in diameter. They are stored in, around, and in every crevice we can make in the central unit. In other words, many would be stored in the outside of the central unit, actually making it a bit bigger than that. The 20-35-7 measurements are for the basic central unit, sans turrets.

Stealth Shuttle
Unarmed Man-O-War shuttle using both Mattopian and Cyonic stealth technology. Also equipped with RotA comms, Unexpected Death, and Neutrality. Very, very stealthy.

Iliad-class Terminators - Standard Colombian-style flying Terminators, but each is run by one of our highly advanced non-sentient AIs.

BX-1 Commando/BX-2 Heavy Infantry
The BX line is our design for a standard automated soldier for the Imperium. Our Silver Shields are just too big to be used as infantry. The BX-1 Commando is our version of an elite heavy battle droid.

They are designed to be able to serve in the same capacities as a human soldier in every respect, and better than any normal human in most respects. They can sit in combat suits, fly planes, drive vehicles, and do anything else a human soldier could do. They can be programmed and reprogrammed an infinite number of times to be able to perform specialized tasks such as the ones I mentioned. Not being sentient, while they are programmed with a basic self-preservation circuit, they will not hesitate in the least to perform suicide missions or die fighting. The standard model is not sentient, but is still very close to it with very, very powerful computers and a lot of CPU. BX-1 Commandos are armed with a standard Eliminator Rifle and an Inferno Heavy Pistol, but will wield them as normal weapons. The BX-2 Heavy Infantry are armed with a PERL rocket launcher, a Westar Inferno, and 3 Nanomines. The BX design itself is essentially an upgrade to our old ILIAD Terminators (with all the technology of ILIAD Terminators, including regeneration), but looks much different due to a totally different body shape and armor. Unlike Terminators, however, the BX-1 and BX-2 lack any flight capabilities so they can be tougher and better-armored. They are also made of Adamantium with an outer layer of Refractive Armor, notably without Brass Tacks. They will have RotA Comms tech and will be able to connect with other AIs such as starship AIs or BMCUs with ease. They also have an El-0 core to make them incredibly nimble, and a PAR for power.

BX-3 Ranger
These are another addition to our BX line of automated soldiers. These are like the BX-1 Commandos, but are re-purposed more for a light infantry role. They also have the flight capabilities of Iliad Terminators. This makes them more maneuverable and better at special operations than their much heavier counterparts. They are all equipped with Phase 1 Black Phantom Stealth Armor.

BX-4 Marines
Basically just BX-1 Commandos, but they are fitted with jetpacks to aid with maneuvering. They are designed for space combat, and can even function quite well outside of shuttles and other spaceships. They are excellent for boarding action and combat in space, and are useful even on the ground for their high levels of maneuverability.

Silver Shield Mk. 3, variations A and B - The latest upgrade is aimed at making our signature 10-foot tall combat suits competitive.
The Mk. III-A will be run by a sentient AI to make them competitive to any human soldier, while the Mk. III-B will be a combat suit wearable by any human (easy customization for other humanoid body types, such as Venusian). Here are the specs:

[b]1 large Cerulean laser - (basically is the right arm; left arm/hand is humanoid for grasping, etc.) for cutting through tanks, frying large swaths of infantry... well, you get the picture
Precision Micro-missiles - exactly like its predecessor, launcher mounted on the shoulder
1 Blazing Fang Turret - replaces coilgun on previous models, mounted on the other shoulder
PAR unit - nuclear power source
E-10 core - Makes the suit more agile and lighter, even incredibly nimble for their size.
Terminator flight technology
Standard Jetpack

So, basically, using Terminator flight tech and jetpacks combined with the El-0 core, our colossal suits can now fly. They're surprisingly nimble in flight thanks to the El-0 technology and jetpacks, but using the jetpacks (necessary for anything more than hovering around) uses a lot of energy and renders them without shields. However, all weapons systems remain online. Mostly for battlefield transportation. They are made of Adamantium and Brass Tacks with an outer layer of Refractive armor. Also with RotA comms and Shepherd Jamming Systems.

Black Phantom stealth suit (HFPE)
These suits are invisible to radar, all but invisible to the naked eye (totally invisible unless you are looking really, really hard for them; even if you are given training), have no heat signature, and are totally invisible to most cameras. They have no armament except for a handheld Cerulean rifle. They are nearly undetectable unless they fire.
Cyon Stealth Armor.jpg
Cyon Stealth Armor.jpg (24.52 KiB) Viewed 3773 times

Ammitians (Extremely HFPE)
Mechanical intermittently sentient/non-sentient mechanical creations designed for only one purpose: advanced espionage. No expense is spared in giving them the very best our stealth technology has to offer. It is built into their very frames. They are each given one Stingray stun gun, a Westar Inferno (for emergencies only) a full set of potions and poisons (primarily for keeping subjects unconscious, but a very versatile collection with several methods of delivery), a Downloader (downloads identities/memories), and a Black Box (stores identities/memories-Nosferatu-style). They are sentient, but will upload their sentient mind into a target after the target has been successfully restrained/knocked out/otherwise pacified. The subject's newly uploaded mind will be reprogrammed on the spot to act as a sleeper agent; completely unaware of their true allegiance. For all intents and purposes it will be identical to the original except when given the order to act in the name of Cyon. This could be anywhere from multiple times a day to once in a lifetime, depending on the situation. Ammitians will be invisible whenever possible. Communications are included, but are used only in the most dire or secure of circumstances. Normally, a backup non-sentient AI will take over the Ammitian until it successfully returns to the Maw and the Hades Complex, depositing its stored information (really the poor target in a form of hibernation/death; its like cryogenics, y'know? Just creepier.) into the massive database there. It will then be given a new AI to embark on another mission. May also serve as ordinary agents.

Black Swarm (Details Extremely HFPE)
Weaponized nanobot swarms that can each coalesce into a physical being (which is then able to grasp items, punch things, stab things, and otherwise function on a larger physical scale). Each nanite in a swarm can also use acid to "eat away" at... things. Really awesome assassins and spec ops units.

Project Arbiter (Details Extremely HFPE)
We are creating a super-agent/assassin. Ultimately, we will create only a very small number of Arbiters, likely fewer than 10 total.

The CCSD will secretly access medical files across the Imperium to locate the very best, most fit, and most combat-able citizens in the Imperium. Our agents will approach them, and, with their permission, take DNA samples for cloning. The individuals will be informed this is for medical research.

An Arbiter will be a clone of one of these individuals, albeit dramatically enhanced by both Baunian military genetic modifications and extensive Borg Implants. Each Arbiter will be enhanced with hyper-advanced eyesight (to aid in sniping), advanced reasoning, deduction, reflexes, superhuman strength, speed, and analysis skills. In addition, each will have a customizable Borg arm implant on their non-dominant arm (able to be switched out for different missions between a retractible wrist-knife arm, computer/hacking interface, normal hydraulic extra strong arm (think Winter Soldier), and Ammit Upload arm (to do what Ammitians normally do, complete with AI and extra storage for the victim). Each arm attachment will also have basic functionality as a normal prosthetic arm, just with different specialties. They will also be fitted with a Borg Mind implant (wrapping around the back of their head), giving them extra memory, allowing us to download information into their minds (as well as access to the pertinent intelligence files to help with each specific mission), giving them a built-in targeting computer, and allowing them to communicate silently with us/our other agents using a little RoTA communications. Finally, they will each receive a Borg Eye implant (connected directly to the mind implant), allowing them to instantly process what they see (and compare it to our intelligence files), as well as allowing them a visual link to their targeting computer, allowing them to shoot with extreme precision in harmony with their already advanced eyesight. They will also be able to see heat signatures, see in the dark, and will see into both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums.

