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The Republic

Postby chrisman39 » 27 Jan 2011, 20:11

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Basic Information

Postby chrisman39 » 05 Nov 2011, 00:09

Country name: The Republic

Founding Circumstances: On the eve of January 1st, 3412 BCE, 'twas a dark and stormy night, when a great and fearsome country rose out of the ashes of Antarctica. Hungry for technology and military might, the country began researching weapons and other important technologies, and traded money and techs for jet fighters and tools to melt the continent, among other things. Through the decades, several more countries rose, and slowly fell again-The Republic of Romania, the Central Canadian Community, the Second China Empire, an uprising in the land portions of the COM that took control for a while, and TechForce. But the new country, who, after going through many, many name changes, decided on Altania for a little while, had, over weeks and months of efficient research, became something of a mini-superpower, with the world's second largest population and largest on-call military(though not largest draftable). The TR also held claim to the position of most technologies, mostly due to trades and transactions. After a long period of inactivity, during which two of our most HFPE projects were researched, new countries began to rise once again- Mattopia, the Ninja Clan, NYE, Aduron, the UCI, among others. At one point, due to a threat on the world by Sybus Industries, half of the TR evacuated earth on their monstrous Dreadnought class spaceships and headed for another star system. After the threat ended, Altania kept its new colonies in Alpha Centauri, splitting into the Solar Military Autocracy of Altania and the Galactic Military Autocracy of Altania. With these expansions and new research, the MAA began to join the ranks of the Super Powers- at the time Sybus and Mobius. Soon disaster struck as GM'd humans known as the Chiss escaped from labs and took over the nation, beginning the reign of the Chiss Ascendancy. Despite the brutal initiation of their rule, after several decades of power, the Chiss began to surrender power to humans once more, and after a massive wave of reforms, the country was renamed The Republic.

Motto: Usher in a new age.

Capital City: The Capital

Government type: Republic

Current Leader: President Anthony Moreno (Imperial Party)

Current Senate Majority Party: Altior Party

Territory: The continent of Antarctica and surrounding islands, artificial islands, South Australia, Northwest Africa, several Martian colonies, the EMKII, Ceres, Vesta, Alpha Centauri, Kepler 62, Gliese 581, HD 40307, Kepler 186, 55 Cancri, the Trapezium Cluster, and HD 85512.

Population: 13,440,000,000

Gross Domestic Profit: CC873,600,000,000,000

Per Capita GDP: CC65,000

Average taxation as percent of GDP:Approx 20%

Tax Revenue: Approx 175,000,000,000,000

National Expenditures:
Military/Civil Security Related Functions: CC35 TN
Education: CC12 TN
Science and Technology: CC43 TN
National Healthcare: CC24 TN
Infrastructure(inc. Space): CC55 TN
Other miscellaneous expenditures: CC6 TN

Total Expenditures: CC175,000,000,000,000

Total Annual Income: ---N/A---

Treasury: 2,950,000,000,000,000 CC's
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Uberly HFPE Technology:

Current Technologies:
Please ignore this page's appearance as we edit it. Messed up numbering is due to old project removal/regrouping.

6.Project Scalpulator: Medical project time reduction
7. A super-uber shield consisting of a combination of a plasma window, laser curtain, carbon nanotube screen, and an OD12 laser screen. Improved several times by changing it into a one layer shield with a mix of things. Includes laser missile destroying turrets, Ambivalent and Rambo launcher towers, HAAS units, X-Ray scanning, anti-EMP technology, anti-radiation, and anti-particle filters. Also includes a personal model for soldiers and ADMS (Anti Detection Mobile Shields Systems) designed as “stealth shields”. Long range missile interception chance- 99.889%. Short range missile interception chance- 99.784%.
8. Project PocketGen: Miniaturizing nuclear generators, allowing them to sit in a jet as it flies continuously for weeks or even months.
9. Project Warmth, from the NVC- This one's sort of self-explanatory. Warms continents up.
10. Project Railnet- Cold power
11. Average Lifetime Extension Systems
13. Mininuke- HFPE: Creating miniturizable nukes that reduce interception chances(of the nuke) by 20%.
14. NEOmine- Mining Near Earth Asteroids to make money.
15. Plant A-1: The perfect Northern plant, A-1 can grow in permafrost and produce food. Traded with the NVC.
19. Ocean Pump- Pumps water out of the ocean.
25. Anti-Apocalypser Series 5000- Building a better bombshelter, to create a better tomorrow! And I mean VERY advanced 'uns, too. +50% chance that a nuclear bomb will take few to no lives when a given city has enough warning.
26. HFPE: Project Radarizer: Creates handheld scanners that use a variety of different sensors, including infrared, radar, visual, and 'launchers' (little pellet-gun like things that are utterly harmless. The pellets would bounce off any invisible or disguised person. They also catch objects(obviously). If a person or thing is caught on one or more sensors, but not the others, an alarm will ring. Launched due to many coup members hiding with prototype invisibility suits that have so far amounted to little, being able to hide people for only 20-30 seconds. However, those seconds can be critical in a getaway, and, as such, this project will have a sister project/HFPE
28. Space Elevator-Creation of a space elevator. Also involves generation of enhanced carbon nanotubes.
29. HFPE: Anti-Radarizer
Obviously this is a counter to radarizer, an invisibility suit that not only lasts longer, but also blocks radar and pellets./HFPE

30. HIGHLY HFPE: Dark Matter Manipulation
It involves the study of interaction between dark and normal matter, and the detection of dark matter. If successful, it would revolutionize defensive and offensive technology, as well as possibly showing a whole host of new stars, planets, galaxies, and other space matter. Although far-fetched, many believe that with time, effort, and a heckuva lot of energy, we could theoretically 'switch' normal and dark matter, access antimatter easily, and even, perhaps, fire missiles in a dark matter 'mode' that would, once past enemy defenses, revert back to normal matter and explode, perhaps even an antimatter missile, one with 100% efficiency./HFPE
31. HFPE: Dark Matter Missile Tech: Making a missile with a dark matter mode that can go through shields. Currently absurdly expensive and large./HFPE
32. High Storage and High Efficiency Battery.
33. Project EMP Shielding
Creating EMP Shielding for nearly all military and most civilian systems, putting a filter of sorts into the shield, as well as creating redundant lines for electricity, phones, internet, etc.
Brass Tacks - A special alloy which is a. stronger than standard, or even specialized, metals; b. resistant to physical attacks and trauma; c. shields from all but the most powerful EMPs; and d. serves as an efficient conductor of heat, so as to prevent overheating.
Shepherd - An improved "airfoil" which jams, stops, or confuses targeted weapons (such as torpedoes or homing missiles) and messes with the tracking systems of attacking crafts.
Landfall - Self-replicating factories and miners.
Darts - An advanced homing mechanism, allowing bombs, missiles, and even turrets to seek out and hit whatever they're aiming for.
Adjudicator - Portable supercomputers, for use in things such as aircraft or ships, to aid in targeting, evasion, and communications.
Jellyfish - Efficient spacecraft, for transport, mining, and light skirmishing.
Robots - Useful technologies, for automated production. They can take the place of people in manufacturing and low-skill tasks, and are both faster and more precise than all but the most masterful of workers.
Spartans - These are heavily armored suits for soldiers, complete with servo-assistance to make the soldiers stronger, faster, better at jumping, &c. A miniature supercomputer in the suit assists with communication and targeting; thanks to the vastly improved strength, the soldiers can furthermore carry a ton (2,000 lbs) of weapons. These are not quite identical to Sybus Spartans - our own units implement a particularly classified defensive technology. Nonetheless, the Spartans are impervious to small arms fire, and can even brave turrets, grenades, and aircraft weapons.
"Tech Suite 1" - General entertainment technologies, to keep people happy and content. Television, games, personal computers, etc.
"Tech Suite 2" - manufacturing/industrial advances, designed to improve efficiency and production rates by roughly 30-40%, depending on the nation.
"Tech Suite 4" - Medical advances, reducing mortality rates both at birth, during childhood, and to diseases affecting people in their early-middle life. Significant drop in deaths before the age of 50 (roughly a 65% decrease).
"Tech Suite 5" - Infrastructure - subways, monorails, bullet trains, telephones, sewers, plumbing, internet; cars, software, architecture, and urban planning. Increases time efficiency, standard of living by around 5% in nations lacking such cohesive structure. Computers, for managing such issues as air traffic, highways, and economic development.
"Tech Suite 6" - Medicines to treat most diseases and disorders. Reduces death rates due to disease; mainly helpful for less-developed nations with less medical infrastructure already in-place. 20% drop in mortality for highly developed, and 70% drop in mortality for little-developed nations.
"Tech Suite 7" - Battlefield medicine, reducing death rates in wounded soldiers by upwards of 35%.
"Tech Suite 8" - Battlefield technologies, such as targeting systems, anti-tank weapons, etc - basically, the technology required to bring a nation up to roughly the 2030 (hypothetical) level. Drones, lightweight weaponry, vehicles, etc (at least, the tech for them) are included. Weaker than Sybus-made devices, of course, but these give you the technology to build/develop your own.
"Tech Suite 9" - Education. Books, school systems, lessons, computer interfaces, etc, designed to personalize public educations and reduce dropout rates by 30%, college graduations by 10-20%, and the net income and international power of the nation by 10-15%.
"Tech Suite 10" - Space program. Tech for satellites, GPS, telecommunications, space stations, shuttles, landers, and rovers. Nothing military (for sale, at least).

40.HFPE: Project Cold Fusion: Creating cold fusion generators

41. Project Bubbler: Firing air out of ships to create foam and reduce friction. Almost doubles the speed of some ships.

42. Electro-Magnetic Pulses (From Pacifica)

43. Wind, Solar, Volcanic, and Tidal power sources (traded with Pacifica)

44. Project Goopgun: HFPE: It involves the creation of guns that launch goop that sticks into guns and also suffocates targets

45. Project Radiation Scrubber Plant: Radiation scrubbing plants from Pacifica.

46. HFPE: Project HAASS(High Altitude Anti Surveillance System) has been announced. It involves the research of unmanned drones that stay at 100,000-150,000 feet and are armed with 1 heavy machine gun and 5-15 air-air missiles. They will have long range cameras and light armor (enough to maybe take one air-air missile).

47. E-Scanner: Scanner designed to scan through everything- ships, vehicles, buildings, clothing, ground, lead, shields, etc.

