1492 AARs

Six-player game. GM: Shibabalo; Winner: Pedros

1492 AARs

Postby Shibabalo » 02 Jun 2013, 18:16

Once again, congrats to Pedros on the solo!

Also, a special thank you to Zarl96 for filling in, as well as everyone else who played.

Use this thread for thoughts on the game, the map, the variant, etc. It was a pleasure being GM for you.
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Re: 1492 AARs

Postby Pedros » 14 Jun 2013, 06:04

Sorry to take so long over this.

Thoroughly enjoyed this very different experience. I'd GMd "Conquest of Americas" and had seen the advantage of slipping round to the far side of an exploration map quickly, so I bid straight away for the northern sea. That set me on a good path - those in the centre were left fighting each other and they never recovered from that.

Two other things made this win very, very easy. The first was that right through the game nobody else built an army (sinny posted saying "Good decision" to me, but in fact it was a no-brainer as far as I could see.) Ther result was that five centres of the ten I needed I could walk into and never worry about - especially since after mid-game I think the rest of the board only got one gain between them, so I was never going to be challenged there!

The other thing was the total absence of any organised resistance. By the time I was up to five and noone else on more than two the whole opposition should have been uniting to stop me, but so far as I could see there was only brief cooperation between blue and yellow.

But thanks for the game. I may GM a Fog version later in the year if UpQuark can tell me how he handles his hundreds of map layers to do it!
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