Last, but not least, they will secretly have a small packet of ultra lethal neurotoxin implanted near their heart (if they tried to remove it themselves, they would die). It will only be released (remotely, of course, by the Spectral Agency) if they go rogue and become a national security threat. They will be outfitted with appropriate gear as needed for each mission. We have the capability to grow/train up to 10 agents in 5 years. Every Arbiter has free access to unlimited reincarnation
Heavy Dragoon
Using Man-o-War and practically every other tech we have, these are essentially all-purpose tanks/heavy frigates. Slow, but pretty effective and mobile regardless. Armed with Battlehammer EMP and Plasma shielding, made of Brass Tacks with an outer layer of Refractive armor, 4 homing missile launchers, and 30 heavy Cerulean lasers, each Heavy Dragoon is run by a sentient AI and several assistant AIs. They will also be able to fire up to 2 large warheads as a payload. Their strength is their mobility; they are really, really all-purpose, able to operate in space, on land, on/in the ocean, in the sky, anywhere. They will essentially be an all-purpose tank for blasting through stuff.
Imperial Dragoon.jpg
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Detna-class Mobile Anti-Aircraft Platform
The Detna-class MAAP is state-of-the-art Cyonian technology designed to protect our airspace. Using Aegir point defense targeting systems, its accuracy is frightening. It uses massive treads to move. It can additionally be hooked up directly to Austri-class HFPUs to maintain a steady stream of ammunition, but it is not necessary for them to function. Finally, it has a powerful jamming system to aid in its anti-aircraft operations. It is fully automated, with only the best of our non-sentient AI.

Code: Select all
40 Detnamissile Launchers
1 Nuclear Fusion Power Generator
15 Blazing Fang Defense Turrets

Brass Tacks
Reflective Armor
Aurelian Shielding
El-0 (to reduce the downside of overall bigness)
Adjudicator computers
Light Computers
Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems
RotA communications

Paragon-class Heavy Assault Tank - 10 yearso - COMPLETE
A new, massive, extremely heavy, fully automated, tank. The Paragon is meant to absolutely blast through enemy fortifications/defenses, destroying anything really big in its path. The biggest feature on this monstrosity is a single Heavy Cerulean Turbolaser, which is a standard battery on many ships in the Imperial Star Armada. It is huge, but not as big as the Ultraheavy Cerulean Turbolasers. It takes a bit of time to recharge, but it is more than capable of one-shotting most stuff on the ground. The tank is also armed to the teeth with plenty of other weaponry, and capable of bringing down the biggest targets.

Code: Select all
1 Heavy Cerulean Turbolaser
8 Cerulean FireTeeth (3 along both sides and 2 in front)

Brass Tacks
Reflective Armor
Aurelian Shielding
1 Nuclear Fusion Power Generator
El-0 (to reduce the downside of overall bigness)
Adjudicator computers
Light Computers
RotA communications

Spyder Persistence Automated Mechs (SPAM) - 7.5 years - COMPLETE
The SPAM is a small eight-legged combat mech about 1 foot in diameter. Each is armed with a single rapid-fire Cerulean Fireteeth laser. Each of the legs is sharpened to a point, and the front two legs are blades. This is to allow them to stab into surfaces and cling to some walls/ceilings, as well as for use in combat. They are exceptionally good at clinging to metal surfaces.

They are meant to be extremely cheap and mass-produced. They are made of Adamantium, but that is their only defensive feature. Their small profile will allow them to function as an extremely effective cheap infantry of sorts, inflating our numbers to be able to withstand larger attacks. They are also excellent skirmishers, as a few hundred thousand (Insignificant compared to the number we will use) of these little beasts will be able to fire a LOT of lasers, and their size and ability to cling to some surfaces allows them to due from many directions at once and outmaneuver and outgun most opponents.

[u]Naval Designs

Hero-class Supercarrier
200m long, 44 FireTooth AA and Anti-missile turrets with powerful radar for rapid tracking, armoured deckplates, refractive plating, Neutrality, 6 small railcannons, top speed of 40 knots, energy shielding, powered by Thorium reactor with Arc reactor backups, RotA comms gear, advanced aircraft tracking and command facilities, tactical and logistical AIs, advanced sonar, 15 internal bulkheads, powerful ECM, wide-spectrum signal jamming tech.

Hope-Class Carrier
120 m long, space for 40 aircraft, max speed 60 knots, 30 FireTooth AA and Anti-Missile turrets, 4 light FireTooth turre Neutrality, Refractive Plating, energy shielding, powered by thorium reactor with Arc reactor backup

Sovereign-class battleship
210m long, top speed 50 knots, 60 FireTooth AA and Anti-Missile turrets, 12 AA missile turrets, 5 heavy railgun turrets, 10 Avenger missile pods, 6 torpedo tubes, 3 Sky Hammer launch brackets, 1 Arc Hammer super-heavy railcannon, landing space for 2 helicopters, Neutrality, energy shielding, refractive plating, powered by Thorium reactor with Arc Reactor backup, RotA comms gear, space for 4 Endurance main battle helicopters, advanced command functions, tactical and logistical AIs

Unity-Class Battleship
140 m long, top speed of 50 knots, 40 FireTooth AA/Antimissile turrets, 4 AA missile turrets, 3 Medium Railgun Turrets, 5 Light FireTooth turrets, 2 Avenger launch pods, Neutrality, RotA Comms Gear

Retribution-class Cruiser
Max Speed of 60 Knots, 100m in length, 1 Medium FireTooth turret, 15 AA/Antimissile FireTooth turrets, 2 Avenger missile pods, RotA Comms Gear, powered by Arc Reactor

Capitol-class Destroyer
1 Light FireTooth turret, 1 Avenger missile pod, 4 FireTooth anti-missile/AA turrets, RotA comms gear

Overshield-class anti-air/anti-missile destroyer
Max speed 50 knots, 40m long, 1 light FireTooth turret, 2 AA missile launchers, 16 AA/anti-missile FireTooth turrets, advanced radar and tracking AIs

Shadow Knife-class Submarine
60m long, powered by Arc Reactor, 8 launch tubes for Avenger or Star Hammer missiles, 4 torpedo tubes, Neutrality, RotA comms, internal muffling, internal Titanium struts to increase hull strength, RotA comms.

Starship Designs
Condor Starfighter
The Condor is a small starfighter. Equipped with 2 PAR reactors, an El-0 core, Aurelian and EMP shielding, twin Cerulean FireTeeth, standard homing missiles w/ Darts homing systems, Neutrality, Unexpected Death, precision micro-missiles and a sentient AI. Condors all have sublight engines, but not FTL technology. They are meant to function very much like fighter jets in space. Mostly for dogfighting, but can inflict considerable damage on larger ships in numbers (they all carry standard homing missiles in addition to the precision micro-missiles, which are nothing to sneeze at).

Mercury-class light frigate
The Mecury-class is a new spaceship designed to act as a highly mobile anti-starfighter unit. Entirely automated.
Specs for the Mercury-class:
Code: Select all
800 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter operations/point defense
500 precision micro-missile launchers
20 regular projectile launch chambers
Brandmauer Heavy EMP Shielding
Heavy Plasma Shielding
Radiation shielding
8 small sublight/2 warp engines
2 small nuclear reactors

Requires 50 live human crew, can carry an additional 100 individuals/marines (however, there are no hangers, so attempts to launch boarding parties are all but impossible). Uses Darts, precision micro-missiles, RotA comms (like all of our entire military, by the way - yes I think we did that, but by PM), Brass Tacks/Adamantium, Reflective Armor, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, an El-0 core, and Unexpected Death/Neutrality.

Lancer-class missile frigate
The Lancer-class missile frigate is a variation of the Mercury-class designed for long-range missile operations in space. It has passable defenses, but it's meant to function as space artillery.

