Game type info in PPO games

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Game type info in PPO games

Postby Jack007 » 13 Feb 2020, 19:33

Hi all

Not for the first time I notice that in PPO (public press only) games there is often one or several players who don't talk at all. I remember a player stating after the game, that he thought it was a Gunboat game.

Now I discovered a possible reason for that. When you go to the My Active Games page, you can see under "Settings" Game type: Public Press Only. This is fine and nothing to complain about. But when you go to the main page of the game and click on the "?" beside the game name, you read Game type: gunboat_shoutbox. I don't know if really that is the reason why people think to be in a Gunboat game. Be it as it might, I would suggest that it be changed to Game type: public_press_only, or something similar, in order to dissipate any doubt about the nature of the game.

I guess it's easy enough to change that, so it might be worth a try to get more talkative players in PPO games.

Regards.. Jack
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Re: Game type info in PPO games

Postby Penelope Pitstop » 14 Feb 2020, 00:13

I’ve never played a PPO game, but I think your suggestion sounds wise. Gunboat is a variant for non-communicators or those who excel at guessing and/or sign language. PPO games should by definition be the opposite and encourage a lot of communication and less guessing.
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