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Diplomacy Lite Spring 1901 Orders

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2013, 13:01
by Blackfish
Almost had an NMR this turn. Technically we did, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to wait a few more hours, as most players would be asleep or something rather...
Anyway, this turn, we had our first elimination, as was to be expected. Thanks for playing, shavemybaby! :) If by some incredible miracle, turkey is left vacant by the build phase, I will PM you to let you know. ;)
Impressive diplomacy by GhostEcho, the only player who has managed to move anywhere! :D There will be some awkward apologies this turn, for some, others, will just not care, and wing it! What will happen in the vacumn left in Austria? Tune in next episode to find out!
Dip Lite Spring 1901.gif
Dip Lite Spring 1901.gif (42.82 KiB) Viewed 1082 times

England: Sinnybee
Army England support France to hold (Supported unit's order doesn't correspond)

Russia: lecrae
Support Austria into Turkey

France: Shibabalo
France to Italy (Bounced)

Italy: Pharaoh of Nerds
Italy support Austria to Turkey (Support cut by A France to Italy)

Austria: GhostEcho
Austria -> Turkey

Turkey: Shavemybaby
Turkey move Austria (Bounced: 2v1, Retreat Needed, No available place to retreat: Disbanded)

Germany: joelsdaman1
A Germany Hold

When submitting orders, by the way, it helps if you put the name of your country in the title or in the message, as when I recieve an order that says "Support France to Germany", it just adds to the hassle. ;)

Fall 1901 Orders are due Wednesday at 5pm GMT+10, Wednesday 7am GMT and Wednesday 2am GMT -5
I have added a countdown clock, as daylight savings time messes up the time differences a little: ... +Fall+1901

Re: Diplomacy Lite Spring 1901 Orders

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2013, 22:57
by shavemybaby