War in the Americas: Map Variant Rules

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War in the Americas: Map Variant Rules

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 15 Jul 2019, 18:48

War in the Americas (a.k.a. WITA) is a 10-player variant set in the 1840s across North, Central, and South America. It is adapted from an original design by Macario Reyes.

20190612 full preview.png
WITA Starting Map (no units displayed)
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The ten players in WITA are as follows:
  1. Argentina - Purple
  2. Brazil - Bright Green
  3. Chile - Rusty Brown
  4. Great Britain - Navy Blue
  5. Mexico - Jewel Green
  6. New Granada - Mustard Yellow
  7. Peru - Crimson
  8. Spain - Pink
  9. United States - Sky Blue
  10. Venezuela - Lemon Yellow
You can read more about the colors and flags of each of these ten powers in a separate forum thread:
War in the Americas: History, Colors, & Custom Units

game Start & Victory Condition

The game begins with Spring 1841. There are 61 supply centers on the map. Solo victory is achieved when one player meets both of the following conditions:
  1. That player controls at least 24 SCs.
  2. That player has more SCs than any other player on the map, with no ties.
This means that if two players achieve 24 or more SCs at the end of the same year, the one with the most will win. If both players are tied in SC count, however, then the continues on to the next year. This is similar to how the victory condition for the 1900 map variant already works.

Most of the map's geography is pretty straightforward. There are several split coastlines to watch out for, especially in Central America. The following are clarifications for specific spaces:

Island Boxes
The following boxes surround small islands or archipelagos. They can be occupied by either fleets or armies. Fleets may move freely into and out of island boxes. Fleets in an island box, however, may not perform convoy orders. With the exception of Trinidad and West Indies (see below), however, armies must be convoyed into and out of island boxes, as they are typically surrounded by water.
  • Bahamas
  • Easter Island
  • Galapagos
  • Jamaica
  • Hawaii
  • Malvinas
  • Puerto Rico
  • Trinidad
  • West Indies
Please note that Trinidad is adjacent to West Indies, and Trinidad is adjacent to Cumana. Both armies and fleets may move freely between Trinidad and West Indies or between Trinidad and Cumana.

Additionally note that Kealakekua Bay, which borders Hawaii, is not an island box. It is a standard water space and is shown in this manner to call out that its actual geographic location differs from where it Hawaii are placed on the map for gameplay purposes.

The following are standard canals that work much the same as Constantinople from classic Dip. Fleets and armies may pass freely through them, but fleets occupying canals may not perform convoy orders.
  • Erie Canal
  • Magallanes
  • Montreal
  • New Orleans
  • New York City
  • Panama
Amazon River
The Amazon River is not a space itself, but it connects the following regions. Fleets may travel into these spaces along the river as if it was a canal or coastline.
  • Para
  • Manaos
  • Amazonia
  • Loreto
North American Rivers and Lakes
The Mississippi River, Ohio River, and the Great Lakes connect a system of land and water spaces via a series of canals (many of which are anachronistic or outright fictional). The affected land spaces act similar to canals like Panama, in that fleets may travel between them but may not perform convoy orders while occupying them.

The Great Lakes are broken into two adjacent water spaces: Western Great Lakes (Lake Superior & Lake Michigan) and Eastern Great Lakes (Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, & Lake Huron). EGL additionally connects to Montreal, Erie Canal, Toronto, Michigan, Chicago, and the west coast of Washington DC. WGL additionally connects to Toronto, Michigan, Chicago, Iowa Territory, and the south coast of Ontario.

Chicago is an abnormally-shaped space whose borders are shown surrounded by either lakes or rivers. It should also be treated as a canal, and neither peninsula of Michigan (an adjacent territory) breaks the Chicago "coastline" for game purposes.

Toronto and Michigan are shown with a white arrow connecting them. They are adjacent for both armies and fleets.

The Mississippi River starts at the junction of WGL, Chicago, and the Iowa Territory. It flows along the borders of Iowa Territory, Chicago, Missouri, and Tennessee Valley before it terminates in New Orleans (connecting it to the coast). Like the Amazon River, the Mississippi River is not its own space.

The Ohio River starts at the junction of Chicago and EGL. It flows along the border of Chicago and Tennessee Valley before it connects to the Mississippi River. The Ohio River is likewise not its own space.

Erie Canal and New York City are both canal spaces. Fleets may pass between them, providing yet another connection between the Great Lakes and the coast. Likewise, Montreal is a canal space connecting EGL and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Other Notes
In many regions, especially those that are very small, the clickable space for entering orders extends past the region's actual borders and often includes its name as well.

Corrientes has a very small coastline that borders Rio de la Plata and separates Uruguay from Buenos Aires.

Cali is a space with two coastlines in the west and north. Because the north coast is very small, it is often obscured when a fleet occupies that space.

There is a known bug with some of the water spaces on the western border of the map whereby the orders dialogue may pop up offscreen in some browsers. We are working to resolve this. For now, if you encounter this issue, please use the Manual Orders interface (located below the map) to enter orders for units occupying one of the affected spaces.
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Re: War in the Americas: Map Variant Rules

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 23 Jul 2019, 16:21

The following are the starting locations for WITA when playing the game with the AOE variant.

War in the Americas AOE Locations
  • Argentina
      Buenos Aires
  • Brazil
      Belo Horizonte
  • Chile
  • Great Britain
  • Mexico
  • New Granada
  • Peru
  • Spain
      Santiago de Cuba
  • USA
  • Venezuela

20190725 aoe starts.png
Map of WITA starting centers for the Age of Empires variant
20190725 aoe starts.png (536.64 KiB) Viewed 20663 times
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