Winter 1902 - Builds - Results

7 player super-Chaos: SCs and units re-randomised every Winter. Devised by lecrae, GMd by mr bump. Winner: Turkey (Diadem) {Maps for Year 1901 Lost}

Winter 1902 - Builds - Results

Postby mr bump » 01 May 2013, 01:27

Builds are in.

Next phase;

Spring 1903. Orders are due Sat 4th April by 01.00 BST

Shuffle 1902 Builds.gif
Shuffle 1902 Builds.gif (29.58 KiB) Viewed 721 times

Winter 1902 builds.

H R E (Austria) – Zadaron SC count = 2

Fleet Sweden
Fleet Denmark

England – Shibabalo SC count = 4

A Vienna.
F Portugal.
A St. Petersburg.
F Belgium.

France - Pharaoh of nerds SC count = 7

A Ber
A Bud
A Ank
F Smy
A Sev
F Lon
F Bre

Germany – dcaibel SC count = 6

Army Venice
Fleet Tunis
Fleet Spain (South Coast)
Army Paris
Army Moscow
Army Greece

Candy Land (Italy) – lecrae SC count = 4

F Norway
A Mars
A Rome

Russia – Mrted SC count = 4

build army in Warsaw
fleet in holland
Army in Munich
army liverpool

Turkey – Diadem SC count = 6

Build A Kiel
Build F Edinburgh
Build A Trieste
Build F Naples
Build A Serbia
Build F Constantinople
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