Classicist Application

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Classicist Application

Postby Cyprian » 15 Oct 2019, 21:51

I have finished five games and wish to join the classicists. My NMR rate is at 100% and I have had no surrenders in the last five games.
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Re: Classicist Application

Postby Shyvve » 16 Oct 2019, 00:05

Hi Cyprian,

You have indeed completed five games and also have a 100% consistency rate (89/89 turns completed). However, four of those five games are 'friends' games, which are not taken into consideration when determining eligibility/tier level for this group. In general, the only game types considered for Classicist membership/tier level are Rank or No Rank games. The only exception to this being that a completed Mentored game (a 'schools' game) can also qualify someone for membership at the Aspiring level too.
Here's a link to the Classicist Constitution by the way. Section III.F covers the eligibility requirements for the various membership tiers. Classicist Constitution

The good news though is that, since you have completed one ranked game, this makes you eligible for membership at the Aspiring level. Therefore, your application is approved at the Aspiring level and welcome to the group! Once you've completed an additional four Rank/NoRank games, you will be eligible for promotion to Bronze too.

Here are your stats:
1 finished games
0 solo wins (0.00% solo rate)
1 draws (100.00% draw rate)
Longest streak of wins/draws (premium only) = 0
0 surrenders (rank games) (0.00% surrender rate)
0 surrenders (norank games) (0% surrender rate)
89/89 turns taken (100.00% consistency rate)
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