Spring 1903 - Results

7 player super-Chaos: SCs and units re-randomised every Winter. Devised by lecrae, GMd by mr bump. Winner: Turkey (Diadem) {Maps for Year 1901 Lost}

Spring 1903 - Results

Postby mr bump » 05 May 2013, 02:11

Spring results are here

Next phase;

Spring 1903 Retreats. Due on Monday 6th May by 01.00 BST

Retreats need by;

Turkey - Kiel
Italy -Rome
France - Budapest
Germany - Moscow

Spring 1903

The previous fall saw France, Germany and Turkey increase their grip on the vital supply centers of Europe, The Holy Roman Empire was left fragmented and in disarray as other nations struggled with finding those vital resources. The Great Shuffle continued, Armies and Navies spent the winter rebuilding and forging new alliances. The Spring of 1903 has seen an increase in armed conflict with the Muscovites taking a severe battering. A number of units are in retreat. Can they get themselves into a position to hold on and counter strike or will they crumble against the onslaught?

Shuffle 1903 spring.gif
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Spring 1903 Orders

H R E (Austria) – Zadaron

Denmark – Kiel – Bounced 1-1
Sweden – Norway – Bounced 1-1

England – Shibabalo

Portugal move Spain. - Invalid. No coastline defined. Hold
Belgium move English Channel. - Resolved
St. Petersburg support Sevastopol to Moscow. - Resolved
Vienna move Trieste. - Resolved

France - Pharaoh of nerds

Brest-Mid Atlantic
London-North Sea – Bounced 1-1
Berlin support Munich-Kiel - Resolved
Budapest support Vienna-Trieste – Failed, Dislodged 2-1
Sevastopol-Moscow - Resolved
Ankara-Constantinople - Resolved
Smyrna support Ankara-Constantinople - Resolved

Germany – dcaibel

A Paris move Gascony - Resolved
F Spain (SC) hold - Resolved
A Venice move Rome - Resolved
A Greece support F Constantinople move Bulgaria (East Coast) - Resolved
F Tunis move Western Med - Resolved
A Moscow move Sevastopol – Bounced 1-1, Dislodged 3-1

Candy Land (Italy) – lecrae

Bulgaria moves to Rumania - Resolved
Norway movess to Sweden – Bounced 1-1
Rome supports Nplaes to hold - Failed, Dislodged 2-1
Marseilleis moves to Piedmont - Resolved

Russia – Mrted

Holland to Hel - Resolved
Munich to Kiel - Resolved
Warsaw support Sevastopol to Moscow - Resolved
Liverpool hold - Resolved

Turkey – Diadem

F Edi – Nth – Bounced 1-1
A Kie – Ber – Bounced 1-1, Dislodged 2-1
A Tri – Bud - Resolved
A Ser S A Tri – Bud - Resolved
F Con - Bul (ec) - Resolved
F Nap S A Ven – Rom - Resolved
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Re: Spring 1903 - Results

Postby lecrae » 05 May 2013, 04:04

Retreat toTuscany
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