Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

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Re: Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

Postby blazebbc » 22 Oct 2018, 21:50

jay65536 wrote:
blazebbc wrote:The game is designed such that, if you have 18 centers as a group, you can get more

Unfortunately this is false. Very false.

I am not aware of a stalemate line that will stop a group at 18. I know of some smaller ones - such as around the Black Sea... Has my memory gotten so fuzzy that I’ve completely forgotten one?
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Re: Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

Postby jay65536 » 22 Oct 2018, 21:56

Mos-Ukr-Gal-Boh-Tyr-Pie-GoL-Wes-NAf can stalemate 16 centers from the south against a coalition that holds 18.

Replace Mos with Sev, and it stalemates 15 against 19.

There are smaller ones that can stalemate northern centers against coalitions that can't get fleets out of the Med (based around Por and MAO). Some are as small as 4 centers. Basically there are TONS of positions like that, where a coalition of greater than 18 centers literally can't kill someone off.
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Re: Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

Postby Dolchstoss von Hinten » 13 Jun 2019, 10:36

blazebbc wrote: In over 30 years of play, I have had ONE game where I was working for a solo, but needed more than the three years.

I had a gunboat game where the only way to break the stalemate was to sent my fleet in St Petersburg to attack Rome... Such a pleasure when it finally worked out.
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Re: Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

Postby marotta » 15 Jun 2019, 01:29

I've been in exactly the position: 1 player stuck at 16, two smaller players holding 18
Only to have one of the players stumble and suddenly I'm winning a solo with 18.
I've also had three players holding only to back off and allow the two larger players to eliminate the smallest player and reduce the 4-way draw to a three-way draw.
In fact recently I had BOTH of this happen in game [Burgundy Insurgency 155713]!
First backing off to reduce 4 players to three, noticing that Turkey missed submitting moves one turn, then waiting for Turkey to miss submitting moves again and win the game.

The more I play the more open I have become to being patient and not accepting an n-way draw as readily.

The issue for players not being patient seem to be based on two things:

1) Most players give up on an uninteresting game and abandon the position. (Given this reality makes it all the more worthwhile to keep playing when you are the player at 16!) In fact most players have a very poor consistency rating. [Mine is 14664/14665 turns taken (99.99% consistency rate)]

2) Most players are not paying for unlimited games on the site, so a game tied up with one player being patient is eliminating the possibility for them to play in a more interesting game. To those who are impatient for that reason I say, "Pay the $25 a year and support the site as well as play an unlimited number of games! It is the best deal at less than 7 cents a day.

Personally I would be willing to *never* have a draw declared and reward whoever lasts the longest faithfully submitting moves every turn!

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Re: Proposed - Timing Out Stalemates

Postby asudevil » 15 Jun 2019, 16:50

marotta wrote:
Personally I would be willing to *never* have a draw declared and reward whoever lasts the longest faithfully submitting moves every turn!

I can't disagree with all of this post enough. So rewarding someone for someone else NMR'ing or quitting cause they don't want to tie up their game slots. So reward the guy who can play the exact same moves for 6 months ... and punish the guy who eventually wants to play a new game
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