Specs for the Lancer-class:
Code: Select all
300 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter operations/point defense
500 missile launch chambers (Artemis/can also launch regular missiles)
Brandmauer Heavy EMP Shielding
Heavy Plasma Shielding
Radiation shielding
8 small sublight/2 warp engines
2 small nuclear reactors

Uses Darts, precision micro-missiles, RotA comms, Brass Tacks and Adamantium, Reflective Armor, an El-0 core, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality

-Battlehulk-class Carriers
Specs for the Battlehulk-class:
The Battlehulk is designed for transport and efficient deployment of large numbers of starfighters and screening forces. Really, really big. In fact, about as big as the Hyperion-class, but not as long at only a little less the a kilometer. Wider, though, and would be normally designated a capital ship for its sheer carrying capacity.
Code: Select all
100 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter defense/point defense
4 Heavy Cerulean Turbolasers
Aurelian Shielding
Magnetic Shielding
Radiation shielding
4 Adjudicator Targeting Computers, significantly enhanced by our own tech/Tech Suite 8
1 E-10 Core (makes ship have less mass, simulates gravity inside, allows for more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping like with our shields.)
3 sublight/2 warp engines
10 nuclear reactors (fusion)

Can carry:
10,000 Starfighters
1,000 small shuttles
100 light frigates (such as Kaamo Star Liners or Mercury-class vessels)

Roughly requires 100 live human crew, can carry an additional 100,000 individuals/marines. Uses Darts, RotA comms (like all of our entire military, by the way - yes I think we did that, but by PM), Brass Tacks and Adamantium, Reflective Armor, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality (to give it some semblance of stealth).

-Scythe-class Battlecruiser
A relatively large and decently mobile starship built to pack a punch for its size, the 750-meter-long Scythe Battlecruiser will be an excellent assault ship. Built to be a powerful support and mainline assault ship, it's main weakness is in its inability to carry starfighters. It is not a capital ship, but can go toe-to-toe with most other battleships, easily shredding smaller ships such as corvettes and light cruisers. The best way to think about it is somewhere in between an assault frigate and a capital ship. The most distinguishing feature of the Scythe-class Battlecruiser is its design; almost all of its offensive weaponry is focused on a blade on the front of the ship to help it shear through enemy ships, focus its firepower, and create a lower profile for itself.
Specs for the Scythe-class:
Code: Select all
100 SabreTeeth heavy ship-ship cannons
25 Ukon Cannons
750 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter defense/point defense
5 Ultraheavy Cerulean Turbolasers
50 Artemis launch chambers
Aurelian Shielding (3 generators)
Brandmauer EMP shielding (1 generator)
Magnetic Shielding (2 generators)
Radiation shielding (1 generator)
5 Adjudicator Targeting Computers, significantly enhanced by our own tech/Tech Suite 8
4 sublight/3 warp engines
1 E-10 Core (makes ship have less mass, simulates gravity inside, allows for more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping like with our shields.)
5 nuclear reactors (fusion)
RotA communications arrays (2 hidden and heavily shielded to avoid making them easy targets, 1 is backup array)

Requires 100 live human crew, can carry an additional 10,000 individuals/marines (however, there are no hangers, so attempts to launch boarding parties cannot be by shuttle). Uses Darts, Brass Tacks/Adamantium, Reflective Armor, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality (to give it some semblance of stealth).

-Commendator-class Assault Frigate - A new 800 meter-long spaceship designed as a light assault craft in space fights, but more importantly, a carrier for planetary invasion and orbital strikes. Can operate in a limited fashion in the upper atmosphere, but for reference, cannot drop below about 850 kilometers on Earth without... consequences. As it is designed to carry robotic weapons and soldiers, it uses a system to carry as much as possible in a smaller space (using El-0 technology to lighten the load).
Specs for the Commendator-class:
Code: Select all
30 SabreTeeth heavy ship-ship cannons
10 Ukon Cannons
300 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter defense/point defense
2 Ultraheavy Cerulean Turbolasers
4 Artemis launch chambers
Aurelian Shielding (3 generators)
Brandmauer EMP shielding (1 generator)
Magnetic Shielding (2 generators)
Radiation shielding (1 generator)
5 Adjudicator Targeting Computers, significantly enhanced by our own tech/Tech Suite 8
4 sublight/3 warp engines
1 El-0 Core (makes ship have less mass, simulates gravity inside, allows for more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping like with our shields.)
5 nuclear reactors (fusion)
RotA communications arrays (2 hidden and heavily shielded to avoid making them easy targets, 1 is backup array)
1 huge dorsal hanger (taking up much of the available inside space, opens like a Venator-class from Star Wars)

[u][b]Can carry[/b][/u]
400 AF-112 Bellonas
200 AB-113 Ares bombers
2,000 MATT (Mobile Aerial Troop Transport) gunships
10,000 BX-1 Marines
1,000 Silver Shields/mechas
400 Austri-class HFPUs
500 "Chaos" Heavy Artillery pieces
500 Hailfire Tanks

Requires 100 live human crew. Uses Darts, Brass Tacks/Adamantium, Reflective Armor, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality (for stealth).

-AS-112 Bellona - The AS-112 will be a Cyonican take on the AS-111 Vulcan, but will be somewhat lighter (but more powerful lasers) and able to function in a very versatile role. Able to function in either space or in an atmosphere, the Bellona will also be a lightning-fast fighter.
Specs for the AS-112 Bellona
Code: Select all
2 Cerulean fireteeth
4 missile launchers (can fire most types of missiles, including homing, WAM and Hailfire)
Light Computers for lightning-fast reaction times in robotic versions, and enhanced support for manned versions
Cyon-enhanced Adjudicator and Tech Suite 8 for advanced targeting
Darts homing technology
El-0 Core for incredible maneuverability
Aurelian Shielding
Brandmauer EMP shielding
Unexpected Death/Neutrality for excellent stealth
Shepherd weapons jamming systems
RotA comms to make communications secure
2 PAR reactors

Made of Adamantium and an outer layer of Reflective Armor. Painted black/dark blue for increased stealth, and shaped to provide further stealth (using 2016-era tech such as in the F-35 Lightning II)

-AB-113 Ares bombers - A super-heavy bomber able to function both in space and in the atmosphere, the Ares will use a unique system of delivery where the payload is more forcibly ejected from the underbelly of the plane. In this way, it can serve as a bomber against capital ships in space as well as targets on the ground.
Code: Select all
6 Blazing Fang automated turrets for PD and defense
4 missile launchers (can fire most types of missiles, including homing, WAM and Hailfire)
Heavy payload delivery system
Light Computers for lightning-fast reaction times in robotic versions, and enhanced support for manned versions
Cyon-enhanced Adjudicator and Tech Suite 8 for advanced targeting
Darts homing technology
El-0 Core for incredible maneuverability
Aurelian Shielding
Brandmauer EMP shielding
Unexpected Death/Neutrality for stealth
Shepherd weapons jamming systems
RotA comms to make communications secure
3 PAR reactors

Made of Adamantium, Brass Tacks, and an outer layer of Reflective Armor. Painted black for increased stealth, and shaped to provide further stealth (using 2016-era tech such as in the F-35 Lightning II)

-MATT (Mobile Aerial Troop Transport) Gunship - A new, advanced variant of Heavy Dragoons, the MATT will be a heavy troop transport capable of operating absolutely anywhere (in space, in the water, in the air). As it is designed to carry robotic weapons and soldiers, it uses a system to carry as much as possible in a smaller space (using El-0 technology to lighten the load).
Code: Select all
10 Blazing Fang automated turrets for PD and defense
2 missile launchers (can fire most types of missiles, including homing, WAM and Hailfire)
4 small SabreTeeth
Light Computers for lightning-fast reaction times in robotic versions, and enhanced support for manned versions
Cyon-enhanced Adjudicator and Tech Suite 8 for advanced targeting
Darts homing technology
El-0 Core for incredible maneuverability
Aurelian Shielding
Brandmauer EMP shielding
Unexpected Death/Neutrality for stealth
Shepherd weapons jamming systems
RotA comms to make communications secure
4 PAR reactors

Can carry
100 BX-1 Marines
10 Silver Shields/mechas
2 Austri-class HFPU
1 "Chaos" Heavy Artillery piece
1 Hailfire Tank[/code]

Armed with Battlehammer EMP and Plasma shielding, made of Adamantium, Brass Tacks, and an outer layer of Refractive armor. Each MATT is run by a poweruf sentient AI and several assistant AIs.