48. HFPE: Smart bullets: Bullets that home in on targets, follow commands from soldiers, etc.

49. HFPE: HAL computing. Highly developed, widely considered to be one of the- if not the- most developed computers in the world.

50. HFPE: Mat and Terminus' skimmer pods, but automated

52. HFPE: Project Rakurai: Stages 1-4, traded with Mattopia

54. Project PDM(Pinpoint defense missile, equipped with lasers to stop anti-missiles)

55. Project TerraProduction: Making land from other stuff.

56. Particle Beam Weapons

57. Project Magrathea: Making planets

58. Terra-2 Capital Fighter

59. Hypervelocity Cruise Missiles

60. HFPE: PAD research: Asteroid, comet, and other object weaponization

61. Dyson swarm research

62. PADU systems- Pathogen detection and destruction boxes.

63. Project Human Biological Stasis (Cryogenics): Creating a pod that could sustain human life indefinitely while the human is in an artificial coma of sorts. Great for long journeys in space.

64. Extremely strong EM fields

65. Firestorm- Weather and natural manipulation technology. Has been updated several times to improve range, accuracy, power, and “naturalness”.

66. Project Graser- Gamma ray wavelength lasers.

67. Psychology(ideal environment growing up HFPE: and subliminal messaging/ influences on behavior

68. Absorbitron from URMA

69. COM Robotics

70. Project Weed-Killer: The world's most variable biological weapon in existence. Updated with Occisor. Updated again with Death Factory to build diseases that kill, cure, maim- do anything we need.

71. Zap Basics- Advanced Orbit to Ground weapons systems. Now upgraded with Zap 2.0- Mounting Eclipse weaponry on Zap satellites (larger ones), as well as improving regular ones with gravity beams and the like

72. Project Aurelian: Details are classified, but it is known to be an extremely strong armor. For an enemy infiltrator, this stuff would be worth its weight in Platinum 190. Now updated with Aurelian 2.0!

73. Fisherman Nanobots- Incredibly advanced nanobots, able to do nearly everything. Updated several times- will soon include graviton manipulation, protein denaturing abilities, scanning technology, better transmitters, and more. Nanobots also include Nanoaugs- nanobot augments able to enhance human capabilities. Another related project is Walrider- utilizing and building upon nanobot technology to recreate the supernatural.

74. Besieger(See Nodens)

75. Thor- Kinetic kill weapons dropped from satellites. Sub projects include Ares (nuclear variant), the Devastator (antimatter variant), and Mars (Tracking and lockon variant- can be nuclear or antimatter).

76. Vulcan- Highly advanced cloning

79. Project No, thanks: Blocking the opening of holes in the space time continuum.

80. Project Infiltrator- basics: The Infiltrators integrate tiny, high capacity batteries, mag-gen tech, nanobots, inking, and a variety of other goodies, in a sphere 5 mm across for the smallest version. Updated with Kinect to allow for speedy and advanced hacking

81. Project Mind to Machine: Aduron's neural to electronic integration technology.

82. Project Protocol- Assistive droids

83. Further carbon nanotube research

84. Handheld Railguns and Coilguns

85. Handheld turret lasers

86. GM- Ongoing project. Subprojects:
Generation I:
Generator- Complete
Proof- Complete
Understand- Complete
Zombie- Complete

Generation II:
Occisor, making Weed Killer yet more unstoppable- Complete
Mechanize-Circulatory System- Complete
Mechanize-Nervous System Complete
Mechanize-Muscular System Complete
Mechanize-Skeletal System- Complete
Enhancement of Generator-Complete

87. Project Assassin Droid

88. Project Cubes

90. Burrowers- Anti Terrasub mines

91. In memorium- HFPE: Memory access and modification

92. Sky tower- Now updated with project Elevation: Two aspects: better graviton generators and using them to build the Spire in the capitol-building on simulated designs from sky tower for fifty thousand feet. Includes some interesting countermeasures against jet streams.

93. SWI- Solar Waste Incineration. Modifying the elevator and shuttles to allow for easy and safe destruction of dangerous waste.

94. SSC- Self Sustaining City. A city that, if required, can cut itself off from outside contact without adverse effects.

95. Box bot and arch bot

96. DE-VTOL and SH-187

97. Marvin- Giant computer (modified Hactar V2)! HFPE: Designed primarily for decoding.

98. HSSAS- HFPE: Gigantic server and interception/decryption network.

99. Project Programming- Programming humans. Now updated and replaced by Subjugation: The ultimate weapon. Combining information from Communicator, Programming, Mind to Machine, Honesty, and probably a few others, Subjugation aims to do what Programming does, but more powerful, and more versatile. Couldn't be used to take over someone from a distance or take over millions, but it will prove effective nonetheless.

100. Flogger: Large Fridge-sized battery that fires knife missiles - 200/shot. Uses Adjudicator mostly, but can be manually controlled for human precision.(Traded with URMA)

101. FireTeeth: Munition that, instead of a bullet, uses high powered laser cells and reflectors placed inside the barrel of a gun to form a highly charged infrared shot - in other words, laser bullets. The laser cell is displaced like a bullet shell, and the cells are fitted into magazines. There are assault rifles being built to accommodate FireTeeth as well as AA, naval and air cannons, sentry guns, and generally any other type of turret.(Traded with URMA)

102. GM Generation III: Cyborg: Complete

103. Time Cloak

104. Project GPS Update- Highly advanced and accurate GPS tracking.

105. Project Honesty- HFPE: Technology to see when someone is telling the truth and in some cases force them to tell the truth.

106. Air Carrier propulsion and landing/takeoff mechanisms from Sybus

108. Minimissiles. Miniature missiles with superb automated maneuvering and HAL capabilities to find weak points.

111. Epic Blimpness- Epic blimps! Updated with Zepplin [sic] Tree.

112. HAL Missiles: Missiles that move to find weak points, and can intelligently distribute explosives- ie, only activating enough to destroy the target and nothing else.

113. Animalspeak: Speaking to animals! They mostly talk about food, sex, and sleep though... :(

114. Crusherz- Anti-nanoid nanoids. :P

115. Breaker - a series of weapons designed to pierce armor and shielding. The initial (6-year) focus of this project will be on improving the range and accuracy of airborne EMP weapons, and their capacity to pass through armored objects; shields shouldn't pose too much of a problem for EMP's, what iwth them not being solid/"actual" munitions, so they'll be treated as more of an afterthought. Also includes work on propelled missiles which, upon making contact with a shield, release enough energy directly through the shield to momentarily "break" it (opening the way for a round of other, more conventional weapons). Done w/ Sybus

116. Deluge - Upper-atmosphere dispersion systems. What would they disperse? Pesticides, vaccines, airfoil, acid, the results of project Screen... Done w/ Sybus

117. Mirror - A lightweight metal which, in even low quantities/concentrations (e.g. a thin sheet), can even more proficiently both radiation and--more importantly--electromagnetic pulses. We've already conducted considerable research into counter-EMP measures; this is simply the next step towards securing our vital internal and military systems. Done w/ Sybus

118. Screen - A viscous liquid, meant to counter biological and chemical weaponry. When dispersed as a mist, our own citizens, military units (either in gear or because they're robots) will be mildly discomforted, and things will get a little icky. The "Screen" mist, however, will "trap" undesirable chemical particles, spores, pathogens, &c. When finished, deployment sites will be erected throughout Sybus land, such that most of the population is covered & protected; dispersion by aircraft and portable "generators" will also be possible. Done w/ Sybus

119. OMT- Oversized multipurpose transport. Designed to get through all kinds of weather, natural disasters, and attacks. It could roll through an active volcano while being shelled and likely wouldn't notice.

121. O'Neill cylinder design

122. Tra'kad: Spaceship with lots of weapons and a hugely redundant design- it can usually function almost without power.

123. Project High Efficiency Wireless Energy Transmission(HEWET)

124. Mental Transference

128. Stealth Armor

129. Infinchip 5

129. Superfreeze
131. Valkyrie- Artillery able to propel guided nuclear and antimatter warheads up to three hundred miles.

132. DMKV: Dreadnought update

133. The Creator- 3D printer that prints, well, anything.

134. Deep Thought

135. Hactar V2, Marvin V2, HSSAS V2, and HAL 555555

137. Freefall(HFPE: Level 4)- major advancements to Landfall and Waterfall tech. Improves on waterfall, but also on speed, variability, intelligence, designs, energy sources, location, etcetera. Also uses Fisherman nanos.

138. ContraEMP(HFPE: Level 2): Anti-EMP tech. Though we already have it, we can always use it being cheaper and much, much more effective.

139. Pemp updates(HFPE: Level 5): Pinpoint EMP. It allows rockets to be scrambled in midair, robots hit on the ground without affecting our troops, etcetera. Highly powerful to get through conventional EMP defenses.

140. Hephaestus(HFPE: Level 7): A major, major update to our robots. It aims to "future proof" them, and make future updates easy and fast.

141. Odin(Level 6 HFPE): Lasers. Goddamned gigantic-ass lasers. Ones that have to use Zenith to work, and insane, crazily expensive and complicated focusing arrays. Or, in the words of xkcd, gigantic ass-lasers.

142. Morphmetal: Metal that can be moved, creating things, opening doors, walking through a wall, etcetera- with just a thought. Updated to improve strength and remove glitches.

143.The Ginosaji. He follows his targets for years until they show weakness. However, he does have one weakness- his weapon. A spoon. He is indestructible by any means that wouldn't also destroy the target, who he follows closely.

144. Project Communicator- creation of a 'universal' translator that can translate near anything. This includes alien languages, new languages, and code languages that people may be using.(note that this means languages, not(necessarily) actual codes.

145. USS 3.0- updating the standard USS kit with new techs.

146. Crusherz: HFPE(Level 4: Kinetic kill weapons shot from spacecraft- similar to Launchers.

147. USS 3.0- it includes things like more advanced (Aurelian) armor, better computers, better weapons, etcetera (a lot from Advancement), and also newer techs like Death Factory, the Creator, and things like shoulder mounted tractor beams- they can pull a soldier up to the ceiling, or pull a gun to his hand, or, if a bullet is headed towards someone's head, deflect it slightly (though obviously not too much).

