Bronze Application (Josey Wales)

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Bronze Application (Josey Wales)

Postby Josey Wales » 13 Aug 2018, 00:32

Hello powers that be, I humbly and with head bowed low, boot scuffing the dust submit an application for Bronze Classicists.

I have managed to complete 5 games (ranked) without any surrenders but caused a few - one forcing me to accept a 3-way when I was on the tail end of a solo run (yes, Sandlapper quit a committed Hell Bent for Leather solo only game right when the rubber was really meeting the road). Sadly, the game was ruined so the remaining players and I settled for a 3-way draw. What an absolute travesty of justice, I also submit that Sandlapper have his PlayDip membership revo… ah, wrong forum.

May you all ridicule Sandlapper for turtling and surrendering instead of waiting for the inevitable stab from me like a real PlayDip player - which incidentally was coming the very Spring session he surrendered in. For the record, had Sandlapper stayed my solo was not guaranteed but what a finish that game would have had. Kudos to MeatPopsicle and Justinrs2 for lasting to the settle for a 3-way draw.

But I digress.

100% consistency in remembering to check the order clock, 100% consistency in remembering the right sequence of mouse clicks to enter in valid orders, 100% consistency in stabbing everyone within reach, 100% consistency in causing surrenders in pretty much every game I play in, 100% consistency in not settling for draws and losing most of my games, LOL.

I think I am also getting the hang of the whole convoy thing-a-ma-bob as I was actually able to successfully convoy A Liv to Den, much to the surprise of my German friend who vacated it for a move to Sweden. Normally A Liverpool careens around the Island looking for something to do.
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Re: Bronze Application (Josey Wales)

Postby StarkAdder » 13 Aug 2018, 20:36

What an awesome application speech. And PlayDip needs more third monkeys. Having played a few of these Outlaw games with the good, the bad and the surrenders, I can vouch for Josey’s great command of his six-power shooter.
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