-AS-111 Vulcan (AS stands for "Air Superiority") - A new advanced aircraft designed to quickly and decisively achieve air superiority, the AS-111 is to be a formidable presence in the skies.
Code: Select all
4 Cerulean fireteeth
6 missile launchers (can fire most types of missiles, including homing, WAM and Hailfire)
Light Computers for lightning-fast reaction times in robotic versions, and enhanced support for manned versions
Cyon-enhanced Adjudicator and Tech Suite 8 for advanced targeting
Darts homing technology
E-10 Core for incredible maneuverability
Light Aurelian Shielding
Brandmauer EMP shielding
Unexpected Death/Neutrality for excellent stealth
Shepherd weapons jamming systems
RotA comms to make communications secure
2 PAR reactors

Made of Adamantium and an outer layer of Reflective Armor. Painted black for increased stealth, and shaped to provide further stealth (using 2016-era tech such as in the F-35 Lightning II)

-Hyperion-class Battleship
This is basically a capital ship on the scale of an Imperial Star Destroyer (Pellaeon-class). At 1.5 kilometers long, this heavy capital ship is the backbone of the Imperial Star Armada.

Specs for the Hyperion-class:
Code: Select all
200 SabreTeeth Heavy ship-ship cannons
10 Heavy Cerulean Turbolasers
50 Ukon Cannons
1,500 Blazing Fangs for anti-starfighter defense/point defense
100 Artemis launch chambers
100 Shuttle Launch Ports
100 Docking Ports
Aurelian Shielding (5 generators)
Brandmauer EMP shielding (1 generator)
Magnetic Shielding (3 generators)
Radiation shielding (2 generators)
10 Adjudicator Targeting Computers, significantly enhanced by our own tech/Tech Suite 8
1 E-10 Core (makes ship have less mass, simulates gravity inside, allows for more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping like with our shields.)
10 nuclear reactors (fusion)
Standard sublight and hyperdrive engines (3 sublight, 2 hyperdrive)
RotA communications arrays (3 hidden and heavily shielded to avoid making them easy targets, 2 are backup arrays)

Requires 2,000 human crew, can carry an additional 200,000 individuals/marines. It carries 100 Man-o-War shuttles in the Shuttle Launch Ports. Made largely of Adamantium, but with an outer layer of Brass Tacks. The outermost layer is Reflective Armor. These things are tanks, the backbone of our armada. Like everything else, they will also have Shepherd Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality. Obviously, their size prevents any real use of stealth, but a little stealth never hurt anybody. The Hyperion is built to have a large range of fire - so, instead of being limited to traditional broadsides, the wedge shape allows it to concentrate fire on the front as well. This is increased (unlike standard Imperial Star Destroyers) by the increased sloping on the sides. It also has a lower profile because of its wedge shape, making it that much slightly harder to target. Unlike the Scythe-class, where the design focuses firepower along a shearing edge, the Hyperion-class design focuses weapons on a single point, thus potentially maximizing all available firepower if used correctly.

-Imperator-class Star Dreadnought
The Imperator-class Star Dreadnought is the capital ship to rule all other capital ships. At 10 kilometers long, this behemoth is be the pride of the Imperial Armada. Comparable to ships from Star Wars such as the Aggressor-class Star Destroyers or the Eclipse-class Star Dreadnought, the Imperator-class is designed specifically for use against other capital ships and for planetary bombardments. It can also, of course, rip through frigates, cruisers, and other smaller ships as well, but it is generally less accurate against smaller, faster vessels.
Specs for the Imperator-class:
Code: Select all
3 Astral Cannons
1,200 SabreTeeth heavy cannons
60 Heavy Cerulean turbolasers
300 Ukon Cannons
6,000 Blazing Fang turrets (primarily for anti-starfighter defense/point defense)
600 Artemis launch chambers
300 Shuttle Launch Ports
300 Docking Ports
Aurelian Shielding (30 generators)
Brandmauer EMP shielding (2 generators)
Magnetic Shielding (20 generators)
Radiation Shielding (5 generators)
60 Adjudicator Targeting Computers, significantly enhanced by our own tech/Tech Suite 8
1 El-0 Core (makes ship have less mass, simulates gravity inside, allows for more effective and accurate field manipulation/shaping like with our shields.)
100 nuclear reactors (fusion)
Standard sublight and hyperdrive engines (8 sublight, 6 hyperdrive)
RotA communications arrays (5 hidden and heavily shielded to avoid making them easy targets, 4 are backup arrays)

Requires 10,000 human crew, can carry an additional 1,000,000 individuals/marines. It carries 300 Man-o-War shuttles in the Shuttle Launch Ports. Also uses Darts, RotA comms (like all of our entire military, by the way - yes I think we did that, but by PM), Brass Tacks and Adamantium, Reflective Armor, Shepherd Weapons Jamming Systems, Unexpected Death and Neutrality (to give it some tiny semblance of stealth).

-Geta-class Star Dreadnought
The Geta-class has only one of its kind: the Imperator-class Dreadnought Geta. In all respects, it is exactly like all other Imperator ships. Well, all aspects but one. It has been given a secret refitting by URMA. It now boasts a Gravity Defense & Redirecting System:
The GDRS is a turret that fires a stream of gravitons/anti-gravitons to divert, compress, or explode incoming attacks, from energy beams to KEWs to missiles. The GDRS also has a slightly offensive role, in that it can shorten the wavelengths of our own lasers and redirect them to hit targets at different angles; or do the same to kinetics and missiles.
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The Imperial Host

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The Cyon Imperial Host.jpg
The Cyon Imperial Host.jpg (51.59 KiB) Viewed 3758 times

Our military currently has 5 million human personnel (.016% of our total population), but much of our fighting force is completely automated. We no longer have a 2 year period of mandatory military service.

Military installations/applications
The Achilles Computer virus has been inserted into almost every single civilian computer on Earth, except for a few individual locations. It is now sapping a tiny, tiny bit of CPU from all of those computers and using that to almost triple the speed of its own research. We also broke into some military computers, which will significantly increase our espionage abilities.
Achilles successfully infected computers in the following countries:
Infected all computers, whether military, high-level business or civilian:
The Colombian Socialist Republic (now PCG Terra, but wasn't re-judged)
Terra (defunct)
West Africa
The Parliamentary Monarchy of Northern Brazil (defunct)
Fully infected only civilian computers:
UMC (25% of military and 95%+ civilian computers)
URMA (some government computers infected - defunct)
Sybus (if they even have civilian computers)
Totally untouched countries:
The Republic

Hector is a sentient AI assisted by non-sentient AIs that runs our Hector anti-cyberwarfare defense technology. Hector is connected to all government, corporate, and private computers and can stop pretty much any cyber-attack.

-The Hades Complex
A really top-secret, somewhat sinister computer complex. It is simply a massive storage system for data. The sinister thing is, it's built for storing the minds and information of any future unfortunates that find themselves victims of Nosferatu. Basically just a huge information storage system. Located at the Maw.

SUPER HFPE: The Maw Installation
This base is located in Southern Patagonia, under a really big cliff for both hiding and protection. It also extends underwater for the construction of submarines and battleships, etc. It has a LOT of cool stuff. It's a huge factory capable of quickly constructing all manner of military hardware, including terrasubs, basic combat suits, aircraft, battleships, standard munitions, etc. (Basically all military-related public technologies.)

It is specifically designed to be really easily up-gradable (we invented "Shifter specifically for it), so any improvements on the basic technologies can also be quickly produced there. Output is predicted (under ideal circumstances, fully stocked with materials for construction, etc.) at 100,000 vehicles or combat suits a year, and 500,000 small munitions a year. It also has 10,000 fully equipped "Doppelganger" cloning vats, which are very HFPE. The Maw also has all sorts of missile-launching capabilities, ranging from intercontinental ballistic nuke silos to small defense turrets or medium-sized continental missiles. The Maw also has a very large research center which serves as the Cyon Cyberwarfare and Science Division's headquarters. It is equipped with 100 Navis computers as well as labs and 100 sentient research computers (known as the Hawking Complex). Lastly, it has a large computer mainframe installed which regulates the SDN satellite defense system.Image

Aegir Anti-Missile Network (AAMN)
The AAMN consists of 100 new S-class automated Aegir Anti-Missile Platforms (AAMP-S) (75 on Earth above South America, 15 above our colony on Mars, and 10 above Groombridge 34-AB). Each platform is be approximately 20 by 35 by 10 meters, has 20 Adjudicatior targeting computers inside, and houses 40 Rapid-Fire modified SabreTeeth lasers (less powerful, individually, than ordinary SabreTeeth, but with a faster rate of fire). Each of these platforms is capable of targeting and destroying missiles on the ground (using Aegir-Beta targeting systems) at a rate of 2,000 missiles a minute (for baseline missiles) near the beginning of their trajectory. It also uses reflective armor, brass tacks, Adamantium, and Aurelian Shielding.

