CD countries game option (choose those in CD)

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CD countries game option (choose those in CD)

Postby super_dipsy » 11 Sep 2016, 08:51

This came up recently, elsewhere, and although it is described in the Developments thread (where it was put up in April 2015) it is not very easy to find! So for completeness I am repeating the information here.

The CD Countries option allows games to be played with less than the normal number of players, but not in the way shorthanded games do. Shorthanded games take the countries in the game and share them out between players, but in the CD Countries option the game is set up to have selected countries in permanent Civil Disorder.

Here is a summary of the CD Countries option and how to use it

CD Countries option:
- Only available for Premium players
- Allows you to play a Dip game with all the countries present, but with any number selected to be in Civil Disorder for the entire game
- Note that units for the CD countries WILL start on the board, and that CD Countries CANNOT be taken over by a new player as a 'surrendered country'
- As usual, any CD county unit that is dislodged will be destroyed
- Apart from this, all other powers play normally, with the win target the normal 18 SCs

How to use the CD Countries option:
- Create a FRIENDS game (must be friends) AND make sure you specify First Come First Served as the country assignment selection
- Join the game as normal (you must be the first to join), choosing the country you want to play
- Before anyone else joins, go to your Pending Games page and find the game
- You will see a list of countries and the option to tick any number of associated check boxes to mark a country as in CD for the entire game
- Once you do this, get your friends to join you and you can play with 2, 3, 4 or however many powers you want, leaving the rest in CD
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