148. Project Growth- utilizing data from the fast growing founding tree to create incredibly fast growing crops.

149. Waero class Aircraft Carrier. HFPE: In addition to flight capability, heavy plasma shielding, missile defenses left and right, Radarizer sensors to detect enemy craft, Project Breaker modified antimatter missiles, project Bubbler for increased speed in the water, EMPs, high power Eclipse level Odin lasers and railguns, minimissiles, Valkyrie artillery, Mirror and ContraEMP anti EMP tech, Pinpoint EMP tech, and the "E" scanner(among other techs), it also heavily uses graviton technology for launching and receiving aircraft, as well as literally curving enemy lasers, moving missiles out of the way, and deflecting artillery. We also can use it to curve our own lasers to make seemingly impossible shots, and alter the trajectory of our missiles and artillery(though not after they've gotten too far from the ship).

150. The guardian. Level eight classified material. Emits fear inducing chemicals.

151. Project Jello: Hyper concentrated jello powder.

153. Vacuum train technology- speeds in excess of 5750 mph, costing 45 million CCs per mile of track.

154. Morphmetal robots

155. Genesis. The development of the second most comprehensive and advanced creature-creation system in the world. A major upgrade to Skopun, using things like the Creator 3D printer and Death factory to create nearly anything very quickly.

156. Eclipse: HFPE: Pure, unchecked destruction. Weapons on a scale never even considered before. Imagine something like Odin, but far bigger. Far stronger. Far better. Of course, also far more expensive.

157. L.I.M.B. project- Cybermark is going into the Design and Prototyping phase. L.I.M.B. is working closely with the government on this project. It includes a normal edition as well as an Ultra and Private edition. Ultra is reserved for military and gov't, Private is reserved for IPB, military, and gov't. :twisted: Spec ops teams and a few others are being outfitted with the advanced ones. LIMB has begun producing special editions- the Cybermark Ultra. It includes a "Quickswap" function- once it detects consent from the user of the Cybermark, as well as a registered doctor and a LIMB surgeon, the device flips open, allowing the innards to quickly be swapped out for later models when they come out. The Ultra is secretly mandatory for those in the Spec Ops division, any reasonably high-ranking military person(ie, anybody who commands more than 5 men), as well as a few "Hardened" military divisions(they're in the standard military, but get the best equip and such), the Senate, the President(for whom it's kind of irrelevant), and decently important members of the government. The IPB has asked for a "Private" edition that takes out a bunch of the features of the original and Ultra models, in return for really, really good security. Currently using version 725.

158. T-2900 Tactical Assault Rifle- A relatively standard assault rifle, its rounds are what makes it extraordinary. It fires modified Smart Bullets. These new ones exist inside an extremely tough carbon nanotube skin, and include a superdense collection of morphmetal that allows for armor penetration. If the target is not killed on impact, the morphmetal will literally climb up, expanding as it goes, then slide into the mouth, ears, nose, any cuts, etcetera on the target, slowly suffocating and poisoning them. If the target had a gas mask or something on, the morphmetal will go into the intake and either block it up until the user is forced to take it off, or go inside, through the gas mask and into the person's lungs.

159. X-687 Sniper Rifle- A sniper rifle with two "modes"- Standard and Laser. They're used in quick succession to allow a bullet to follow a laser streak and punch through walls, armor, etc. Attached to a RedShift display that gathers information via heat, sound, known patterns, cameras, and nanoids(as well as much, much more), this weapon is a deadly killer.
160. Quantum Imaging Radar (QIR): Radar where fired photons are examined when they bounce back- stealth will destroy the photons’ quantum states, revealing the interference.
162. The Gamma-6 Peacebringer: A large robot that packs four ground-ground lasers, two shoulder mounted ground-air minimissile launchers, 16 shoulder mounted ground-ground minimissile launchers, dual miniguns, and a new(ish) weapon(I say ish because the prototype has been used before), the Typhoon. It also carries a modified X-687 and T-2900. It also carries a mobile death factory, and can release all manner of deadly gas and disease from small launchers. It can be programmed to release anything from tear gas to evil death-o-gas 5000.

163. Updates to the hacking defense of the infinnet(civilian internet), milinet(military internet), mobinet(mobile internet- ie, cell towers), and all other relevant connected things. Complete. Now moving on to speed. We already have some of the fastest speeds in the world, but we feel that hundreds of terabytes per second of cheap public wifi is not nearly sufficient.

164. Project Overlord: Creation of massive space-based "Platforms". Designed to rip enemy spaceships, asteroids, colonies, and satellites to shreds, the Overlord platforms will be a slightly larger Titan- except that the engines have been removed, and replaced with massive weapons.

165. Graviton research improvement- done multiple times, mostly as subprojects of graviton-utilizing techs.

166. The Direct Download Link. The DDL uses advanced ship and body sensors to determine the split second before somebody is about to die, and sends out a pulse containing everything about them so that Project Mental Transference can get it and send it to a clone from Project Vulcan. This is obviously superior to the previous situation, where one would wake up missing several weeks of memories. The previous issue has been with security, sensors, and sending fast enough.

168. Production- Drastically increasing space based production

169. FTL Warp drive, capable of reaching speeds many times greater than the speed of light. We have fully functioning and safe large and small drives, and have reached full speed potential of approximately twenty to twenty five c.

169. Project Interdiction: Recognizing that enemies of the Republic may be undergoing their own development of warp technology- or indeed may be finished with it- TR is developing anti-warp related technology- Interdictors. They will likely have limited range when first finished- Project Advancement will work on improving this. Method 1 uses regular warp engines, just with different areas of effect. Method 2 involves more... complicated measures, but is used in case an enemy ship's warp drive power is stronger than that of the anti-warp system in Method 1- since it relies on waves canceling each other out, Method 1 doesn't work if the opposing ship has a stronger/bigger warp wave. This rarely happens due to the advantages of building a stationary warp drive(which is how Method 1 would work), however it can happen if the enemy ship is nearly out of range, or simply possesses absolutely massive engines. Method 2 is believed to be more complicated- it involves denying enemy ships "normal" space which they would travel safely in, with expanding and contracting space on either end, but it can be advantageous in that if an enemy ship is able to stay in warp while Method 2 is in effect, it will likely be heavily damaged, as the ship itself will begin expanding and contracting.

170. Warp capable ARM craft

171. HFPE: The FCT, or Fleet Command Titan. A normal Titan in structure(normal titans can be converted to FCTs, and one of our three ones undergoing construction will be converted) with only minor visible differences, it offers improvements to weaponry(more, more powerful), better energy efficiency(can work faster after firing it's main weapon). It also includes a massive drone bay- complicated and designed to utilize every available cubic millimeter of space in the bay. Drones can shoot down missiles, fire large railgun projectiles, fire missiles, ram into enemy ships, go into "cold fire mode" in which all electronics are shut down- the only functional thing is a simplistic timing mechanism that turns systems back on a millisecond before the drone fires. During this time, superfreeze coolants work to cool down the materials almost instantly. Although the drones aren't impossible to detect, they're much more difficult to target and hit than other items on the battlefield, and may even be mistaken for starship debris. However, the drones are not the FCT's only improvement. The FCT is also designed with warp in mind- they're able to warp more efficiently and safely than normal titans. Lastly, the FCT hides a secret in it's very core- a massive command room, in which operators can take control of the entire fleet from afar(rather obviously, these connections are ridiculously well secured, and if possible require confirmation from pilots inside the other ship). Operators can initiate plans, give command to computers, or even launch one missile from one battery on one side of one ship in the fleet- all done quickly and easily.

172. The Bio-Missile:
A missile that uses an onboard Death Factory to concoct vicious mixtures of chemicals designed to kill. Each missile releases a different disease or chemical, making one cure impossible.

173. The Graviton Alpha, TR's newest air superiority fighter. Scramjet technology will permit the jet to go Mach 25 unmanned(Mach 11 manned). It will utilize a new technology called pinpoint plasma shielding, which will essentially allow the plane to note incoming projectiles and direct plasma towards it, using just enough to protect the jet. This allows for increased energy efficiency and speeds.The Graviton Alpha also contains, in addition to eighteen standard missile tubes(which can accommodate bio-missiles, standard missiles, HAL missiles, nukes, etc.), five modified tubes, which allow it to fit five Breaker class antimatter missiles. The Graviton Alpha also uses Mirror and ContraEMP anti-EMP tech, pinpoint EMP tech to disable enemy jets and missiles, two small graviton generators(combined they can curve a high power laser out of the way, individually they can slow or curve missiles and other projectiles), and invisibility tech. It's powered with onboard batteries and a small cold fusion generator, uses a superfreeze coolant that allows it to assume almost any low temperature for heat signature disguises over cold places. The Graviton Alpha also carries two FELs and two railguns.

174. Injection System Alpha
Classified materials, classification level 6.
Systems to extract skillsets from certain areas of a subject's Mental Transference backup, modify them to accurately fit another subject, then transferring the skillset from subject A to subject B.

175. Station Initiative: Design and construction of bases Alpha-One-Alpha in orbit around earth, Beta-Two-Alpha around Venus, Beta-Three-Alpha around Mars, and Beta-Four-Alpha around EMKII.

The first section designates power, priority, size, etc. Alpha bases are similar to Overlord stations, but larger to accommodate a big hangar and construction facilities, as well as defenses against ground attacks and anti-ground weapons that wouldn't be necessary on a base designed to float around near the asteroid belt like Overlord bases. For those who have forgotten, Overlord bases are titans with the engines replaced with large weapons. Beta versions are designed to be smaller than a Titan- though still formidable. (HFPE- Beta-Four-Alpha will be more expensive than the rest- we're attempting to fit Alpha level firepower into a Beta size shell./HFPE) This sort of step down in power continues for Charlie, Delta, Echo, and other base classifications. The second part denotes distance from the main colony in a solar system- in the case of these, Earth. The final section indicates the solar system. Alpha is Sol, Beta is Gliese, and Charlie is Alpha Centauri- more will be named as they become relevant, but we aren't building there quite yet.(HFPE- one(Beta-One-Beta) will be built alongside our holdings in Gliese when the Revenant and other ships arrive to check up on our installations there).
Edit- more description.
The bases are designed with four goals in mind. First, protection of the planet they orbit from external attack. Second, protection of nearby fleet resources from ground or external attack. Third, to provide a docking area for Fleet ships. Fourth, to provide new Fleet construction areas. We'll use design ideas from our new Spacedock designs for the third and fourth goals, and use Overlord designs for the first and second ones.