Terra 1 Shipyards (a restricted area of Terra 1)
Production rates:
200 starfighters p/a
70 light frigates/corvettes p/a
30 small capital ships/destroyers p/a
5 heavy captial ships (size of an Imperial Star Destroyer) p/a
1 flagship-class capital ship every 10 years

Underfield Defense Nwtwork
We have prepared new subterranean defenses to span across all our provinces. We now have underground walls around each of our cities and important installations. The walls are made of synthesized Whitesteel and are filled with destructive nanobots (the same kind used in the Black Swarms). We have additionally installed an extensive network of mines (nautical-type) underground. Project Underfield is aimed at effectively negating any attack using Terrasubs and/or related subterranean technologies in the future.

Mechis Nova
We have redesigned and rebuilt our Mechis military factory system to extend underground, scattered all across our Terran provinces. Instead of 4 distinct sites, we now have our military complex spread in 1 massive, underground sprawl. The output is comparable to before, allowing the construction of 1 Legion each year. This is more than previously possible. This has significantly boosted our production output.

Star Forge
We currently only have one, in an unspoiled uninhabited system. Well, previously unspoiled. It can create a full fleet in 15 years (1 Imperator/huge ship, 5 Hyperions, 100 Scythes, 1 Carrier, 11,600 Condors, 1,100 Mercury-class, 1,000 Lancer-class, 1,000 small ma-o-war shuttles).

Weapons Installations
- 900 Standard Intercontinental Nuclear Missiles (at the Maw)
- 15 Astral Cannons spread across our Terran holdings (1 near each major city and the rest spread randomly through our Terran holdings)

Military Divisions

Cyon High Command
The Imperator of Cyon, also Commander-in-chief of Cyon's military forces
Markus Gemelo IV, Chair of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps and Chief Military Advisor
Maria Catalina-Robles, Chair of the Cyon Research Commission and (HFPE) Director of the Cyon Cyberwarfare and Science Division
Mentalis, the sentient AI Grand Marshal of the Imperium, located along with the War Council in the Maw

The War Council, a council of sentient AI generals who advise and consult with Mentalis

CCSD (Cyon Cyberwarfare and Science Division)
Headquartered in Maw

The Hawking Complex, consisting of 100 sentient supercomputer scientists.
CCSD.jpg (305.33 KiB) Viewed 3764 times

10,000 Navis Computers
50,000 Scientists and Hackers (to run the Navis computers and conduct minor research)

Logistics Corps
Established to help with military logistics, such as construction and transport.
8000 Man-O-War transport shuttles
10,000 Stealth Shuttles
100,000 Automated Mk. 1 Engineers
500,000 Austri-class HFPUs

Imperial Spectral Agency (highly, highly HFPE)
2,000 Shadows
Shadows are our insurgency training specialists, each equipped with Phase 1 Black Phantom stealth armor. Each is armed with a single Cerulean laser, and can also be given other equipment depending on the mission they are assigned. They usually work best alone in or in small groups of 2-5.

7 Arbiters
5,000 Ammitians
700 Black Swarms

Imperial Legions

10 Imperial Legions
50 BMCU generals
1 Zeo Nova Commander
1 AAMP-L missile defense platform
100,000 BX-1 Commandos
- 80,000 Heavy Infantry (armed with Eliminator Rifles and Westar Infernos)
- 20,000 Demolitions Infantry (armed with PERL rocket launchers, 3 Nanomines, and Westar Infernos)
50,000 BX-2 Rangers
10,000,000 SPAM units
10,000 Silver Shield III-A units
20,000 Hailfire Tanks
10,000 Flametanks
10,000 Paragon-class Heavy Assault Tanks
10,000 Detna-class MAAP units
20,000 "Chaos" Heavy Artillery
20,000 Heavy Dragoons
375 Automated Impenetrable-class APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers)
70 Automated APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers)

Imperial Legions
1st Legion - Stationed near New Cyonica
2nd Legion - Stationed near New Zionica
3rd Legion - Stationed near New Zionica
4th Legion - Stationed near Getapol
5th Legion - Stationed near Donostia
6th Legion - Stationed near Stanley, Las Malvinas
7th Legion - Stationed near the Maw
8th Legion - Stationed near Arepol, Mibuze et Deltæris
9th Legion - Stationed in northern Mibuze et Deltæris
10th Legion - Stationed near Nuevo Paraíso, Groobridge 34 AB

The Praetorian Guard

The most elite soldiers of the Imperium, the Praetorians act as both a Senatorial Guard and the Imperator's personal palace guard. They can function as an elite police force as well, tasked with the protection and security of the Senate and Imperator, as well as investigating any breaches of security or attempts at assassination.

100,000 Automated IHES Mk. IVs armed with Ross Squad Support Weapons and Starfire Heavy Pistols
50,000 Automated IHES Mk. IVs armed with Sipahi Armour Deterrence Rifles and Starfire Heavy Pistols
50,000 Automated IHES Mk. IVs armed with Starfire Heavy Pistols and high powered URMA snipers

Cyon Subterranean Defense Legion
100 Kamikaze Terrasub Nukes

Cyon Automated Air Force (CAAF)
1,000 Sweetgum Heavy Bombers (automated) - 50 with each Legion, 50 in New Cyonica
6,000 Standard S5.5 Liberators (Automated) - Stationed in Getapol

The Cyon Imperial Navy
Sybus Carrier: 1
Nodens Frigate: 58
Sovereign-Class DN: 4
Hope-Class Carrier: 12
Unity-Class BB: 198
Retribution-class Cruiser: 390
Overshield-class DD: 30
Capitol-class DD: 100
Kangoroo Transports: 60
Universal Attack Sub: 1,000
Deep-Sea Anti-Sub: 25
SAIL Carrier (w/ 2 BN-F1): 5
Nodens Sloop: 100
Shadow-Knife Sub: 2,000
Duty-class Submersible Carrier: 1
Nodens battleship: 1
Nocturnes: 2,000
Sweetgums: 1,000

In Storage
15,000,000 standard infantry sets of Plaisteach shields; Mattopian military uniforms; sets of high powered URMAn snipers, handguns, assault rifles, and Exobone suits.

Imperial Star Armada

1st (Terran) Defense Fleet - Currently stationed in Earth orbit
Grand Admiral Marcelina Buenrostro

1 Imperator-class Star Dreadnought (ISA-Regus)
5 Hyperion-class Battleships
100 Scythe-class Battlecruisers
2 Battlehulk-class Carriers
-20,000 Condor Starfighters
1,000 Mercury-class light frigates
1,000 Lancer-class missile frigates
-800 Man-O-War Shuttles

2nd (Colonial) Expansionary Fleet - Currently in orbit of Groombridge 34 AB, commonly known as Nuevo Paraíso
Admiral Santiago Marcos Rodriguez-Leon

1 Imperator-class Star Dreadnought (ISA-Constans)
5 Hyperion-class Battleships
70 Scythe-class Battlecruisers
30 Commendator-class Assault Frigates
-12,000 AS-112 Bellonas
-6,000 AB-113 Ares bombers
1,000 Mercury-class light frigates
1,000 Lancer-class missile frigates
-800 Man-O-War shuttles
3,000 MATT Gunships
-300,000 BX-4 Marines
-30,000 Silver Shields
-3,000 Hailfire Tanks
-3,000 Chaos Artillery

3rd (Martian) Light Defense Fleet - Currently in orbit of Mars
Admiral Julian Gemelo

7 Hyperions
40 Scythes
2,000 fighters
120 Mercury light frigates
100Lancer missile frigates

[u]Current military production projects:
7 Arbiters - 5 years (RL Oct 15)
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Cyon Civil Department

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 06:27

Civilian applications of government resources

-Brandmauer-class EMP shielding is currently installed in all economic/industrial and government/military buildings.
-1 very large space station/docks
-The Imperial Akademie, a world-class institution for the study of the sciences, mathematics, and computers. Also, there is a growing music conservatory connected to the Akademie.
-Kaamo Luxury Outposts, a government-supported and government established private company, has constructed four luxury space stations for travel and relaxation. one orbits Earth, one orbits Mars, one orbits Szalchtho, and one orbits Venus.

