Subs for surrender?

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Subs for surrender?

Postby Gavrilo Princip and The H » 21 Jul 2017, 16:35

Hey I am new to this game and site, and in my first game the games creator surrendered, and we had an auto surrender, is there anyway to substitute in for those? It is a friends game, so I believe that the auto surrender can re-log in and substitute no?
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Re: Subs for surrender?

Postby super_dipsy » 21 Jul 2017, 17:03

In a Friends game, people who have surrendered or been auto-surrendered can rejoin and leave as many times as they want. If you need to find a new player, then you will have to advertize on the forum because the game will have a password since it is a Friends game and therefore people cannot join it without knowing the password.
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