176. Statistician, HAL Infinity All that follows is classified at level 6. The Statistician is, perhaps, the ultimate computer- able to predict, in detail, the future. Unfortunately, an odd monitoring quirk means that data about nations other than TR is either impossible to access or gibberish. The gibberish is decodable, however decoding takes exactly as long as the prediction is far into the future(ie, if the prediction is going five years into the future, decoding the prediction will take five years). So, you might be saying, the Statistician is useless. But if one were to take the Statistician and ship it off to, oh, let's say Gliese, then Gliese would be able to have a highly accurate guess at what TR wants it to do. The Statistician is aided by data packets sent as things happen- these packets prevent any butterfly effects from getting too out of control. Additionally, to prevent catastrophic failures, TR keeps a copy of the sent Statistician at Earth, in the same conditions as the sent one. The one on Earth is "sped up" by the same amount of time as it takes for a ship to reach the colony in question- ie, if the colony is 10 years away by FTL travel, then the Earth based Statistician is sped up ten years. Thus if the Statistician relays some catastrophically incorrect data, the problem can be averted. You might say "But if it's sped up ten years, how would it get the same data as the one at the colony, which is getting regular data packets?" But here's where the perfect part is- the data packets take ten years to reach the colony too, whereas the sped up one gets them instantly. Thus the sped up Statistician gets the same information as the colonial one! :D
Obviously, as the Statistician has to account for literally trillions of data points, then make predictions as to how every single one of them affects every single other one, the machine requires gargantuan computing power. Despite widespread advances in computing fields as varied as chemical, quantum, and optical computing, TR computing expertise has not yet reached the level to allow for accurate predictions on this scale on any computer that isn't massive. Thus, in collaboration with the Statistician, we are working on the Hal Infinity- computing power that not only matches the requirements of the Statistician, but instead exceeds them.

177. A non dark matter graviton weapon. Useless against those who have research into gravitons, but useful against those who do, plus it gives us a starting point while we search for dark gravitons.

178. Graviton Acceleration- basically using gravity beams to latch on to large objects- pulling the user towards the object as opposed to the object moving towards you. This could be used in everything from jets to missiles.

179. HFPE: Cleansing Flames. Pt1 focuses on large, incredibly high temperature flames that give off toxic chemicals- essentially impossible to put out without special, highly restricted Republic chemicals. Pt2 focuses on atmospheric flaming- perhaps the ultimate last resort weapon.

182. HAL Infinity- see Statistician description.

183. HFPE: Supervirus. This computer virus gets onto a computer, then literally rips through and destroys the os and programs. However, it memorizes what it breaks, and replaces it with near identical copies-except the copies won't report the virus, and will do whatever else we tell them to. Usable for anything from rapid data extraction to long term operations. Long project, even with our high degree of knowledge in the field- it has to be done quickly and involves extremely in-depth examination and interpretation of code at lightning fast speeds.

184. Armic- Advanced carbon nanotube fabrics able to shrug off bullets or other weapons attacks with ease. Will likely cause bruising for wearers who are attacked, but if given a moment of warning nanoaugs can reinforce the area underneath the hit armic fabrics, avoiding bruising.

185. Long Range Tactical Command (LR-TaC) ship.
Designed primarily as a capital ship killer, the ship has two main purposes- coordinating a squadron of smaller ships to assist in its objective, and launching a variety of attacks designed to down defenses, destroy weapons emplacements, leave the ship dead in the water, remove the ship's power, destroy certain compartments, plant tracing devices, simply destroy the ship, or much, much more. The ideal combination of a pinpoint attack and brute force destruction.

The ships utilize a combination of:
Experimental graviton weaponry (one of the completed sub-projects of Big Crunch) to warp the structures of smaller ships or cause smaller, more localized damage on capital ships. They can also assist our rods, railguns, flak, etc. Additionally used as a defense.
High power lasers- partially gravity focused gamma lasers. Able to utilize some of good 'ol flederman's origin-obfuscation strategy with another ship to make telling where a laser came from difficult.
Defensive lasers.
High density, high efficiency, high maneuverability, high pinpoint-defense antimatter missiles.
Rod launchers
'Overclockable' coilguns/railguns. Normal power most of the time- however they can be made to pump extremely high power into a projectile. One use for that though. :P
Drone bay
Space flak. Controlled by gravity generators, space flak can either hang around the ship to reduce laser damage, or be launched at other ships at high speed.
Localized shielding. Experimental shielding that basically moves all plasma in the shield to one area to block a larger blow. The plasma is reinforced by gravitons. Otherwise, it will hang around the ship as a normal shield. This can also be used to deflect projectiles.
Random Maneuvers. To block computer projection of where the craft will be at a given moment, the computer will randomly move in a direction, then continue on the new path to its original destination. Can be turned off if speed is a necessity.
Anti-FTL capabilities as well as anti-FTL buoys.
HIGHLY experimental usage of our "Method 2" anti FTL against craft that are not in warp. Likely would destroy the ship if used, and it's unknown if it would actually work.
FTL of course.
HAL infinity and a Statistician for accurate predictions of when and where shots will be fired.
DIW Control- Uses gas canisters for propulsion/maneuvering even with complete power failure.

186. HFPE : Focused AntiCount Pulse Missile:
Missiles that use high power localized gravity fields to redirect enemy countermeasures. Powered by a tail power supply, these missiles are slower/heavier than normal, but they make up for it in countermeasure avoidance/near-guaranteed strike capabilities. Also used, if necessary, to guide the missile towards a target.

187. HFPE : Tombstone Class Graviton Combat Control Craft. Tombstone represents a new level of ocean based warfare. The Tombstone is the harbinger of a naval revolution, bringing the power of a fleet to one ship. Graviton Combat Control Craft are designed to launch arrays of sensors, detect enemy craft from thousands of miles away, coordinate with multiple fleets, guide missiles to HAL coordinated targets for highest efficiency destruction using onboard computers and/or graviton generation, launching VTOLs out of side panels to avoid an exposed flight deck, dropping underwater if necessary to avoid enemies- or get to them- or taking to the air to avoid obstructions using high lift flight tech that will be completely redesigned for the class.

188. Nutricube- Gel-type cubes able to fully fulfil a person’s nutritious requirements

189. HFPE: Projection- Accelerating particle streams. Primary focus is EM radiation, specifically gamma, however some spinoffs into more interesting particles(other bosons, perhaps for the IST Long Term Weapons Development Team as they work on our lovely Big Crunch).

190. Slowmo- Essentially the opposite of Projection. Rapid UV radiation deacceleration. Pulling back instead of pushing forward. Main focus atm is, of course, getting beams prepared for Containment. However, in the future, it's being considered as a HIGHLY experimental defense system.

191. Catapult- Imagine a warp railgun, except not really a railgun and only quasi-warp. Instead of utilizing warp bubbles that allow for easy course adjustment and the like, it's a warp 'lane' for lack of a better word. Imagine it as a highway with no exits, vs the slower country road with tons of roads branching off of it for 'normal' warp. Alpha Lane (Direct to Gliese), Beta Lane (Direct to Kepler 62), Charlie Lane (Direct to Alpha Centauri), and Delta Lane (Direct to Viper Center) are complete.

192. Containment- Capturing tracked beams we've launched and putting them into a holding pattern. If possible, energy will be added, but for now, it's essentially getting a bullet into a long chamber it can go around while maintaining its speed. Obviously no mean feat. This is going along with another long term tech.

193. HFPE : Gravitational Wobble Detection/Avoidance Systems:
Developing and utilizing new, highly sensitive and focused gravity field sensors to detect 'wobbles' of types/frequencies that could represent missiles, bombs, jets, ships, spacecraft, etc. Part two involves guarding our technology from emitting such wobbles, making them effectively invisible to similar sensors.

194. Republic Impact Pod:
Drawing on designs from ancient impact pods designed to hit stuff or be thrown towards the sun for fun, the Republic Impact Pod will be a complete redesign of the pod that currently is also known as the Republic Impact Pod. Designed for completely cushioning pilots, absorbing energy from the impact, and goods delivery, mission specific designs can also include amenities such as full monitoring and recon camp setup, fully self sufficient living for several months, HFPE: enemy ship or structure boarding and destruction /HFPE, and more. The Republic Impact Pod represents a new generation of trade and landings outside of Earth.

195. GravDock: Spacedocks with new tech. New weapons systems and upgraded designs, but also graviton generators to move, dock, and avoid ships. They also have brand new ship creating tools that will be created alongside the GravDock- basically a major update to the Creator to improve speed, material compatibility, etc.

196. USS MK4 - Soldier suits updated with brand new tech. Not a massive update as USS MK3 updated most of the major stuff. Will improve speed, durability, weight, energy consumption, weapons compatibility and max load, and more.

197. MFA Speeders - Updates to PRO/DAS speeders, essentially taking the base design, removing everything else, improving the base design, then giving up and replacing it with a better design. Will include minimissiles, graviton, shielding, active camo, morphmetal, and much more. It will also be highly modular, allowing easy repairs and easy changes for specific missions - removing the requirement for over a dozen models that PRO/DAS speeders had.

198. HFPE: Rapid Assertion: Extremely fast and efficient automated city construction. Drop a specialized cBot (a Freefall drone modified for Assertion), and the bot will immediately mine, creating a central city core, then begin developing the center of the city and working outwards. Within days, a silent metropolis looms over the surrounding landscape. Includes plasma shielding, generators, computer banks, military installations, robots, and more!

199. Scale Up: Vastly scaling up graviton range and power without requiring massive systems/requiring them only for massively high power scenarios.