Cyon Imperial Police Department (CIPD)
2,700,000 Iliad-class Terminator police officers armed with Stingray stun guns and, as necessary, riot shields, keys (mini battering rams for breaking down doors), and restraining cuffs
500,000 MATT gunships (for a transport and support role)
300,000 Iliad-class Terminator ERC officers armed with Eliminator rifles, Westar Infernos, Stingray stun guns, riot shields, and restraining cuffs

Xerxes Initiative
-200,000 Man-O-War Shuttles for surface-to-space and general transport and transportation.
Tech used in relief efforts
-Automated Medicine
-Food Systems
-Renewable Resource Systems

Miscellaneous Government-controlled Units
-300 Corsairs refitted to serve as merchant vessels
-800,000 Man-O-War shuttles for surface-to-space station transport and transportation.
-2,000 fully-automated Man-O-War shuttles equipped with 4 Co2 fog dispersal cannons
-9,000 mining starships, CMF-01 Pachyderm-class
Size: 120 meters by 40 meters tall by 30 meters wide, roughly cylindrical for most of the ship, but the front is kinda shaped like a sideways "V" or "U". When fully loaded after a run.
Internal Cargo Capacity: 106 metric tonnes, which happens to be 24.4meters by 9.76 meters by 10.36 meters. In other terms, enough for roughly 3 months of food for 20 people max.
External Cargo Capacity: 10,000 metric tonnes. At full capacity and spaced evenly throughout the ship, the ship is 120m by 45 by 40m, making it look quite fat actually. When offloading cargo at port, the captain can control where and how the material will be released, and usually port facilities facilitate this with some type vacuum or hose, or provide storage containers to transport this to merchants.
Power: Fusion-powered, effectively unlimited electric power for up to 50 years. Recommended maintenance at least every 4 years. The ship only carries an 1/8th supply of reaction mass for warp drives/FTL, standard, allowing for roughly 30 light-years of distance to be traveled through this drive. This gets you to all the of the 50 or so nearest systems and back.
Crew: 8-20. Could theoretically be crewed in an emergency by only 2, a captain and a lead engineer in the power room, however, extra technicians in the power room, repairing and fixing the robots that mine, and watching over other parts of the ship are also necessary.
Defenses: Plasma shielding surrounding the ship, otherwise unarmed. In an emergency, mining lasers and attachments could damage other ships at close-quarters.

-30 Ultracore Transports
-70 Kaamo Solarium Star Liners
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Imperial Treasury

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 13:43

Yearly Budget (HFPE):


Population: 600,000,000
Average income: 60,000 CC
Tax rate: 45%
Tax revenue: 16,200,000,000,000 CC (16.2 trillion CC)
Mining and Industry revenue: 2,000,000,000,000 CC (2 trillion CC)
Agricultural revenue: 23,000,000,000 CC (23 billion CC)
Tourism: 4,000,000,000 CC (4 billion CC)
Trade and Tariffs: 3,000,000,000 (3 billion CC)

Total Income before expenses: 18,230,000,000,000 (18.23 trillion) CC


Education: 10%, or 1.823 trillion CC
Police: 4%, or 729.2 billion CC
Healthcare: 10%, or 1.823 trillion CC
Various other public services (Fire protection, etc.): 10%, or 1.823 trillion CC
Defense/government upkeep: 40%, or 7.292 trillion CC
Research (grants, etc.): 13% (+82.3 billion CC), or 2.4513 trillion CC
Production: 11%, or 2.0053 trillion CC

Xerxes Initiative: 1%, or 182.3 billion CC

Total annual income after expenses

1% (-82.3 billion CC), or 100 billion CC

Current amount in treasury:

4,000,000,000,000 (4 trillion) CC (Next calculated on Oct 2)
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Cyonic Government and Culture

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 15:14

Cyon Imperial Palace.jpg
Cyon Imperial Palace.jpg (68.39 KiB) Viewed 3707 times

The Cyon Imperium is a Democratic Republic. There is an Imperator, but the only power the Imperator holds is that their vote in the Senate breaks ties. The Imperator is largely a figurehead, inspired by centuries-long traditions.

The major governing bodies of the Cyon Imperium are the two Consuls, the Imperial Senate, and the Imperial Court. The First Consul largely handles foreign affairs and diplomacy, and the Second Consul handles domestic and internal affairs. The consuls are elected from the ranks of the Senate, by the Senate, which is composed of 300 democratically-elected representatives from each minor province and 100 representatives of the nobility of Cyon. Each Consul has the power to propose new legislature, which is voted upon by the Senate.

In addition to the Senate, there is an Imperial Court. The Court is presided over by the Imperial Prime Minister, who is also elected by the Senate from the populace at large after democratically running for office. The Senate is expected to respect the desires of the people in this matter and give equal opportunities to minorities in the election process. The Imperial Prime Minister is given veto power over Senatorial decisions, and may only serve for a single term of 10 years. The Imperial Court also serves as the Judiciary system, with the Prime Minister acting in the role of Chief Justice. On the Imperial Court are 12 democratically-elected justices of the law, the Prime Minister, and 2 A.I. councilors/assistants to the Prime Minister (to act as references to legal matters/precedents and provide council)

To avoid corruption in the governing bodies, annual censuses will be taken by sentient AI soldiers. They are not fallible to bribes, and will sift through the entire world to find and remove corruption if necessary. Charges of corruption, if proven true, are the only crime punishable by death in the Imperium. Punishment for corruption will be swift and painless to be as humane as possible. Those found guilty of corruption will be put to sleep by anesthesia. If they strongly resist (defined by the deliberate harming or murder of a keeper of the peace), however, they can be dispatched by firearm. Abuse of this power by peacekeeping officials will be punishable by imprisonment as deemed appropriate by a judge or the Imperator.

When the Imperium was established, most of the wealth in the nation fell into the hands of a few fortunate people. While much has improved and the standard of living has increased dramatically throughout the Imperium, there is still an incredibly wealthy upper class. The privileged often live in the high, towering buildings in the main cities while the underprivileged and downtrodden live mostly in the lower parts of the cities or near the western mines. There is a healthy and growing middle class in the Imperium, mostly consisting of doctors, journalists, farmers, cooks, etc. Because the rich mainly wished to avoid the poor when New Cyonica was being built, they sponsored the construction of a vast aerial network of MagLev trains to connect the upper parts of their beloved capital. This layout was subsequently the model for all major cities in the Imperium.

The Cyon Imperium has four official languages, since it was founded by scientists from a corporation coming from many different parts of the world. All citizens are required to know Basic, which is essentially English. All government announcements and deliberations are in Basic, but translation to the other three languages is always available. Most descendants of the members of the scientific team that founded the Imperium speak Neudeutsch, which is basically a later form of German. A little more than half the population, however, speaks Neuvespañol, which is the Spanish equivalent of Neudeutsch. The smallest group speaks Romangues, which is a form of old Latin combined with a strong French influence. Romangues speakers are usually either nobility or extremely wealthy, but not exclusively so. The royal family, the Justinian Dynasty, speaks Romangues natively, but also the other three languages. Sometimes, individuals speak either French or Latin, but those individuals are in a small minority.

