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Expanding Information on Variants for Player Ratings Page

PostPosted: 08 May 2021, 00:05
by Badger1991
I did a quick search of the forum suggestions and did not see this topic addressed previously so apologies if this has been suggested or posted elsewhere.

In the ratings section, is it possible/easy to provide more detail when you do the initial search about the variants people play? When looking to post or create games with specific variants, it would be interesting to see if individual players gravitated towards specific variants. Currently, the information posted upfront only discusses whether the games were anonymous players, gunboat or public press (my info is posted below to highlight).

Game type played:
Regular: 77 (73.33%)
Anonymous Countries: 7 (6.67%)
Anonymous Players: 21 (20.00%)
Gunboat: 0 (0.00%)
Public Press Only: 0 (0.00%)

You have to go to the pull down screen to access the information about how frequently one plays each of the variants. It is not a lot of extra work to access the pull down screen but you have to look at each variant separately. My thought is you could simply list it the aggregate variant information upfront as laid out below (again using my own information). If someone has not played a specific variant, it would not have to be listed.

Standard: 92 (87.6%)
War in the Americas: 9 (11.7 %)
1900: 1 (0.9%)

This may require a lot of coding work which probably would not be worth it but it is a question that I frequently have when I am looking to set-up games as the current set-up requires a few extra steps.

No strong feeling on this but just thought I would table it.