No Live Games confusing

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No Live Games confusing

Postby Woolgie » 14 Dec 2020, 13:09

I’ve seen a lot of comments in the chat box over the last few months, and now three times in the last week, querying how new players can play when there are ‘no live games’.

They are reading the ‘no live games’ statement in the live games box and instead are believing that there are ‘no games live’, I.e. no games at all to join, suggesting that this site is dud.

I’m sure after a while people realise the mistake and find a game to join, but is it possible to change the wording on the homepage? Maybe ‘There are currently no live games, but there are plenty of normal games to join here’.
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Re: No Live Games confusing

Postby sroca » 14 Dec 2020, 19:16

Might be better to have a metric instead if people think the site is a dud. X number of games in progress for instance.
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