Spring 04 Vain Rats

GM: asudevil, Winner, Didadem

Spring 04 Vain Rats

Postby asudevil » 20 Jun 2013, 02:22

Here are our Spring results

We have no retreats so Earthquake order processed...and ANK is sunk into the sea.

We have a Hyperspace for Fall 1904: MIL - BUD

Fall orders are due 6/23 1am GMT, 6/22 8pm EST


Austria: Stalin813
army Macedonia - Bulgaria ... resolved
army Serbia support Trieste hold ... resolved
army Trieste support Tyrolia hold ... cut
army Tyrolia support Trieste hold ... resolved

Britain: Morg
fleet North Sea hold ... resolved

France: Diadem
army Edinburgh hold ... resolved
army Yorkshire - Edinburgh ... bounce
army Liverpool - Palenstine ... illegal order ... adjudicated HOLD
fleet English Channel - North Sea ... bounce
fleet Brest - Mid-Atlanctic Ocean ... resolved
army Portugal - Spain ... resolved
fleet Marseilles - Gulf of Lyon ... resolved
army Paris - Finland ... resolved
army Picardy support army Burgundy hold ... resolved
army Burgundy support army Picardy hold ... resolved
army Switzerland support army Burgundy hold ... resolved

Germany: Haroonriaz
army Belgium support army Netherlands hold ... resolved
army Netherlands support army Belgium hold ... resolved
army Cologne support army Belgium hold ... resolved
army Munich support army Cologne hold ... resolved
fleet Sweden - Norway ... resolved
fleet Denmark - Sweden ... resolved
fleet Norway - Barents Sea ... resolved
fleet Kiel - Denmark ... resolved
army Berlin support army Munich hold ... resolved

Italy: Mambam14
army Milan hold ... resolved
army Venetia - Trieste ... bounce
fleet Naples - Ionean Sea ... resolved

Russia: Marsman57
fleet Moscow - Sevastopol ... resolved
army Ukraine support army St Petersburg - Moscow ... resolved
army Finland - St Petersburg ... resolved
army St Petersburg - Moscow ... resolved

Turkey: Pjkon
fleet Constantinople hold ... resolved
army Ankara hold ... resolved ... UNIT DESTROYED
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