Fall 10 Vain

GM: asudevil, Winner, Didadem

Fall 10 Vain

Postby asudevil » 21 Sep 2013, 04:13


Diadem gets to 18 with some "assistance" from Turkey and Italy

Well done. AAR is here


Austria: Stalin813
fleet Tyrolia - Trieste ... resolved
army Galicia - Warsaw ... resolved
army Vienna - Budapest ... resolved
fleet Bohemia - Munich ... bounce

France: Diadem
army Edinburgh - Denmark ... resolved
army Liverpool hold ... resolved
fleet North Sea convoy army Edinburgh - Denmark ... resolved
fleet English Channel support fleet North Sea hold ... resolved
fleet Morroco - Mid Atlantic Ocean ... resolved
army Spain - Portugal ... resolved
fleet Tyrhhenian Sea hold ... resolved
army Burgundy - Switzerland ... bounce
army Switzerland - Alsace ... bounce
army Milan - Switzerland ... bounce
army Apulia - Serbia ... resolved
army Cyrenaica support fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean - Egypt ... resolved
fleet Mid Atlantic Ocean - Egypt ... resolved

Germany: Haroonriaz
army Netherlands support fleet Belgium hold ... resolved
fleet Belgium support army Netherlands hold ... resolved
army Cologne support fleet Belgium hold ... resolved
army Berlin hold ... DISLODGED ... AUTO DESTROY
fleet North Atlantic Ocean - Norwegian Sea ... resolved
fleet Denmark - Sweden ... resolved
fleet Munich - Alsace ... resolved
fleet Kiel/sc - Munich ... resolved

Russia: Marsman57
fleet Constantinople - Ankara ... resolved
fleet Armenia support Constantinople - Ankara ... resolved
army Prussia support Silesia - Berlin ... resolved
army Arabia - Damascus ... resolved ... UNIT DESTROYED
army Rumania hold ... resolved
army Greece - Macedonia ... resolved
fleet Norway/wc - Sweden ... bounce
fleet Barents Sea - Norway/wc ... bounce
army Silesia - Berlin ... resolved

Turkey: presser84
fleet Ankara hold ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED
fleet Portugal hold ... UNIT DESTROYED
fleet Palestine hold ... resolved

Code: Select all
Austria ...  4 SC ...  4 units ... 0 builds
France  ... 18 SC ... 13 units ... 5 builds
Germany ...  7 SC ...  8 units ... 1 disband
Italy   ...  0 SC ...  0 units ... 0 builds
Russia  ... 10 SC ...  9 units ... 2 builds - emergency relief in effect
Turkey  ...  1 SC ...  3 units ... 2 disbands
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Re: Fall 10 Vain

Postby presser84 » 21 Sep 2013, 07:22

where was the final assist from Italy?
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Re: Fall 10 Vain

Postby attitudes » 21 Sep 2013, 09:05

presser84 wrote:where was the final assist from Italy?

There wasn't. You donating power to EDI did the trick. Nothing else was needed.
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Re: Fall 10 Vain

Postby Diadem » 21 Sep 2013, 12:23

Wow, it all worked out. Awesome. I wouldn't even have needed Turkey's help if I had followed my original plan of guilding Edinburgh to Norway and supporting that from Nth. But after Turkey offered his aid, I figured I'd might as well take the safest route.

I'll post a AAR later this weekend. For now I just want to say it was an awesome game. I want to thank all the players involved and especially the GMs who have to put a lot of work, and have had to make some very tough calls about how to interpret the rules, which I fear I didn't always make any easier with my passionate arguing. So thanks!

Btw: Some minor errors on the final map, not that it matters: Mor should be in Mao and War should be coloured red. Als in the order list the move Den - Swe should be listed as bounced, not resolved.
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Re: Fall 10 Vain

Postby haroonriaz » 21 Sep 2013, 12:26

Denmark retreat to Baltic Sea. Only joking.
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