200. Impact Initiative: Development of Nomad, Æsir, and more (Missile/Torpedo/Bomb variants, including advanced anti air, anti ship, anti satellite, anti city, anti bunker, anti-countermeasure, etc.)
Partial list (HFPE obviously):
Nomad: Zero emissions, designed as a gravity guided space stealth missile.
Æsir: Advanced high speed anti-air missile, able to use graviton acceleration to lock on to jets, gravitons to deflect countermeasures, and advanced shaped explosives which could be used to destroy a jet even without a direct impact. Certain models carry Breaker technology.
Longshot: Anti-Satellite missile, similar technology to the Æsir.
Harbinger: Long range space kinetic kill weapon, designed to be launched via railgun, lock on to a target, and, once close enough to avoid countermeasures, use graviton acceleration and a shaped antimatter charge to accelerate to high speeds mere moments before slamming into an enemy ship.
Phalanx: Long range intercontinental quasi-ballistic missile, designed to be fired at cities. Payloads range from conventional to antimatter to nuclear to biological, depending on how irritated we're feeling that day.
Scourge: Ship disabler, designed to get close to a target (breaching shields via Breaker) and launching antimatter-pumped EMPs into critical points including engines, power generators, weapons, computer banks, command rooms, control rooms, maintenance rooms, etcetera, using insanely powerful EMPs developed with PEMP and Breaker to rip through enemy EMP countermeasures.
Inferno: Sensor blinders, both in-atmosphere and in space. Massive, dazzling explosions, outbreaks of Cleansing Flames, and emissions of radio waves, visible light, infrared, microwaves, gamma waves, UV light, and more are designed to completely overload sensors- especially ones designed to be highly sensitive to even the smallest amount of heat and light in space. :twisted:
Damnation: Typically variable-payload space based anti-ship missiles. Not too much exciting, aside from extremely advanced and precisely engineered explosives, high speed state-of-the-art coilgun firing mechanism, and incredibly efficient variable-speed engines which fire only at the beginning and end of flight, for maximum speed and countermeasure avoidance.
Alcatraz: Our newest EMP missile - varieties for air, ground, sea, space, etc.
Vector: Our gravity missile (awaiting scale up completion) - varieties for air, ground, sea, space, etc.
Topaz: Tactical battlefield missile, designed for large unit (tank or above) elimination.
Ruby: Tactical battlefield missile, designed for personnel elimination.
More when I get around to listing them.

201. XNA Development: Identification and development of the ideal XNA in terms of strength, replication accuracy, information capacity, stability, modification ease, level of difference from typical DNA/RNA, and more. Going into use in Fulmenes, some virus production, and some other genetic experiments (human and otherwise).

202. Project Fulmenes: Development of a new breed of Republic shock troops. HFPE: Some fantastic genetic alterations, plus rapid growth and training.

203. Field Manipulation: Boson field manipulations(quantum field theory) and similar stuff. (Continuous project with multiple child projects, used in several ways in Containment, both to improve containment and to inject power/re-lens beams to improve stability.

204. Suit Five: a more expensive variant of USS MK4, designed for the ones who want immortality.

205. Scale Up: Using new experimental data to vastly scale up graviton range and power without requiring massive systems/requiring them only for massively high power scenarios.

206. Shield Revamp: The Republic is initiating the Shield System's third major update since the beginning of its life. Upgrades will improve power efficiency, power, directed assistance for volleys, enhanced partial on capabilities, graviton assistance, emergency drop systems, emergency plasma avoidance systems, newer weapons, better communication tech with the rest of TR's infrastructure, anti-Breaker technology, and more! HFPE: Station, Fortress, Warship, Courier, Continent, Luna, Siege, and other assorted minor shields complete, undergoing Advancement updates. World class colonial shield structures under theoretical beta development.

207. HFPE: Omnibot (Formerly "Fisherman Updates"): Our already incredibly advanced nanobots will now also include: Minor gravitational manipulation, protein denaturing equipment, scanning technology, better transmitters, cell and tissue disguises, and more.

208. HFPE: Karcharo and Ichthyo: The pride and joy of our Genesis team.

209. Elevate Beyond: Building on the side projects of our previous ninety eight and a half years of research into tall buildings (SEE: Elevation, Sky Tower) to build a taller tower. Current statistics on height are classified, but word has come down that HACTAR and HACTAR V2's primary databanks have been commissioned to work at 90% capacity until primary designs have been found. A hastily put together HAL Infinity bank has been assisting from the sidelines. Though scientists are unsure, some say that this may imply the largest computational involvement in design... ever. Designers from the Shield Revamp have been moved to discuss how to integrate the structure with the shield, discussing an elegant spiral of plasma slowly spinning with the tower. Complete. TR now boasts the worlds tallest ground-based building. HFPE: The top portion of the tower has an elevator-like internal tower which can raise the top portion higher in the event of a taller tower.

210. Mask: essentially "perfect" cloaking to light/heat/electricity/etc (though not physical events). Field Manipulation Child Project.

211. Eagle Vision: Long range detection of large scale field fluctuations (ie objects, ships, signals, lasers, etc.) Medium term, long-term includes warp detection. Includes non-destructive detection of photon polarization. Project also involves development of extremely small space-based swarm detectors which coordinate with themselves and larger base arrays. Field Manipulation Child Project, additional development ongoing.

212. Solar Flight. Collaboration project with Pacifica/URMA. Upgrading sublight drives and development of extremely high speed mass drivers, allowing ships to reach warp-capable space sooner. Additional research (in collaboration with Valkyrie Steel) is ongoing in TR.

213. Valkyrie Steel: A combined railgun/graviton/explosion/rocket accelerated kinetic energy weapon. Projectiles and Valkyrie Steel models can be altered in terms of size and speed to complete variable objectives. Massive space based Valkyrie Steel weapons will fire massive Breaker-equipped projectiles at close range to eliminate an enemy starship's shields, following up with heavy antimatter-laden projectiles. Smaller Valkyrie Steel weapons could be modified to deliver a nanobot package to a courier ship unnoticed. Initial models complete after 51 years! Project-specific advancement still ongoing with a focused Advancement team, and will be for several centuries.


And probably a few I missed :oops:

Research time decreasers:
Tech Suite 2
[email protected]
SMART traffic

Advancement: Ongoing. Improving, well, everything. From jets to tanks to ships to weapons, this makes them more efficient, less likely to jam up, faster, better, etcetera. Advancement is now a project-specific overproject. After a new project is deemed -complete-, it is sent to the Advancement team, which begins improving it-

Zap Enhancement- Ongoing

Cybermark Dev- Ongoing

Satellite imagery enhancement- ongoing.

InfinChip Ongoing

Project Little Bang: A project that involves recreating the effects of the Big Bang on a miniature scale. Ongoing. CODE: MBB(Mini Big Bang)

Project SMART- Ongoing development of military systems such as the Milinet(Military Internet), SMART Satellites, SMART Drones, etc.

HAL Systems: Supercomputers
Current model: HAL Infinity
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Technologies Continued

Postby chrisman39 » 05 Nov 2011, 01:07

214. PPDC (Public Project, Details Classified): Overthrow: Our space fleet redesign for this century. Design complete (following 53 years of work)
Includes the following ship classes:

Support Class (this was edited from original as I changed classifications of several classes from Assault to Support to more accurately describe their abilities)

  • Absolution-Class Weapons Interceptor: The Absolution class uses massive gravity beams and long range lasers designed specifically to redirect and destroy missiles, kinetic kill weapons, and, in certain circumstances, lasers. Because the Absolution class is designed to sit in the middle of the field of battle, it utilizes three massive shields, (designed, like our other Shield Revamp shields, to be able to avoid flaws exploited by traditional anti-shield missiles using Breaker technology among others) heavy armor, and large amounts of redundancy. The Absolution class also has two anti-ship lasers and 32 Harbinger class missiles, however it is not designed to act as an offensive ship.
  • Pulsar-Class Fleet Rally Point: The Pulsar class is designed to provide rapid support, resupply, repair, and refueling capabilities in the middle of combat. It provides a rallying point for large ships, and acts as a dock for smaller ships. It carries a large variety of resupply ships, courier craft, and repair craft. Its main purpose is to rapidly return crippled ships to combat readiness. The Pulsar class protects damaged ships with a dual array of shields, plus several Guardian class projection ships (see below). Pulsar class ships are typically heavily guarded, and boast their own heavy array of lasers, missiles, and drones.
  • Guardian-Class Projection Ships: The Guardian class is designed as a remote support class, projecting heavy shielding around another ship to temporarily protect it while repairs are made or the ship escapes into warp. As a smaller ship projecting a large and relatively stable shield, the Guardian class has little room for its own weaponry, and thus is primarily limited to relying on fleet support and its heavy shields for protection.
  • Ark-Class Hospital Ships: The Ark class is the Republic's hospital ship. The Ark class is designed to provide support and care for up to 76,000 patients at a time. Utilizes nanobots, cryosleep, death factory (the elements which build diseases designed to cure people), PADU, L.I.M.B. work, nutricube, and as a last resort, DDL + cloning (the Ark class carries massive cloning bays to rapidly produce clones for critical patients. The Ark class has large repair ports, plus several external tractor beams designed to bring crippled ships into the ship. It also has several medical skiffs designed to head towards damaged ships at high speed to recover patients. The Ark class does carry heavy shielding plus armor and EMP prevention. However, the ships do not carry external weapons- though onboard security does have handheld weapons to prevent piracy. Obviously we are asking the international community to not damage these ships, which are painted matte white, carry white shields, and have a vertical and horizontal red stripe around them (basically a red cross that goes around the entire ship).
  • Evangelion-Class Repair Ships: The Evangelion class is designed to provide replacement materials to damaged ships, and to secure and patch major holes in the hull. The Evangelion class is also used to temporarily repair engines enough for ships to get to a Pulsar class Fleet Rally Point. Evangelion ships are able to repair extremely major damage for short periods of time, though for long term repairs they are limited to smaller factors. Most carry large amounts of a variant of morphmetal designed to easily and intelligently patch hulls.
  • Mule-Class Tug: The Mule class is designed to move disabled ships out of the line of battle and to a point where the ship can either be repaired, or survivors can be removed. The Mule class can either act as a physical tug with heavily amplified Scale Up class tractor beams, or it can act as a mini Catapult rail, launching disabled ships into 3-4c warp before following with its own regular warp drive.
  • Siege-Class Interdictors: The Siege class is a large, primarily immobile (typically transported by Mule class tugs it carries) ship designed to deny enemies access to movement- either in normal space or warp space. Utilizing four separate massive cylinders which make up the ship's core, Siege class ships access two backups of two types of anti-warp methods, able to keep an enemy ship grounded to normal space even at long range. In normal space, four additional outlying cylinders contain massive Scale-Up style gravity generators, able to keep ships- and any weapons they attempt to fire- trapped, or simply rip them apart. The Siege ships themselves are built like fortresses, with three massive, heavily reinforced shields and incredibly heavy armor which contributes to its immobility. The Siege class is not offenseless, however. It carries a standard arrangement of 128 missile tubes. The typical arrangement is 48 Harbinger class Kinetic Kill weapons, 16 Nomad class stealth missiles, 32 Scourge class ship disablers, and 32 Inferno class sensor blinders to further immobilize targets. It also carries an array of smaller ships, including a bay of Oracle class boarding ships (see below for details) carrying dedicated Star battalion squads.
  • Boar-Class Hauler: The Boar class is designed for long and short distance hauling, carrying monstrously huge cargoes across the cosmos at high speed.
  • Cryos-Class Mass Transport: The Cryos class is designed to haul people- lots of people. Can be modified for either military or civilian usage, and models range from relatively small cruisers to behemoths which dwarf dreadnoughts. Obviously price and rarity increases proportionally to size.

