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Re: Aspiring Classicist Application

Postby Jack007 » 04 Jun 2018, 19:44


And Kim, apart of what I wrote above, you still make me rethink now, after the school's out. Because of this:

kimbyrle wrote:...
Pootleflump wrote:I just behaved badly and incited riots.

All signs indicate this is just standard Pootleflump.

I wouldn't have noticed, but just overlooked, what Pootleflump had written, if you hadn't commented. Awesome. Yes, that's her trick, well.. one of her tricks, but a good one. I'd like to add that to the list of diplomatic options for recovering from a bad position, you remember I called for contributions.

If you allow, Pootleflump, I add that to the list for future Mentor Games.

I'm amazed. Thank you both. :)
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