starting protocol for new games

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starting protocol for new games

Postby zeke234 » 31 Jan 2021, 07:42

I have noticed that it takes a week or two to get 7 players together for a new public game. But then, when people are asked to confirm, there is always one that has been on the list so long that they have moved on and are no longer active. Still, it seems that game they signed up for stays in limbo. The recurring request to "please confirm" gets old when there is that one who never confirms.

When a game's "confirm" period ends without everyone confirming, anyone who never confirmed should be dropped from the game and the position opened to others who may be more active.
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Re: starting protocol for new games

Postby septante » 31 Jan 2021, 10:27

I think they are dropped. Leastwise that has been my observation.
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Re: starting protocol for new games

Postby bard parker » 01 Feb 2021, 08:09

I am pretty sure they are dropped, but I think there are troll accounts that seem to keep adding themselves and then not confirming or NMRing. The problem is avoided with "ambassador-only" games, but can be quite frustrating in regular games. I know the person who doesn't confirm is dropped, but sometimes they come back after a bit (only to not confirm again).
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Re: starting protocol for new games

Postby ColonelApricot » 01 Feb 2021, 20:56

When you have waited long enough, make a non-public game and send the password to all that confirmed the old game. Then advertise for another player on the forum.

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