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Postby Charleroi » 14 Nov 2017, 04:56

markleadon wrote:Hi v. Take this scenario. You win a game and solo. The next game you see that someone you stabbed is in it. Do you think he will take the bait next game when he sees your name?!

Stabs aren't a reason to avoid a player - we all get stabbed and we all stab. That's to be expected in the game of Diplomacy. But there are all sorts of players who are completely insufferable and make the game a misery - they could be utterly unreliable (as in they disappear, not that they lie to you every now and again), they could be bullies, they could be vulgar or disrespectful, etc. I would avoid a player for many of those reasons, but I wouldn't just because he or she had stabbed me to take the solo.

Stabbing to take the solo is good play and I would be happy to sit at a board surrounded by good players.
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