Assault Class
  • Tempest-Class Ship of the Line: The Tempest class is a massive ship designed primarily for missile and kinetic weapon battles, leaving graviton and laser weaponry for close-range interception. It carries a 150 missile tube Damnation broadside, plus a 100 missile Nomad broadside, 50 missile Scourge broadside, and 50 missile Inferno broadside. It carries a dual shield primary layer, a localized pinpoint shield, and a backup shield, able to activate within milliseconds of a primary shield failure. Will carry two Capital class Valkyrie Steel units, plus sixteen Support class Valkyrie Steel units, designed for midsized craft destruction.
  • Cyclops-Class Mid Range Engagement (MRE) Ship: The Cyclops class has a primary broadside of 32 high power gamma ray lasers (which will be upgraded to Cee-Vee lasers once complete). They're able to deliver devastating amounts of power from mid-range, supported by ranged ships such as the Tempest
  • Oracle-Class Boarding Ship: The Oracle class is a boarding ship. It is uncloaked, and protected by 1 shield and 1 pinpoint shield. It carries a variety of Scourge, Inferno, and Damnation missiles. The ship seals onto an enemy ship's hull after using Breaker-equipped Damnation missiles to break an enemy ship's shield, then cuts through the hull, the infiltration team enters, and the hole is resealed.
  • Jaguar-Class Covert Boarding Ship: The Jaguar class uses Silence and Mask as well as Gravitational Wobble Detection/Avoidance and Superfreeze to provide effective space-based cloaking. The Jaguar class sacrifices defensive capabilities (aside from relatively heavy armor) for stealth. Otherwise it operates similarly to Oracle class ships, except in direct operation.
  • Venatrix-Class Covert Operations Craft: The Venatrix class is used by the Republic's Special Operations Department, and is internally used by every group from SHARK to SET and beyond. It utilizes extremely variable payloads, defenses, etc. depending on its crew and mission. Typically it has multiple pinpoint shields as well as Mask, Silence, Graviton Wobble Avoidance tech, Superfreeze, etcetera.
  • Brutix-Class Fire Ship: The Brutix class is designed purely to absorb and deal incredible amounts of damage in a short period of time. Its main claim to defense is... not having much to break, really. Aside from that, the ship carries four extremely heavy Siege class shields, dozens of pinpoint shields, as well as multiple Valkyrie Steel weapons, Cee-Vee lasers, Eclipse weapons, and the like. Inside, the 'ship' is essentially made of armor, carrying only emergency repair drones and hundreds of micro-computers for targeting and control solutions. If half the ship was simply swept away by enemy weapons, the other half would simply keep firing.
  • Arcturus-Class Individual Combat Craft: The Arcturus class is primarily designed to face vast enemy fleets without local backup - either covering a retreat, holding out for reinforcements, or simply dealing massive amounts of damage. The Guardian of the Bear is extremely advanced, and proportionally expensive.

215. Solar Flight: Upgrading sublight/intra-solar drives and development of extremely high speed mass drivers. Formerly a collaboration with Pacifica/URMA, later advanced independently by TR.

216. FM Child Project: Violation: Laser destruction and scattering. Very long term due to speed. A shorter mini-initiative involves laser anti-lasers, designed to destroy enemy lasers via electromagnetic cascade. Both are complete.

217. FM Child Project: HFPE: Compact Gravitationally-Lensed VHE Gamma Ray Laser (CGLVGR, Cee-Vee for short): Development of extremely short range Scale-Up style gravity power designed to accurately lens a high power VHE Gamma Ray Laser, one most likely triggered by high power explosions plus stored power due to high energy constraints. Design of laser included.

218. Steamroller: Further rapid development of high power, high volume, high efficiency, and high speed space and ground based industry to further cement TR's status as an industrial superpower. Results are solidifying in TR's economy. Production is cheaper, faster, and higher quality!

219. HFPE: Valence Initiative: Development and construction of high power stations, sensor networks, guns, warp deniers, graviton sensors, FM sensors (via Eagle Vision once it finishes) and ports on the edge of colonized solar systems (including Sol) designed to deny entry to large enemy fleets. Primarily for our colonies for... obvious reasons.

220. Valiance Suit: Our high class version of our highest-class suit, the USS MKV. The Valiance Suit utilizes Mask, Graviton Wobble Avoidance, and Time Cloaking, amongst other technologies, to avoid detection. Graviton Acceleration-and backup microjets- allow for silent movement and hovering. Defenses include complete graviton fields, pinpoint graviton interception, PEMP tech, microlaser interception, minimissile interception, pinpoint shields, and even an emergency full heavy-duty personal shield. Offensively, larger lasers, minimissiles, graviton manipulation, miniature coilguns, accelerated chainguns, Death Factory units, nanobots, and more allow operators to easily eliminate much larger enemy units. Ed. Eagle Vision, Violation, and Micro-Cee-Vee added.

221. Kerion- Our newest default soldier kit - the boring version of Valiance

222. Alteration-Uses nanobots, Subjugation, etc. to revert a targeted individual to any developmental stage - ie turning someone into an alzheimer's ridden centenarian, toddler, angsty teen, etc.

Current Projects

Field Manipulation child projects: FM currently has extremely low range, large equipment requirements, and high energy use, so these will be sort of long-ish to fix that- these all have a combined sub project to fix those issues. All of the below are HFPE.

  • Silence: Removing spacecraft particle emissions which make detection possible. Very long-term.

Chariot: Investigating extremely high speed interstellar travel variants to combat the apparent 100c limit of space-time expansion for Republic techniques encountered in Catapult/Mobile Catapult. Looong term. Essentially starting from scratch. (obviously nobody else has to abide by this 100c limit, I just got bored with incremental growth on the same method so I'd like to make something new with different limitations/uses). 23 in.

Collaborations (Collaborations are not included in official project counts):

  • None
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Postby chrisman39 » 05 Nov 2011, 04:02

The Grand Army of the Republic:

Senior Ranks:
Ground Marshal: Holds general command of all forces under the employment of the Grand Army of the Republic. More specifically, typically the Ground Marshal assumes control from the System General of the system in which he or she is located.
System General of the Army: Commands all forces of the Grand Army of the Republic in a solar system.
Regional General of the Army: Commands all forces in a certain geographic region during peacetime. During wartime, a Regional General typically controls all forces involved with a single campaign in the war.

6,000,000, with up to another 12 million trained militia available for draft, alongside basic school military training:

Stan Ops:
Standard Soldiers: 3,000,000
Terra Battalion(Elite Defense): 1,000,000
Echo Battalion(Elite Foreign Heavy Assault):1,500,000
Wolf Battalion (Elite Heavy Assault): 50,000 with others requisitioned on an as-needed basis from the Air-Force and Navy(All MSS'd)

Tac Ops:(MSSing depends on mission)
SHARK(Special Heavy Attack and Recon Kommandos: The best of the best of the best): 115
Zang Battalion (Elite Special Forces):10,000
Slice Battalion (Really Elite Special Forces, with the latest and greatest equip): 1,000
SET (Silent Engagement Troops: Elite covert operations, especially assassinations): 300
Tango Battalion(Elite Special Infiltration):4,000
Bravo Battalion(Elite Special Naval Forces):100,000
Special Defense (Bodyguards for officials): 50,000

High Ops:
Officers: 50,000
Commanders: 5(Naval, Ground, Air, General, and Space)
High Commanders: 3(Tac Ops, High Ops, Up Ops)

50,000 Terminator Class Heavy Combat Robots
5,500,000 LCRs
3,500,000 MCRs
1,500,000 HCRs
150,000 YVH-M(YVH-Modular)
Raptor Group:
500, CC1 billion robots, Heavy YVH-Ms.


All MSS'd
1,000 Mattopian Mk II Repulsor APC's
100 Mattopian Mk II Repulsor Tanks
4,000-A-41 Snowskimmers
40,000- Armed Humvees
9,000-M870 Aurora Light Tanks
1,000-PT-76 Light Tanks
100-M60A1 AVLB bridge layers
1,000- M104 Icebreaker Flame Tanks
3,000-HZ-150 Heavy Tank
1,000- Nuclear Contamination Reconnaissance Vehicle
3,000- Heavy Infantry Carrier Vehicles
500-Mortar Carrier Vehicles
500- Command Vehicles
5000- Medical Evacuation Vehicles
2,000- Guided Missile Vehicles
122 GigantoTank(a ground mini XRS)

From Sybus:
50 ATATs
25 Enemity tanks
3 dreadnoughts
3 Frigates
3 Sharpshooters
2 bombardiers
100 bombers

1000 APC+
1000 ATAT V3s
1000 Emnity Heavy Tanks
1000 Flare H's
1000 Grindstone units
200 Battle Helicopter v3
200 Heron Transport copter
200 Assault copter
50 Avenger+ units
500 Spitfires
100 Enforcers
100 Shriekers
10 Imperators
10 Corsairs
10 Hunters
5 Battery Carriers
1 of them new fangled citadels with no crew quarters, one control room(~10-15 people) and food/bunk room for them
10 Titans
In Production/Research:

Continental Shield system-99.999%
City Shield System-99.9999%
AA system-60%
Sybus anti-missile system-90%
1500 Original Mini-Decs- work on anything electronic-90%
1500 Mini-Decs- work on missiles and other WMDs-90%?
NYE Missile Interception System-90%
HAAS network-93%
SMART network-98%
EMP System(Ninja)-95%
Current chances- Optimal:
7/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 missiles may get through.

