Update and/or tidy up game options page. Create wiki?

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Update and/or tidy up game options page. Create wiki?

Postby joe92 » 30 Aug 2019, 10:33

Any chance we can get an update and/or tidy up to the "Game Options" page?

https://www.playdiplomacy.com/help.php? ... me_Options

A while back there was discussion of creating a sort of mini wiki for this site. I even volunteered to help with it. Once the programmatic side of creating the wiki is done, I think there's a big enough community here who would volunteer their time to create the content for it and keep it up to date. There are a few free options out there for wiki templating as I understand it.

At present all the information for the site, for the games, the variants, the PbF, how discord works, absolutely everything is disjointed and all over the place. A mini-wiki could be the centralised location in which it all goes. Need to know about the new WitA game? Go to the wiki! There's formatting, nice layouts, tables where necessary, we can explain tactics, common manoeuvres and so on. It would be useful for beginners and old timers alike.

What do you reckon?
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Re: Update and/or tidy up game options page. Create wiki?

Postby dib » 03 Sep 2019, 00:51

Sounds like a good idea especially if it can be edited to keep it tight and uptodate
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Re: Update and/or tidy up game options page. Create wiki?

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 03 Sep 2019, 16:05

1) I definitely agree that we need to clean up that page. We should summarize the most relevant rules and link to the forum posts that explain them in full.

2) I like the idea of a Wiki, and I'll see how difficult that would be to set up.

I'd almost rather keep using the forums to maintain that data, but we definitely need some better formatting for reference info like that. My big worry is letting important information get out of synch; i.e. the forums say one thing, and the wikis say another.
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