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Observer mode

Postby alexalvarez » 23 Nov 2020, 22:43

Is there a way to join a game as an observer? I can't play this round with my friends but I'd like to see what's going on, obviously I have the game number and pwd. I also see a section called "My watched games", is there something i am missing?
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Re: Observer mode

Postby MisterPlant » 23 Nov 2020, 23:14

No problem..go to games,scroll lower right to active games. Enter your game number or name or just scroll through the active games until you find the game you want.
Finaly click watch.
No doubt I’ve missed something,but that should get you what you want.
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Re: Observer mode

Postby Pops2112 » 24 Nov 2020, 01:33

Only thing I can think of is that perhaps your friends have not started the game yet, so it is not yet an Active Game you can find and then watch ...?
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