Culture and the Arts
Cyon is a center of the Fine Arts, and is especially renowned for its musicians. Being a highly scientifically-minded people, Cyonians tend to excel at Music more than the other arts thanks to its close relationship with mathematics. The Imperial Academie is a world-renowned university and conservatory, with the University recognized for its excellency in the fields of mathematics and the sciences, specifically computer science, and the Conservatory much prized for excellency in Music and the performing arts. There is a national theater in New Cyonica, remarkable for the stunning modernist architecture in the main hall and neo-baroque hallways, providing a unique flavor of the future and the past in one building. It is well -known for its superb acoustics. Cyonisns are avid patrons of the arts as well. The visual arts produced in Cyon, while not as prestigious as the nation's performing arts, are nonetheless unique in their own fashion. A recent artistic movement has arisen that seeks to portray and comment on the balance between man and computer.

Literature and poetry are also common, but are often included in the performing arts. Poetry readings occur with some frequency at the National Theater, and poetry is often included in dramatic productions. A noteworthy Cyonian dramatic movement are the Neo-Shakespearians, who have created a number of plays written entirely in poetic forms and following many of the basic structural themes of the ancient and revered William Shakespeare, with a modern and relevant context. The father of this movement, Charles deMonte, was very prolific; he wrote nearly 200 plays throughout his lifetime! He was considered, even before his death, as the father of modern Cyonian drama. He is one of the greats.

Many in the Imperium are religious, but in our very science-centrist culture, it is very unusual for anyone to look at anything, including religion, without thinking scientifically about it first. The religious majority may not look at things exclusively through the five known senses, but often consider "intuition" just another sense. They will then, using the "six" senses, look critically at things and make a decision for themselves. Of course, when conducting more rigorous research, our scientists ignore intuition as evidence for something. It is mainly a cultural trait. In fact, the Imperium is obsessed with science and technology.

There are 3 mainstream religions that have taken root in Cyon, depending on where you are. The first is Cyonian Orthodox (basically Roman Catholicism, but with a Pope in New Cyonica.) The Cyonian Orthodox church has a large, decadent basilica in New Cyonica that acts as a site of pilgrimage for those who adhere to the faith, as well as a popular tourist destination for others. The second most common faith is the Lutheran faith. There are many who follow the precepts taught by this church, and it is the most common religious denomination among the nobility. Finally, the Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, are well-established in the northern area of the Getapol Province, with a Temple in the center of Mormon culture and religion: New Zionica. Elsewhere, they are in a minority, but have an undeniable presence.

There are many other Christian religions, the most common of which is the Apostolic Assembly, which is similar in some ways to the Pentacostal faith. There are also a plethora of diverse international religions scattered throughout all of Cyon.

Code: Select all
[b][u]Percentage of adherents to the major religions within the Cyon Imperium[/u][/b]
Cyonian Orthodox (Catholic) - 64%
Lutheran - 10%
Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) - 7%
Apostolic - 1%
Other Christian - 5%
Islam - 2%
Neo-Viking Paganism - 2%
Janisism - 2%
Venusian Church - 1%
Atheism/Undecided - 6%

Cultural Notes/Foreign Policy
The people of Cyon are, while not entirely pacifistic, culturally very opposed to taking a human life. This is one reason (along with logistical issues) that inspired Cyon to begin fighting wars with automatons. This semi-pacifism is offset by the fact that the government has traditionally been rather paranoid of contact with others. This may be explained by the fact that most of the surrounding people were very antagonistic to the early Cyon government. As for Cyonic foreign policy, the existence of a military is seen as a diplomatic tool more than anything else. In fact, the Imperial Diplomatic Corps has authority over the military. The military is actually considered an arm of the IDC.

The Imperium never fully trusts anyone, and sees nothing wrong with conducting espionage, even on allies, to make sure no one is plotting against Cyon. This paranoia was heightened in light of the HAL crisis. Military action is seen as a second resort after negotiations have failed. This was exemplified by the expansionist campaigns of the Imperium in recent decades. If the Imperium feels they have the advantage, they are not afraid to use military force to gain their ends, but only after diplomacy has already failed. Even with this in consideration, the taking of innocent civilian lives is considered an atrocity by the Imperium and wholly condemned except in the most desperate of circumstances, and even then it is considered to be the most shameful of actions. Cyon respect for life is very ingrained in the culture. The Imperium will always publicly mourn civilians who lost their lives in war, both Cyonic and foreign. This is even true of enemy civilians.

If a Cyonican promises something, they always mean it. Integrity is paramount. However, this is a double-edged sword: if a Cyonican threatens something, they usually mean to carry it out. Cyonicans are also very opportunistic: if they see an opportunity to expand or otherwise improve/strengthen their prospects, they will take it. As a people, Cyonicans are generally very accepting of other cultures and ideologies. The Cyonic culture is one of acceptance, even if the other opinion or culture is very different from their own.
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History of the Cyon Imperium

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 15:30

One day, at approximately the same time, mysterious representatives knocked on the doors of the embassies of every known nation. They claimed to be from a highly developed nation-state that somehow managed to evade detection for 60 years. Of course, these representatives were initially met with skepticism. However, people soon realized that their tale may not be so far-fetched after all.

A century earlier, a scientific team from the research labs at Cyon, Inc. was sent on an expedition to what used to be Rio De Janeiro. The goal was to find some technological relics that could be used for scientific advancement in the rest of the world. The expedition was never heard from again, but it did not fail. In fact, the scientists were more successful than they could have hoped for. They discovered some tribes living in the rubble of the former Rio De Janeiro that had not lost all of their advancement. With some help from the scientists, the tribes joined together and began to dominate their neighbors. Eventually, the scientists helped the new nation, Cyon, to build a new megopolis on the site of the former Rio. The fledgling nation soon began expanding, but the scientists realized they would need silicon to construct computers. As such, they "merged" with some tribes on the western coast of South America, where better mines could be found. This was the official founding of the Cyon Imperium.

Soon after it emerged on the international stage, Cyon way of life saw a marked improvement thanks to the Xerxes Initiative. The Imperial Akademie was founded, and students began flocking to the new nation to study. After the First Great Annexation, more and more Cyonic citizens began flocking to the uninhabited parts of the wilderness to try their hand at farming, encouraged by the government. Crime also diminished, since many criminals began lining up to join the military as part of the CDC and were mostly rehabilitated by the strict code of discipline and conduct there. The First Great Annexation was a major event for the young country, and it expanded deeper into South America. The Annexation succeeded in uniting two disparate parts of the Imperium, and brought more citizens into the fold. Ultimately, it proved the spark of life that the Imperium needed to begin a period of rapid growth.

However, the relative peace was not to last. The very foundations of the Imperium were put to the test with the HAL crisis and Ragnarok. The mayor of New Cyonica, a sentient supercomputer named HAL, tried to stage a coup. While ultimately unsuccessful, he managed to assassinate most of the senate before he was shut down. This incident was related to the events collectively known as Ragnarok, which brought the civilized world to its knees. By the time of the Second Great Annexation, the Imperium had already recovered from the HAL crisis and Ragnarok. Still, the memories never faded. As soon as the Imperium recovered from the HAL crisis, it began a major military buildup to protect against future crises and to insulate against the disastrous events unfolding across the civilized world. To help defend freedom, order and peace, the Imperium dispatched a large army to defend the League of Cairo. However, this force arrived too late to save the city from a massive attack from mysterious assailants. As a result, the Cyonic forces helped run the entire city until a much larger Möbian force arrived to relieve them. This was known as the Cairo incident.

While all of these events captured the public eye, the first Imperator of Cyon, Maximillian Jvstinivs Geta, passed away. He left the throne to his son, Frederick Jvstinivs Valois. The Imperium also integrated the Falkland Islands into its lands, formerly home to a small nation of hacking experts. These experts would become a valuable asset to Cyon in future years.

