Classicists application

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Classicists application

Postby kuoj1 » 08 Aug 2018, 05:37

I would like to join the Classicists. I have completed 16 games and had 2 surrenders in the past year due to travelling. I don't know if I had any NMRs or my consistency rate but I haven't surrendered or have any NMRs in the last few games I played.

Thank you :)
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Re: Classicists application

Postby Fatmo » 15 Oct 2018, 23:05

By my count, you've played 19 rank and no-rank games that qualify since your last surrender, and you have very good orders consistency.

So you qualify and have been admitted as a Silver level Classicist. One more finished rank or no-rank game and you should qualify for gold if you want to reapply.
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