Expunge closed games from record?

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Expunge closed games from record?

Postby ruffdove » 22 Sep 2020, 19:13

I was in a game not too long ago where something wonky happened. There was a bug or something and apparently one of the players may have had something to do with it because the mod who handled it mentioned something about disciplinary action. Regardless, the game was first unranked and then just cancelled to a 7-way draw (even though one country was surrendered). Overall, it was handled very quickly and efficintly by the moderator. I was impressed.

The only real problem is that now I have to scroll past that non-game every time I look at my finished games. Granted, this is pretty much the definition of First World Problems, but it is a minor annoyance and I was just wondering if such games could be expunged from player records? The game did not even make it to Fall 1901.
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Re: Expunge closed games from record?

Postby Josey Wales » 22 Sep 2020, 20:47

As my friend once said "with unlimited time and unlimited money anything can be done" ... he the son of a gas station mogul who owned over 300 gas stations in Europe (or petrol stations). :mrgreen:

I suspect the mods would be hesitant to do this but then I am not Super_D. I believe they would modify the database directly which while the action would have a low probability of causing an issue it is not negligible.

I am sure someone more intelligent than me will weigh in shortly.


PS. the other issue, of course, is precedent - once set, where is the line drawn.
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Re: Expunge closed games from record?

Postby Malarky » 06 Nov 2020, 20:55

From what I know - which isn't much - this looks like a very rare decision. Usually a game like this wouldn't be affected in this way. Players removed - yes. Game unranked - yes. One player getting back into the game and getting access to another player's records - not heard of that before. Usually, the game would keep running unless players asked for it to be ended or voted for a draw. So I guess it could be that this game could be expunged. Except...

It's possible that this game charged a player's Ratings Shield and that the player joined another Ranked game with the charged Shield. If the game was expunged, that might mean that charge to the Shield was removed, which might mean the player went into a game just to fill a spot and lost which would possibly reduce their ratings points. Which could have a knock on effect for other players and other games.
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