List of MY joinable games displayed on the Home Page

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List of MY joinable games displayed on the Home Page

Postby uzes90 » 24 Jan 2020, 05:38


Add a list called "My joinable games" on the Home Page.
1. It will refresh whenever the home page is called
2. It will list joinable games that are based on "my" settings. this would be what is currently displayed by clicking "Join Game"and then "Search". Thus, if I have set a "remember" settings it will use that. If I never set any "remember" settings then I get the regular default list.

1. I don't have to do the clicks listed above. True, its not lot but I just hate to do extra clicks.
2. I always get games available very easily so I don't hve to even think about it. This is the real benefit. I hate to have to remeber things. Oops, I just gave it away - I'm a member of the Oldies. :oops:

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Re: List of MY joinable games displayed on the Home Page

Postby hedge trimmer » 24 Jan 2020, 18:47

I really like this idea, one of the most common questions I see people ask in the shoutbox is about joining games, so maybe it would be good if there was something like you suggest on the front page.

The problem is that the front page is kind of full as it is. Maybe it could take the place of the live game box if there are no live games on? I'm not sure how much that would affect the live games though. Maybe more people would join them when they get used to checking that part of the page when they want to play? Maybe it would cause less live games to get started because the info box wouldn't be there when there are no live games?
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Re: List of MY joinable games displayed on the Home Page

Postby SelhurstPark » 24 Jan 2020, 22:28

I have mentioned this before but the present system of storing game preferences doesn't work for me - I have to trawl through all the open games each time I am looking for some extra fun!
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Re: List of MY joinable games displayed on the Home Page

Postby Pope Pius IX » 24 Jan 2020, 22:38

I'd argue that if this were to be implemented, it could replace the area to the right of live games, where rankings are shown? It's not doing away with rankings, but it could be reduced to your individual position, and score, and located elsewhere?
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