AMP(Altanian Missile Program)

HFPE: 3,000 active, 600 inactive nuclear ICQBMs, 3,000 active, 3,000 inactive Tactical nukes, 2,500 active, 8,100 inactive Mininukes
Of all, half MSS'd(smaller than BFM's though)

Ambivalent Earth-Air and Space Interceptor HSUMD(High Speed Unpowered Missile Destroyers[basically a huge amount of giant missile shaped pieces of lead and steel. Hundreds at a time are launched at incoming missiles- at least one is almost certainly going to hit])
300,844,050 HSUMDs in stock

Rambo Earth-Space Interceptor Missiles(Missiles that seek the visual profile, heat signature, sound signature, etc. of an incoming missile and move to destroy it. More advanced models will lock on, drill and destroy the engine, block all signals, and drop off the missile at an empty facility in an out of the way island for later disarming and study.
1,200,900 basic Rambos are in stock
900,000 advanced Rambos are in stock

A new project, known only as the BFM(HFPE: Big Fat Missile) that is believed to be shielded. :twisted:
5,700 in stock

Uberizingly HFPE:
Another new project, known as the InvisiMissile is working on further enhancing the DMM
Ongoing. Current Cost: CC20,000,000,000. Lasts indefinitely.
5 in stock/Uberizingly HFPE

The Altanian Airforce:
Crew and Support Staff: 46,000

10,000 Overall
About half MSS'd

5,500 fighters:
3,500-Delta 4's
2,000 Delta 4 MKII's

500 bombers:

150 Fortress Class Heavy Assault Ships:
150-XRS Flying Fortresses

5,000 Space/Air medium assault:
3,500 Delta 5's
1,500 Delta 5 MKII's

5 Space Air Heavy Dark Matter Shielded Assault(SAHDMS)(SAD)
5 Gamma-7

5,000 Stegosaurus class heavy transport(Giant repulsor transports. Lift of 100 tons. Can carry 1,000 men, 100 tanks, or a combination of that. Speed of around 300 mph)

750 Helicopters
400 Endurance Class Assault helicopters
350 Imperial Class Transport helicopters

Speeders: 5000
CODE: PRO/DAS NV(Normal Version):1500

PRO/DAS LR(Long Ranging):500

PRO/DAS MS(Medium Shielding):250

PRO/DAS HS(Heavily Shielded):200

PRO/DAS LS(LaserShooter):500

PRO/DAS AG/A M(Air Ground/Air Missiler):1350

PRO/DAS DD(DareDevil):150

PRO/DAS NWLS(Nuclear Weaponry Launch System):300

PRO/DAS BB(BioBomber): 250

In-Air Refuelers:
950- Longevity Class

Delta 4's
The Delta 4 is possibly Altania's greatest ever achievement. With a brass tacks rotor similar to a helicopter's installed in the wings, triple jet engines, EMP resistant equipment, 20 missile tubes, unmanned RC capability, high hypersonic speeds of up to Mach 12 unmanned and Mach 8 manned, 8 high caliber machine guns with brass tacks bullets, capacity for 5 bombs, wings that can flip 90 degrees and fold back against the fuselage, armored with a rare, expensive, and nearly impenetrable compound of organomolybdenum, tungsten, brass tacks metal, and rhenium, uses Shepherd technology to jam targeting and tracking systems, Darts technology(along with MAA back ups) for precise hits every time, and portable Adjudicator supercomputers. It is powered by a miniaturized nuclear generator, able to carry 80 Ambivalent class anti-missiles, designed with an invisibility generator that could potentially last half an hour, this jet will perhaps be the toughest jet out there.

The Delta 3 is for foreign government military use, and is the same as the 4 except that it has double engines, no RC capability, 6 high caliber machine guns, speeds of up to Mach 6, a 4 bomb capacity, a brass tacks and tungsten compound for armor, no Darts technology(just MAA), no Adjudicator, 40 Ambivalent stock, 14 missile tubes, and no invisibility generator.

The Delta 2 is for foreign diplomatic service. It is the same as the Delta 3, except without the missile tubes, bombs, and machine guns.

The Delta 1 is used for Altanian diplomatic service. The Delta 1 is the same as the 4, except without missiles, bombs, darts tech, and machine guns.

The Delta is for civilian use. It is the same as the Delta 2, except without the Ambivalents, with standard armor, and it only reaches speeds of up to Mach 3. It also does not include the Shepherd. It is the first mass produced civilian aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound.

The Delta 5 is designed to be a heavily militarized stealth spacecraft.
It is the same as the Delta 4, except larger, with 4 railguns, 30 missile tubes, cold fusion technology(to greatly reduce heat emissions), a highly advanced superfluid heat sink, a reusable heat shield, a longer lasting invisibility generator, no rotors, and standard air fighter capabilities.

TRSC: The Republic Space Command
Under High Admiral Augustus

Size: 201,750 crew and support

2 Space Cannons- Launches stuff into space...

3 Sunspots

Dreadnought Class spaceships:
TRSC Stellar Emperor IP Flagship
TRSC Bastion MKIVSpheroid Guard Duty
TRSC Novus Initium MKIV Spheroid Guard Duty- Rank 2
TRSC Firebird MKIII Military Duty/Mine Laying
TRSC Oliphaunt MKIII Military Duty/Mine Laying
TRSC Berserker MKIII Missing, presumed destroyed.
TRSC Expeditious MC Oort Cloud
TRSC Dynamo MC Oort Cloud
TRSC Planetoid MKIV Orbital Duty
TRSC Comet MKIV Orbital Duty
TRSC Terra MKIV Orbital Duty
TRSC Flyby MKIV Orbital Duty
TRSC Detonator MKIV Orbital Duty
TRSC Mistaken Identity MC Earth-Mars
TRSC Rambo MKIV Earth-Mars
TRSC Astronomer MKIV Earth-Mars
TRSC Waterfall MKIV Patrol
TRSC Tectonic MKIV Patrol
TRSC Terius MKIV Patrol
TRSC Taurus MKIV Patrol
4 Dreadnought Mark Vs- I will name these later. :oops:

Out of system:
MAA Intrepid MC
ASC Phoenix MKIV
ASC Asteroid MKIV RC
MAA Superiority MKIV
ASC Ridiculous MC RC
ASC Dragon SSB
ASC Longshot MKIV
ASC Emblem NS
ASC Madman SSB
ASC Ares MKIV Modified, Ares class
ASC Incident MKIV Modified, Ares class
ASC Roger MC
ASC Rapport AT
ASC Finality SE
ASC Causality SE
ASC Event Horizon SE
ASC Destruction SE
ASC Canis Majoris Red Giant
ASC Pegasi Red Giant
GMAA Lucifer GCD
GMAA Artisan GCD
GMAA Advancer GCD
GMAA Airborne AT
GMAA Erilius GCD
GMAA Artemis MAT

MKIV-Large: Similar to the MKIII, but with more focus on missiles. It includes a hundred fifty missile max broadside, and various improved missile defenses. Also includes waterfall units...
MKIV-Small: Similar to the MKIV Large, but with a hundred missile broadside.

The MKII is the updated, latest and greatest improvement that has fixed some of the more obvious faults in the earlier MKI version of the Dreadnought class. It included the neglected extremely high intensity lasers, a 4 coil gun arrangement, a full array of various kinetic projectiles, and carries several of the latest space variety SMART systems, guided by the onboard HAL. Maneuverability and speed have been greatly increased, and onboard personnel requirements have been reduced to just 400. The MKII is also much better equipped, and indeed designed, to engage at long ranges, where its HAL systems can easily guess where a target will be when the projectile gets there. The HAL is also designed to create highly randomized evasive maneuvers. The MKII also carries a full complement of fully automated, "Missile busses", which carry small railguns and large numbers of missiles and anti-missile lasers.

SE: Space Earth

Layered Hull MKIII
Same as MKII, but with a layered hull that greatly increases damage control and resistance. Uses a very compartmentalized design, and can separate into two mostly equal sections. Uses the new HAL systems, a bigger version of the ACES/MAA drive, more missile busses, a full complement of SMART anti satellite missiles, hacking teams, etc.

AT: Armed transport(MKIV, but carries a bunch)

MAT: Modified AT: GCD modified to carry a bunch

SSB: Shielded suicide bomber

NS: Needleship

TPS(Terran Pact Ships): The ships run on a nuclear generator, with a back up storage battery that would keep them running for the better part of the year. They're armored with an PSS(portable shield), and 10 mini laser clusters. They utilize a new interplanetary drive that takes them up to speeds of 75 miles/second. Their armament includes two coilguns, 30 missile chutes, and 5 high power lasers.

MTPS(Modified TPS): Armored with a regular shield, and utilizes better imaging/scanning technology, as well as 2 extremely high power grasers and two lasers. Slightly bigger than the regulars.

GCD: Graser class Dreadnought. High speeds, both interplanetary and interstellar. Large graser armament. Very good imaging tech. All other specification- Highly Classified.

The MC Class Dreadnought is less than half the size of the regular Dreadnought, but, thanks to automation and miniaturization, maintains most of the weapons systems and uses the new ACES/MAA Space drive. It can reach Mars at its average distance from Earth in under a month, with its speed of 55 miles/second

Sol Class ships(more info to be added):
White Dwarf- Missile carriers- 800 in service
Main Sequence- Standard ships- 50 in service
Red Giants- Utilizes Aurelian armor and Fisherman technology copiously- 5 in service

Uber quadradupaly HFPE:
The cylindrical Imperial Class, which eventually led to the Dreadnought class, was originally designed to be the ultimate fallback ship, ensuring Altanian space superiority. The result was a supership that was insanely expensive and powerful enough to annihilate life on Earth. Due to fears of crews going mad and destroying life, the design was shelved until it was picked up recently and had several safeguards added in and new techs integrated. It uses a quintuple layer shield, mininukes, cloaking tech, spacefaring nanobots, Sheperd, a modification to landfall that involves mini "factories" on the hull that replace burnt out generators and hull sections, HAL, SMART, Cold Fusion, EMPs, Goopguns, HAAS Space, reactive hulls, PDMs, neutron missiles, majority kinetic advancement tech, original Mini-DECCOITs, Rambos, BFMs, the 5 DMMs, our limited antimatter stock, some Terra 2s, plenty of coilguns, a new space drive, the space sensor balls, which can fan out as a net miles long and high to prevent stealth in space, the crew wears a form fitting reactive spacesuit, there is a triple hull, with one made of boron to block lasers, fully compartmentalized design with light but strong bulkheads, redundant systems, capability to separate into more than 10 separate sections, more to come.

