AOE Hundred: Update English starting SC?

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Where should England start for "Age of Empires" on the Hundred map?

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Devon (current)
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AOE Hundred: Update English starting SC?

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 03 Jun 2019, 17:06

Hundred has been played with the "Age of Empires" variant a total of 25 times, though the first game used a different set of starting positions. Out of the 24 remaining games, England has won a solo exactly once. The remaining games are roughly split between Burgundy and France, with Burgundy in the lead.

The current positions are:
  • England - Devon
  • France - Toulouse
  • Burgundy - Luxembourg

These were based on some estimations of tempi and an attempt to keep the three powers more spread out from one another. I believe we may have gone a bit too far with regard to England. I suspect the problem may be the lack of centers in immediate proximity.

I would like to propose that England begins in Normandy or London instead. I suspect that Normandy might be the better overall position. London, however, might be better for the character of the power; it would still allow England to more easily claim its own island, separated from the conflicts on the continent itself.
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