7-player game set in Italy, 344BC. Standard rules. Created by VaeVictus and GMd by joelsdaman1, Pedros and Morg. 3-way draw between Gaul (EpicDim), Rome (TTG4), & MagnaGraeci (XerxesPraelor)
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Postby Morg » 30 Nov 2013, 23:26

So after a few mishaps the game has come to a successful conclusion. Congratulations to all the victors and players.

The triple win goes to EpicDim (Gaul), TTG4 (Rome), and Xerxespraelor (MagnaGraeci).

Here is a place for you to write your AARs.

Did I get this right; that none of the final 5 players started this game? Did anyone both start and finish their country's game?
2 replacement GMs and 5 or more replacement players? Is that a record?
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Re: AARs

Postby EpicDim » 01 Dec 2013, 05:00

I took over the Gauls at the beginning of 339 (And BTW, counting years backwards messes one up) and Rome was a huge threat at that point in the game. I had to choose who to ally with, either Umbria or Etruscans. I felt I was in a better tactical position against the Etruscans and Umbria was up for an alliance (Apparently there was an old alliance that the previous Gaul had abandoned), so we started working together and I quickly eliminated the Etruscans and Umbria made gains against Samnites and Rome. I started building a strong fleet and moving south as quickly as possible since Umbria and I needed fleets in the West in order to move down the coast on that side.

Then Umbria stopped communicating and stopped moving south. Instead he was moving his armies West and his fleets were stationary. I had no way to move against Rome without his help due to the limited tactical position I had. I tried for a couple of years to get tactical coordination and I finally gave up. Umbria was making gains and I was moving my fleets out of position and not getting any help from him with the Fleets. (Note to mr bump, I really did not realize that Ariminivm was an SC. The fleet on the map completely covered it up. It was only after you pointed it out that I realized that my A adjacent must have been bugging you as much as it was)

Rome was then replaced and I quickly communicated my intentions of allying with him in order to have fleets West and East and take over Italy together. I made for a strong Spring move against Umbria in Spring 336, however when I sent my orders I had replied to my previous orders and they were just sent to myself instead of to the GM. Doh! Although TTG4 never replied to any of my communications my Fall 336 orders finally were against Umbria and he did not move North so we had a DMZ at least.

Umbria was still being attacked from the south, so it was just a matter of time before he was gone. During that time though Magna Graeci's fleets had moved north significantly and Rome had moved his fleets back away from Magna Graeci, so I suggested a draw knowing that if the two of them were both attacking me I did not have a chance at a solo.

Thanks Morg for taking over the game. There were many fewer errors and you kept it moving. Very much appreciated.

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Re: AARs

Postby VaeVictis » 01 Dec 2013, 07:20

Well now! Finally finished I see.

I made a lousy mistake at the beginning against the first Gaul and never recovered. There is not much else that can be said for the forlorn and dejected Etruscans, a once mighty and cultured people.

What about the map? I think that stabs between the Romans and Etruscans are far too difficult now and there needs to be a one space difference between them rather than two. Other than that, the only other problem I have noted so far is that the map might be too fluid. Defensive lines seemed exceedingly difficult to establish, but I may be reading this incorrectly.
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Re: AARs

Postby XerxesPraelor » 02 Dec 2013, 12:54

I took over pretty late in the game and quickly brought it to just our 4 players. With Green and Brown cooperating, I didn't think that Rome and I would be able to survive, so I looked for and found a stalemate line that would ensure that the fleets wouldn't be able to move over to the west side. However, just when we did that, green started moving south and we had to jolt back into the offensive again, because the stalemate line wouldn't be good enough. It ended up working okay, and I was prepared to keep on attacking but a 3-way draw is good enough for me, especially since Rome and my borders were kind of fragile and we'd probably end up stabbing eachother and I don't like that sort of situation.
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Re: AARs

Postby TTG4 » 01 Jan 2014, 18:32

I didn't spot this and so am necroing it!

I came in as Rome pretty late and, although it was interesting and fun, I was pretty well fixed in my position, so I can't really give any meaningful feedback. Playing it ull length might be interesting though
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