New scoring system: a quick guide

Information of the Rating system.

New scoring system: a quick guide

Postby super_dipsy » 01 Feb 2013, 08:40

The full details and extensive FAQs are here However, this is a quick guide to the new PlayDiplomacy scoring system that takes effect for all games STARTED (not created, but actually started) after 2nd Feb 2013 06:00 GMT.

Note that these comments only applied to ranked games; unranked, Friends or Schools games are not rated.

    Ratings are an approximation of your playing abilities
    Everyone starts on 1000, and most will end up around 1000 +- 20%; if you reach 1500 you are very good, and if you ever get to 2000 you are really, really, really good 8-)

    Ratings go up or down when you finish a game. The change is based on your result AND your rating compared to the others in the game. Doing well against higher rated players rewards you more than against lower rated ones
    Your early games may see big swings as the system tries to settle on your playing level as quickly as possible. As you play more games, the swings will lessen as your rating settles to your playing level
    Solo wins are weighted heavily to reflect their importance. Draws score progressively less depending on how many players share it
    If you join a game part way through (as a replacement for a surrendered country) your result will be adjusted based on the % of turns for that country that you played
    You have a Rating Shield :o . This can be Drained, Charged or Active. Every time you START a ranked game your shield is charged. When you replace a surrendered player in an active game, if your shield is Charged, it now becomes Active for that game and no matter what your result, you cannot get a negative score :D . Activating the shield drains the batteries however, so to use it again you will need to recharge it.
    If you Surrender, then you will immediately receive a 100% loss adjustment no matter how many turns you played (even if you didn't play any). Surrendering also drains your shield and deactivates it in any game where it is active

One final comment. All ranked games count to your Site Rating, but you also have a PureDip Rating. The PureDip rating works exactly the same way as the Site rating, but only takes into account ranked games that are true to the original game spirit (eg not rule variants like Fog of War or Chaos or Gunbooat).
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