20,000 MTPS'
2,000 TPS'
94,000 Cardinal Class sluglaunchers
1,250 Military Spec Ops Astronauts
Star Battalion: 600 heavy assault astronauts with heavy armor and special weapons
Laika Battalion: 400 specialist military astronauts
The Hunters- Long Range Search and Destroy Drones(drones with a bunch of missiles that search for a certain thing, then launch missiles at it. Heavily armored and shielded) 12,944 MKIIs completed.
1 Arius Class supersatellite.

Rabble Drones(bigger versions of the Hunters with full HAL units)
68,470 completed.

500,000 sensor balls

13,000 T-Class Thors
13,000 H-Class Thors
19,500 C-Class Thors
7,000 D-Class Ares'
8,500 T-Class Mars'
16,500 H-Class Mars'
70,000 C-Class Mars'
3,000 T class Devastators

MAA Anti Aircraft Batteries
57,000 men, 12,900 batteries

MAA SMART Network:
67,000 SMART HTAM(HAL Targeted Anti-Missile Stations)
82,000 SMART HGUD(HAL Guided Unmanned Drones)
37,400 SMART PGUD(Personnel Guided Unmanned Drones)
112,200 SMART HTASM(HAL Targeted Anti-Satellite Missile Stations)
49,990 SMART HGLS(HAL Guided Laser Stations)
37,710 SMART PGLS(Personnel Guided Laser Stations)
192,009 SMART HCSAC(HAL Cyber Systems Analysis and Cracking)
50,804 SMART HGCD(HAL Guided Chopper Drones)
1602 SMART PGUSSII(Personnel Guided USS 2)
3400 PGHCS(Personnel Guided Holy Cr** Suit)
4000 HGHCS(HAL Guided Holy Cr** Suit)

Military/Special Forces:
1) The helmet allows the soldier to see computer generated information such as the location of friends or enemies, battle plans, orders, and even to "tap into" video cameras on other soldiers, UAVs, or spy satellites. The display also uses night and thermal vision, allowing soldiers to hit enemies in pitch darkness.

2) The wearers breath through a filter that removes chemical and biological weapons. If they cannot be removed, the soldier can breath from a small oxygen supply built into their uniform.

3) The uniform of the soldier is be the most advanced body armor ever created. Nanotechnology can turn the soft cloth as hard as titanium, stopping bullets or shrapnel. The suit is also completely airtight allowing soldiers to survive chemical or biological weapon attacks. The uniform also uses a heating and cooling system, and a radarizer scanner to detect invisible hostile forces and things like land mines.

4) The weapon are much smaller and lighter thanks to advances in plastics but at the same time are capable of incredible destruction. Ammunition is our smart bullets. The weapon also possesses mini-missiles capable of locking onto a target and following it for miles if necessary.

5) Each soldier carries a built-in super computer that will link him to a military internet. Each fighter knows what is going on throughout the battlefield at all times. This connection will allow the commandos to attack like a swarm of insects.

6) The health of every soldier is constantly monitored and his uniform will possess drugs that can be activated by the soldier or by a medic hundreds of miles away in case of injury. Electronic tourniquets will also automatically engage to stop bleeding.

7) A mechanical exo-skeleton, a kind of artificial muscle system, gives the soldier super human strength and endurance. They can rip the doors off of cars or run for hours because the machine does most of the work.

8) Our invisibility generators have been advanced to allow complete portable invisibility for soldiers.

The Grand Navy of the Republic Total Crew and Support Staff: 1,215,000
This is... shockingly out of date. Sorry!

Completed Ships: All MSS'd

1 Sybus Citadel: RN Kablooie

1 Custom Sybus Citadel: RN Ambivalent

Submarines: 20 SuperSubs(A giant sub with lots of weapons and can work as a transport. Nuclear.)

Firefly class submarines(Light up with so many weapons going off): 30

Superiority class stealth heavy subs(nearly undetectable, powerful): 40

23 Amm Subs:
Armed with cruise missiles (2 launchers), torpedoes (8 tubes), and even a deck gun (retractable). These surplus Confederation submarines are a must have for any navy. Soundproofed and shielded, this sub has been known to survive a "direct hit" from a torpedo or depth charge. Complete with Anshar batteries and self-sustaining technology, this sub can stay operational and submerged for several months before needing to be resupplied. Contains an obsolete version of SONAR+, the Confederation's underwater detection system, arguably the best in the world. As with all Confederation subs, the "Amm" class valued quality over quantity.

20 Jinn Subs:
Made with the best Confederation stealth technology, this small, light, and extremely quick submarine is perfect for going where it isn't supposed to be and attacking what was thought safe. Soundproofed, and designed to give SONAR installations the slip, only the most observant and lucky can detect the "Jinn". Coupled with its stealth is the "Jinn" class's amazing speed. It is one of the fastest things under the sea. However, if a "Jinn" is detected and caught, it can still defend itself. With two torpedo tubes, a "Jinn" class sub can fend off an enemy, although its best defense is to be too stealthy and quick to come under attack in the first place.

550 amphibious assault ships: 50- Tarawa Class 500- Wasp Class

200 landers: 200- USS LCI(L)-1098 Class landers

200 Destroyers:

Derelict class submersible destroyers: 100

Zap class superdestroyers(small and fast, but better weapons): 100

29 carriers:

Empire class mobile carriers(designed economically in regards to space-small and fast): 7

Integrity Class Supercarriers(all around awesome): 5

Two misc. supercarriers(HFPE-flying ones, though they usually don't fly)

Fifteen Waero class supercarriers (In addition to flight capability, heavy plasma shielding, missile defenses left and right, Radarizer sensors to detect enemy craft, Project Breaker modified antimatter missiles, project Bubbler for increased speed in the water, EMPs, high power Eclipse level Odin lasers and railguns, minimissiles, Valkyrie artillery, Mirror and ContraEMP anti EMP tech, Pinpoint EMP tech, and the "E" scanner(among other techs), it also heavily uses graviton technology for launching and receiving aircraft, as well as literally curving enemy lasers, moving missiles out of the way, and deflecting artillery. We also can use it to curve our own lasers to make seemingly impossible shots, and alter the trajectory of our missiles and artillery(though not after they've gotten too far from the ship).)

Transports: Elephant class Multi-Purpose super cargo carriers(used by AA and as troop/equipment transport): 450


50 LR-TaCs: Designed primarily as a capital ship killer, the ships have two main purposes- coordinating squadrons of smaller ships to assist in their objectives, and launching a variety of attacks designed to down defenses, destroy weapons emplacements, leave enemy ships dead in the water, remove enemy ships' power, destroy certain compartments, plant tracing devices, simply destroy the target, or much, much more. The ideal combination of a pinpoint attack and brute force destruction.

400 ANC Basilisk Class Superships

95 Demon class missile ships(lots 'n lots of missiles!)

Project Nodens ships: 50 battleships 15 small battleships 10 tenders 50 carriers(transports)

Kangaroo Carriers: 100 Kangaroo 15,000 person Transports
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Assorted Information

Postby chrisman39 » 05 Nov 2011, 04:03

City information
16 Major Antarctic Mainland Cities:
Novus Initium(Capital)- 92,000,000 people
Ceres(Industrial main city)-88,000,000 people
The Villages(a collection of 7 small towns and villages)-1,000,000 people
Torentia(a residential city)-29,000,000 people
Partalin(a tourist site)-31,000,000 people
Opes(a major commercial city)-59,000,000 people
Divitia(another commercial city)-40,000,000 people
Port Ralkin(the largest port city)43,000,000 people
Elratia(the peninsula city)-30,000,000 people
Quilam (another residential area)-57,000,000 people
Tango(military and family residence)- 53,000,000 people

4 Major South American Cities
Victoria: 20,000,000 people
Santos:30,000,000 people
Cove City: 42,000,000 people
Railtown: 19,000,000 people

5 major Australian cities:
Terra- 14,000,000 people
Temp-20,000,000 people
While-25,000,000 people

1 Mars colony. Numbers and armaments are classified. A decent amount of satellites in orbit.

Ten space docks

2 space stations

16 Underwater Cities/Bases:
Una- 350,000 people
Duae- 300,000 people
Tres- 300,000 people
Septem- 300,000 people
Octo- 300,000 people
Decem- 300,000 people
Riik- 300,000 people
Edge- 300,000 people
South Civilian- 300,000 people
South Naval- 300,000 people
North Civilian- 300,000 people
Central Civilian- 300,000 people

HFPE: West Naval- 30,000 people
HFPE: East Naval- 30,000 people
HFPE: Central Military- 30,000 people
HFPE: Denizen: A gigantic underwater sub base that has nearly a tenth of all our nuclear weapons stockpile, the latest in shielding, is a home to most of Bravo Battalion, stores 50 subs, and is completely invisible. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

5 Underground Cities:
HFPE: Military Prima(Military High HQ)- 20,000 people
Civilian Prima(Civilian Emergency Evacuation City)- 500,000 people
Terra 1(The last hope in the event of a successful nuclear assault on the Republic. It contains plans for techs, examples, weapons, labs, factories, etc.)- 1,840,000 people
Terra 2(similar to 1, but bigger)-2,500,000
Bastion(VERY Heavily defended, contains techs, weapons, etc.)1,000,000

Various ones I don't remember


51,000 shares in the IPB
12,000 shares in the ILA
40,000 shares in the Bank of Polynesia
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Postby chrisman39 » 05 Nov 2011, 04:18

musashisamurai wrote:Posts moved here so I could have more for me.
diplomat42 wrote:Wow, you are very strong for Antarctica

musashisamurai wrote:they've been playing for a year now.

And now, we provide our regularly scheduled post(copied from Zander) ;)

chrisman39 wrote:And all of the ice has been melted except for a park or two.

then why do you have ice power?

We just finished up the melting process except for parks and penguin colonies. :D
So we used the ice power before we melted the ice.
Post moved for adalephat
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Postby ninjaruler » 05 Nov 2011, 04:20

so you melted the ice on a continent made of ice? what do you live on?
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Postby musashisamurai » 05 Nov 2011, 04:21

ninjaruler wrote:so you melted the ice on a continent made of ice? what do you live on?

nah theres land there, its just covered in ice. And teh outer ring is ice The arctic is where its solid ice all around
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Postby Terminus » 05 Nov 2011, 04:23

But wouldn't that completely alter the Earth's nature of being?
Hmmm... :|
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