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VR Spring 05

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2013, 17:28
by asudevil
So we head back into the game after our long hiatus. We have no jokers for this season.

Retreats are due from Austria

Retreats are due ASAP, but no later than 7/21 5pm GMT noon EST.

God luck all, thanks for dealing with my absence. Africa was AMAZING...better than I ever could have imagined.


Austria: Stalin813
army Macedonia - Greece ... resolved
army Budapest support army Ukraine - Rumania ... cut ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED
army Trieste - Venetia ... resolved
army Serbia support army Rumania - Bulgaria ... does not correspond
army Milan support army Trieste - Venetia ... cut ... DISLODGED ... AUTO DESTROY

France: Diadem
army Finland support army Moscow - St Petersburg ... does not correspond
army Edinburgh support army Yorshire hold ... resolved
army Liverpool - Clyde ... resolved
army Yorshire support army Edinburgh hold ... resolved
fleet English Channel - London ... resolved
fleet Brest - English Channel ... resolved
fleet Egypt - Eastern Mediteranean Sea ... resolved
fleet Gulf of Lyon - Tyrrhenian Sea ... resolved
army Tripoli hold ... resolved
army Picardy support army Burgundy hold ... resolved
army Burgundy support army Picardy hold ... resolved
army Switzerland support army Marseilles hold ... resolved
army Marseilles support army Switzerland hold ... resolved

Germany: Haroonriaz
army Belgium support army Netherlands hold ... resolved
army Netherlands support army Belgium hold ... resolved
army Cologne support army Belgium hold ... resolved
army Munich - Tyrolia ... resolved
army Kiel - Munich ... resolved
fleet Sweden support fleet Norway hold ... resolved
fleet Denmark support fleet Sweden hold ... resolved
fleet Norway support fleet St Petersburg/nc hold ... resolved
fleet St Petersburg/nc support fleet Norway hold ... resolved
army Berlin hold ... resolved

Italy: Mambam14
army Piedmont - Milan ... resolved
army Rome support army Piedmont - Milan ... resolved

Russia: Marsman57
army Galicia - Budapest ... resolved
army Ukraine - Galicia ... resolved
army Warsaw support army Ukraine - Galicia ... resolved
army Rumania hold ... resolved

Turkey: Pjkon
fleet Constantinople - Bulgaria ... resolved
fleet Ankara hold ... resolved
fleet Damascus hold ... resolved

Re: VR Spring 05

PostPosted: 20 Jul 2013, 17:39
by attitudes
Map has been reviewed and is correct.

Please do not forget to CC me on all orders and correspondence (a few of you forgot this season).

- Second Eyes

Re: VR Spring 05

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2013, 00:06
by Diadem
I should be back from my holiday tomorrow. I'll respond to messages then. Hopefully I can make some less dull orders then.

Re: VR Spring 05

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2013, 02:43
by asudevil
Austria retreats BUD-TRI

PIE is now impassible

Fall orders are due 7/24 2am GMT, 7/23 9pm EST


Re: VR Spring 05

PostPosted: 21 Jul 2013, 08:13
by attitudes
Since Fall has begun, it should be noted that the Spring Earthquake was not reported with retreats.

Piedmont has been made impassable.