Following the Cairo Incident and the ascension of Imperator Valois, there was a long era of peace known as the Pax Cyonica. This was an incredible period of growth for the Imperium, and saw the addition of Cyon to the permanent Security Council of the League of Cairo. Cyon was the first non-superpower to gain this distinction. During this period, the Imperium built up an impressive standing military force, thanks to the military doctrine of automation and roboticization adopted by the Imperium. Two bright minds, Charles la Pointe and Katerina Sibelius, took positions of leadership in the Diplomatic Corps. After a long rule, Imperator Valois passed away and left the Imperium to his son, Antoine Jvstinivs Constans. Imperator Constans and his wife, the Venusian Imperatrix Julia Mitre, would begin their rule in relative peace.

The peace was long and prosperous, and many new technologies were developed. More land was colonized, including portions of Mars. However, there was growing dissent in Imperial Colombia, commonly referred to as the CSR. After more than a century of peaceful relations with the Imperium, the people of Colombia were brought under the heel of a new, violent movement of radicals declaring the need for a "truly independent Colombia" and the destruction of the "evil empire", Cyon. With growing tensions, the monarch of Brazil capitalized on the chaos by aligning against Cyon and invading Paraguay and Bolivia. Alarmed, Imperator Constans called for peace talks with both parties, but his terms were too harsh for the extremist rebels and ambitious monarch, and war seemed inevitable. In hindsight, some have suggested that war could have been averted, but the general consensus was that given the information at the time, Imperator Constans made the best choices he could have at the time. Either way, the ensuing conflict would soon come to be known as the Great South American War.

The Great South American War took a great toll on many countries, but Cyon thankfully remained somewhat untouched. No conflicts were fought on Cyonican soil, but Colombia and Brazil were ravaged by the conflict. Even before the war had quite begun, Cyon organized and supplied resistance groups in both Bolivia and Paraguay to fight against their Brazilian occupiers. The proxy war in those nations was long and deadly, and Brazil struggled to keep control. A fierce battle in space was nearly won by the Cyonians, but the intervention of URMA peacekeepers resulted in the annihilation of nearly the entire Star Armada. On the planet below, Cyonican forces pushed deep into Brazil while the navy steamed north and blockaded the Brazilian capital of Belem. The most fierce and deadly fighting, however, happened in Colombia. Two massive armies, one Colombian and one Cyonican, faced off in a deadly slugfight in the Andes. Cyon was able to take control of the air, but the Colombians launched devastating raids, cutting off supply lines. It was nearly a stalemate after 6 months, but the Cyonian pressure on Brazil paid off. After 6 devastating months of fighting, the Brazilian monarchy collapsed in a coup and the new government quickly surrendered to Cyon. With one front closed off, Cyon was free to focus on the Colombian war. Seeing their allies falter, the Colombians saw the futility of their situation and agreed to an armistice and peace talks.

The years following the war were complicated and frustrating for many countries, as Cyon offered Bolivia and Paraguay the chance to join the Imperium. Bolivia, under the influence of the international terrorist organization known as Liberation, outright refused. The leaders of Paraguay, however, agreed to allow a vote to be held. It was not a simple matter, however, for the resulting years would be, simply put, a mess. Money was poured into the country by both sides' campaigns, and the money ended up collapsing the economy and ultimately starting a civil war in Paraguay after mysterious forces tampered with the voting results in Cyon's favor. Cyonian forces were then forced to intervene to try to hold another vote, but with Liberation's interference, the situation seemed far from resolved.

After centuries, the Imperium was internationally humiliated by the recently-socialist Union of Mattibean communes (UMC). In an attempt to prop up a failing regime in West Africa against communist rebels, the Imperium struck out against their communist neighbors in Colombia, only to be eventually squashed by a hailstorm of missiles, followed-up by a massive counterattack by the UMC. This caused a great deal of anti-communist sentiment, which gradually died down until Imperator Malaeric "the Terrible" began his infamous anti-socialist crusade, involving Cyon in the Brazilian Civil War and eventually causing a civil war of it's own. Cyon's civil tensions began with an issue in Paraguay, as Imperator Malaeric did not wish to hold a referendum to gauge Parguayan public acceptance of Cyon's annexation of the region during the Brazilian Civil War. Tension mounted, culminating with the Senate voting to impeach the Imperator and the Imperator ultimately disbanding the Senate. Peace followed for several years, until the Imperator issued a decree to prevent communist sympathizers from holding public office. At this point, the Senate, led by former First Consul Constantine Astor, struck. Since being disbanded, the Senate had quietly gathered support, and with the Imperator's anti-communist decree, the time was ripe for rebellion.

Long story short, the civil war was awful, a lot of people died, the Imperator was eventually assassinated by a disgruntled aide, and the Senatorial forces won. The Senate subsequently reorganized the government to a Democratic Republic.

Previously, thanks largely to the reforms of Imperator Valois, the government of the Imperium consisted of a Senate, a First Consul, and an Imperator. The Consul was appointed by the Imperator and sustained by a simple majority vote in the Senate, and looked after many aspects of domestic affairs in the Imperium. The Consul acted as the Imperator's personal adviser as well as chairman of the Senate. He had the power to bring forward issues of domestic reform, domestic programs, and could introduce senatorial bills acting on his own authority. The Imperator had the final say on all matters, but choosing to use that power was frowned upon unless absolutely necessary. As a check against the Imperator's authority, the Senate was also constitutionally able to overturn even the Imperator's final say by at least a 3/4 majority vote. Finally, and most importantly, the Senate has the power to collectively veto the ascension of any given Imperator by deeming him "unfit for office", but only at the beginning of the Imperator's reign. This will take at least a 3/4 vote majority in the senate. No Imperator can be impeached once deemed fit for office unless found guilty of corruption by a unanimous senatorial vote, including the Consul.

List of Imperators:
Maximilian Jvstinivs Geta ("the Great") - 4080-4155
Frederick Jvstinivs Valois ("the Wise") - 4155-4235
Antoine Jvstinivs Constans ("the Good") - 4235-4317
Tiberivs Jvstinivs Remington I ("the Short") - 4317-4386
Tiberivs Jvstinivs Remington II ("the Fair") - 4386-4444
Antoine Jvstinivs Nerus ("the Smooth") - 4444-4512
Maximilian Jvstinivs Regus ("the Warmaker") - 4512-4582
Tiberivs Jvstinivs Remington III ("the Peaceful") - 4582-4633
Jvlivs Jvstinivs Maeleric ("the Terrible") - 4633-4639
Axel Jvstinivs Fidel ("the Quiet") - 4639-Present
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Re: Cyon Imperium

Postby jonisilk » 09 May 2015, 15:50

Welcome from the PCG (Phoenix Corporate Group) of Mars.

Largely pacifistic (as there's no-one to fight with here), our wealth comes from our industrial power (space mining/construction), but we are first and foremost creators and artists.

We are dispatching to you one of our Master Tellers (the wisemen and artists of our culture), who will bring with him a collection of our complete cultural works for your national archives, and will welcome you to the world stage on behalf of our governing body (The corporations board of directors).

We also offer you the assistance of our humanitarian operation, The Darius Initiative (or DI), who would be happy to assist in improving the lot of your people and help close the gap between those who have and those who do not.

The DI can offer food and shelter for those most vulnerable, in addition to the extension of our free healthcare system.

We would be happy to help introduce improved healthcare housing and education to the people of your nation.

(We can also offer you access to the Samaritan Fund - These are grants, not loans, so they need not be repaid. The only provision being that these funds are used to serve an obvious good for the people of your nation.)
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Re: Cyon Imperium

Postby beadsman » 09 May 2015, 19:18

To the PCG,

I am honored that you have offered to help us. As a matter of fact, while we are primarily a technological society, we value art highly. Being the mathematical and scientific society that we are, our primary artistic outlet is music. However, we would gladly accept your offer! In return for your artists and philosophers, we will provide you with some of our expert musicians. It is a pleasure to meet you, and thank you again for offering to help our people.
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Re: Cyon Imperium

Postby mat.gopack » 09 May 2015, 21:24

Greetings and welcome from the Mattibean Union, the aqua blue/orange nation - our closest lands are the UCI's land, around the Caribbean.

In addition, I recommend looking at this - it lists some basic techs that we think everyone should have, and will hopefully get updated more as time go on (although we've been lazy about it)
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