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Notes on other players

Postby DinerGuru17 » 09 Mar 2015, 20:26

What do people think about providing each account a list where they can keep notes about various opponents they've faced. Does this feature already exist? I know the site is serious about no cross game grudges, but I think it would be useful to keep notes on people's playing styles as it might enhance future games. Also, I've personally played a few opponents who I'd like never to play with again, and right now I have a list on my PC of all of these users so I can make sure to avoid them. It would be easier if I could have this information on the site.
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Re: Notes on other players

Postby WHSeward » 09 Mar 2015, 20:41

Here is a work around. Create a PM with subject "player notes" and keep your notes there. Then save it to your drafts. It will always be there to reference and update.

I really don't know why it is better to have notes on site rather than on your PC. If you need something across devices, get Evernote, but I wouldn't think this kind of thing needs to be always accessible. You only use it once in a long while.
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Re: Notes on other players

Postby charliep007 » 09 Mar 2015, 20:43

Microsoft onenote :)
Cheaper version - a note pad and pen ;)
Remind me to put you on my list to not play for fear of being figured out and you selling your notes on my playing style to future opponents!
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Re: Notes on other players

Postby Alman » 09 Mar 2015, 20:45

WHSeward wrote:get Evernote

8-) 8-) 8-)
Love Evernote!!
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Re: Notes on other players

Postby stobco » 10 Mar 2015, 05:39

Evernote gets my vote as well.
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