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Gold Classicist Application

PostPosted: 02 May 2020, 14:20
by smartiperson
I believe I can apply to join the Classicists at the rank of Gold.

Here are my stats:

21 finished games
2 solo wins (9.52% solo rate)
7 draws (33.33% draw rate)
Longest streak of wins/draws (premium only) = 3
0 surrenders (rank games) (0.00% surrender rate)
2 surrenders (norank games) (8.00% surrender rate)
1733/1734 turns taken (99.94% consistency rate)

I have had no surrenders in the last 15 games

Re: Gold Classicist Application

PostPosted: 02 May 2020, 22:18
by Shyvve
Hey smartiperson,

Thanks for your application. You've got 47 completed Rank/NoRank games logged, with two surrenders quite a while ago. You currently have 23 completed Rank/NoRank games since the most recent surrender.

Requirements for Gold are:
20 or more games finished. - All good there with 47 games.
No unjustified surrenders in most recent 15 games. - All good there with 23 R/NR games since last surrender
At least 98% consistency (i.e. no more than 1 in 50 turns missed). - good, 99.94% consistency
No sanction from the site admin for site violation within the last 8 months. - good, no sanctions

Your application to the Classicists is approved at the Gold level. Congrats and welcome!

NB: I took a look at your two surrenders btw. The first one occurred in your very first game here. It seems you accepted a draw, then minutes later surrendered. And the draw passed within like 3 hours or so after your surrender.
Your second surrender occurred after you picked up a previously surrendered position in a game. You joined, then about 4 minutes later surrendered.
In my opinion, both of these surrenders are probably more indicative of unfamiliarity with how the surrender mechanism works here at PlayDiplomacy than reflecting any penchant for surrendering on your part. I think a case could be made that these two surrenders are forgivable given the circumstances. If you want to petition for this, send me, Caladrius and Fatmo a joint PM.