1930 AAR

8-player game in which players use Influence Points to control ten Minor Powers. Created by Pharaoh of nerds; GM shibabalo; 3-way draw between AardvarkArmy (China), Stnaislaw (Russia) and VaeVictus (France)

Re: 1930 AAR

Postby VaeVictis » 26 Feb 2014, 07:21

Alrighty then folks, here's a sample of a day in the life of the French foreign secretary/president/war minister.

First off, I was reminded in this game why I do not like acting as a replacement. It is akin to showing up late to the wrong party and realizing you are over dressed. Everyone already knows everyone and you are just that goofy guy in the tuxedo frequenting the shrimp cocktail too often.

My first impression coming into this game, having inherited diplomat42's position, was that France was in potential danger, but with great opportunity. Though, I had lost some of my imperial possessions in the Orient, I was still strong in Europe and seemed to be relatively safe. I immediately started diplomatic discussions with my immediate neighbors, Italy, Germany, and UK. I offered promises to both Britain and Germany while maintaining a peaceful coexistence with Italy. Soon it became apparent that Germany was the real threat since Britain was under pressure from Russia and China, so I focused on acquiring allies to dismantle Germany.

I then was approached by China and we engaged in a long series of discussions that always seemed to be steering me toward acting as a Western puppet of China. I was encouraged on numerous occasions to attack the United States and nearly did when I moved into the North Atlantic. At this point, the United States wrote a desperate message attempting to dissuade me from my assault for the sake of stopping China from soloing. To my utter shame and embarrassment, I listened, and moved to Azores instead of Quebec. Bad move, period. I decided to attempt to rectify this later, but it was far too late and I had neither the resources nor the time to secure a foothold to conquer the Americas before the Dragon gobbled up the New World. One of the worst decisions I have ever made in a Diplomacy game.

As soon as my prospects in the New World came crashing down, I knew that only one course of action remained: the dismantling of Germany. Russia and Britain were more than pleased to do likewise for the extra centers, and a 3-1 war was only a matter of time. All the while, talks were commencing between the extant European countries to stifle the rapid Chinese advance and measures were gradually taken to clog up the Atlantic and Mediterranean. When Germany was finally destroyed, the final American strongholds were falling to Chiang Kai-shek and his innumerable hordes of Nationalists, and the Atlantic and Mediterranean were secure, it merely became a matter of Russia and I slowly cannibalizing our former allies.

I was extremely hesitant at first and, to my shame, was willing to accept a five way. I observed the board and thought that any stab on Italy or Britain could lead to the slightest of leaks in Russian or French defenses that would inevitably cause a Chinese solo. However, Russia and I talked it through, after many messages from AardvarkArmy stating his adamantine position to never accept anything less than a three way, and decided it was doable. The rest is history as Russia and I played the petty and cruel backstabbers, methodically and meticulously dismembering our former allies.

With regard to game mechanics, I came in too late to really actively take part in the scramble for minor powers. I only controlled Romania for a brief period and destroyed the only one that bordered me after deceiving Germany that I intended to help him and Spain in their attack on Britain.
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