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Playdip Walrus Episode V: The Tusks Strike Back

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2021, 05:24
by UFO Fever
I teased this on the Playdip Mafia Discord something like 10 days ago now, oops. Might as well do something about it.

Once again we'll do another 5 round Walrus. Submissions will be due an hour or so before the I do the listening party. Please submit the YouTube link to your song choices to me either by PM here on the site or Discord PM.

Round 1: Jukebox Hero. You're out at a bar with your friends and the perfect song comes on the jukebox that gets everybody to stop what they're doing, raise up their drinks and bellow the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Tell me what that song is. Submissions due April 27.

Round 2: Wedding Season. Play me a good song to dance to at a wedding, one that will get the whole party on the dance floor, not just the bride and groom. Submissions due May 2.

Round 3: Celebrity Guest Judge! My roommate, Oliver, enjoys a lot of music spanning different genres and eras. Take your best guest and submit something you think he'd like, and then I'll make him rank your choices! May also feature a second guest judge. Gonna be honest, I'm definitely just Fatmoing in some guest judge(s) so I don't have to do as much work. Submissions due May 9.

Round 4: The Sincerest Form of Flattery. Play me a song that for some reason sounds suspiciously similar to another well known song. Whether one artist "borrowed" some "inspiration" from another, or maybe an artist just got lazy and decided to copy themselves, give me a song that makes you become the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at himself on the TV meme. Submissions due May 16. Please submit the other song that yours most sounds like too.
Editing to add: I will also accept a submission where the songs sound familiar because 2 different artists just have very similar sounding voices, causing confusion as to which artist/band is performing the song.

Round 5: Guilty Pleasure. You know you're not supposed to, but you can't help it. This song fucking slaps and you'll be damned what anyone else has to say about it. Submissions due May 23.

Scoring will be on a scale of up to 5 points. Half of the grade scale will be category fit, the other half will be how much I (or our special celebrity guest judge) enjoy the song you submitted. So for example, nothing is stopping you from submitting the categorically "correct" Chicken Dance for Round 2, just be prepared to sit there with a score of a paltry (poultry, heh) 2.5/5.

I also will be accepting song submissions on a first come, first served basis. Nobody likes repeats.

Re: Playdip Walrus Episode V: The Tusks Strike Back

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2021, 05:28
by UFO Fever

1. Kimpossible 4.8/4.8/4.8 =14.4
2. Fatmo 4.6/5/4.6 =14.2
3. AKFD 4.5/4.3/5 =13.8
4. Telleo 4.6/4.1/4.2 =12.9
5. Subotai 4.7/3.8/4 =12.5
6. Nanook 3.9/4/4.4 =12.3
7. RolanADoobie 3.5/4.5/3.8 =11.8

Re: Playdip Walrus Episode V: The Tusks Strike Back

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2021, 05:37
by UFO Fever
This post will be a list of who has submitted songs for the current round, so I don't forget to score anyone.

Round 1 submissions:
Rolan A Doobie

Re: Playdip Walrus Episode V: The Tusks Strike Back

PostPosted: 16 May 2021, 21:03
by kimpossible