Hansa - An alternate-history of the Northern Crusades

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Hansa - An alternate-history of the Northern Crusades

Postby LivonianKnight » 12 Feb 2017, 20:04


This is an idea I have been working on based on the Northern Crusades of Europe. The game starts in Lubeck, Spring 1200, and each player has 1,000 coin and a single trade cog. Coin is initially used for two reasons:
-Buy supplies, 200 coin per unit (you have to buy at least 1 unit)
-Donate to the Swordbrothers

Once everyone has bought their supplies and donated the rest of their money to the Swordbrothers, the game advances to Summer 1200. This time you'll have arrived somewhere on the Baltic coast. Using a map provided, you will simply mark a spot where your want to settle (only on the coast). A settlement costs 1 unit of supplies and starts at level 1. However, you can use 2 units of supplies to start the settlement at level 2, or 3 units for level 3, etc. Alternatively you can conserve your supplies for later.

Each settlement produces one resource, such as wax, fur, amber, grain, tar, hemp, etc. Each turn the settlement produces 1 unit of that resource, so by Fall 1200 you might have 1 unit of wax, or 1 unit of fur, etc. These resources can be loaded back onto your trade cog and sent back to Lubeck to sell. The price of a resource changes over time, for better or worse. When the trade cog returns you will receive your profit.

Your settlement is prone to attack by the local pagans, who wish to see you and your ilk expelled from the Baltic. Assuming you donated to their order, the Swordbrothers will assist in the defense of your settlement. The more you donated the more Swordbrothers who will come to your settlement.

Once you start making profits, there are some things you can do to improve your settlement. Armories to arm the locals, stables to give them mounts, palisade and stone walls for better defense, warehouses to store your resources, churches to improve standing with the Swordbrothers, and the ability to buy more trade cogs are some ideas.

The Swordbrothers are eager to push inland and purge the pagans, however. You can assist them in taking the pagans' wooden hillforts, and then replace them with stone forts. A stone fort (helping them do this increases your influence with them as well) allows the Swordbrothers to exercise control over the local villages, making it safe for you to build more settlements inland (inland settlements produce 2 resources). Over time the Swordbrothers will become the Livonian Order, and guest crusaders from England, France, and the Holy Roman Empire may arrive to do battle against the pagans.

Ultimately, your goal is to carve out territory here in the Baltic, assisted by the Livonian Order. You will be extracting valuable resources from the region to sell back in Lubeck, and using your profit to complete that goal. It is possible for various player kingdoms, bishoprics, and duchies to form, and they may fight each other.


So that's all I have at the moment. I wanted to share this and see what everybody thought, and whether or not you have suggestions.

For anyone who wishes to play, you must fill out a player sheet and wait to be approved. If you feel the sheet is lacking, feel free to add additional categories. After being approved, you may post here:

Character Name: The in-game name of your character. Example: Conrad von Bremen
Description: A short description of your characters appearance, clothing, and items he or she may carry.
Background: A short background explaining you character's origin, past deeds, etc.

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Re: Hansa - An alternate-history of the Northern Crusades

Postby kingpie3 » 13 Feb 2017, 20:17

I like this concept a lot. I'll play :)
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Re: Hansa - An alternate-history of the Northern Crusades

Postby LivonianKnight » 19 Feb 2017, 01:47

kingpie3 wrote:I like this concept a lot. I'll play :)

Okay kingpie3, if you want to play this solo I would be okay with that. All you need to go is fill out a player sheet, let me approve it, then you can post on the IC page.
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Re: Hansa - An alternate-history of the Northern Crusades

Postby MinnesotanKaiser » 20 Feb 2017, 20:44

This is pretty cool. Just one thing, how are you going to GM this all? It seems pretty beefy.
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