AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

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AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

Postby FortressDoor » 18 Jan 2014, 11:31

Edits and Additions:

Mine income
Level 1 50
Level 2 70
Level 3 100
Level 4 170
Modifiers to Merchant fleet. Based on location (PM me for details

Mines allow you to invest gold and resources , to get gold back. Mines are the basic way to get gold.
Mines have four levels. 1,2,3 and 4

Level 1 produces you 50 gold a month, and requires an investment of 100 gold, 2 Metal, and 1 wood. Upkeep 1 wood.
LEVEL 2 produces 20 additional gold, and requires an investment of another 200 gold, 2 Metal, 1 wood, and 1 horse like units (horses, elephant, camel). Upkeep 1 wood, 1 metal
Level 3 produces 30 additional gold, and requires an investment of 250 gold, 3 metal, 2 wood, and 1 horselike resource. Upkeep 2 wood 1 metal.
LEVEL 4 produces 70 additional gold, and requires and investment of 350 gold, 5 metal, 4 wood, and 4 horselike resource. Upkeep 2 Metal 2wood.

Mines can be built in all provinces and Colonies.
All mines start at level 1
Each region has a limit to how many mines can be created, determined secretly by the GM. You will discover if the mining capabilities are full only when you invest in building a new mine in a full region (thus wasting the investments)
Not all mines can go to level four. Each time you advance a level beyond level 1, there is a 25 % chance the mine will not contain further gold. Similar to new mines, this failure to advance will only be known when you first invest in an upgrade.


The basic resources are, metal, wood, and horselike (elephants, horses, and camels). You use resources to build various things.
Resources themselves do not have an upkeep cost themselves
All regions of land have some resources, which you will get when you expand into it. Those resources have no upkeep.
Getting further resources requires cities (more later), which require upkeep


Cities are a fundamental part of AHW.

There are three levels of cities.1,2 and 3

LEVEL 1cities take 4 turns to build, and take 40 gold to build(must be paid every month of building). They then produce 3 (logical) resources of your choice.
LEVEL 2 cities tale 5 turns to build, And take 70 gold to build. They then produce 3 additional logical resources of your choice.
Level 3 cities take 6 turns to build, and take 100 gold to build. They then produce an additional 3logical resources of your choice.

Though cities in provinces have no upkeep cost, cities in colonies have upkeep equal to the building cost of the cities level (a level 1 will have 40 gold upkeep, and 2 70, etc)

The higher level the city, the easier it is to defend.

All cities must be named.

There is a limit to how many cities can be made in a region before competition would make them useless, the GM will let you know when the limit is reached.


Tech tree coming soon. Techs take 8 turns to research.


Each nation must choose a patron deity, who will bestow certain benefits to your kingdom.

For sake of simplicity, all Gods below are Greek one.

Zeus: increase city defense. Increase certain types of luck.(various things based on change. Increased luck means good things are more likely to Happen, and bad things less likely)

Hera: increases all types of luck

Poseidon: Naval speed increases. Naval combat ability improved. Certain types of luck increase.

Hades: Mines produce 10 extra gold (no matter the level). Increased chance for being able to dig deeper.

Demeter: + 50 gold. Greater satisfactions from your citizens

Aphrodite: Greater chance for great people. Greater citizen happiness

Hephaestus: 10 extra gold per mine level.

Hermes: Movement speed increased by 1

Athena: Tech time reduced by2 seasons. Unit defense increases.

Apollo: Archer ability increases. Certain types of luck increase

Artemis: Archer ability increases. Certain types of luck increase.

Dionysus: + 40 gold. Certain types of luck increase.

Ares : Increase in infantry combat ability. Certian types of luck increase.

You may change your patron God Rom your original one, but that is bad, bad, bad.

Your people will not be happy.

You must send 30 gold per temple to knock them down

Your old god will curse you for 4 turns.


Temple cost 50 gold, 2 Metal, 2 wood, and 1 horselike for two turns to build. Once built, they have no upkeep, and generate 20 gold.

Temples unlock a hidden secondary from your God. This ability will be revealed to you after the temple is built.

Temples must be built in cities. There can only be one temple per city.


Regions come in two types, province and Colonies. Provinces are your core regions, and cities in them are free from upkeep. Colonies are conquered areas, and their cities require upkeep

Great People

Great People are those talented,blessed, and skilled individuals whose knowledge is used to aid in your nation's people.

They come in three categories, with each category having 3 levels

Inventors - the great thinkers of the age. People like Archimedes and Heron.


Level 1 : Tech time decreased by 1 turn
Level 2 : Tech time decreased by 1 turn. Able to research two techs at once.
Level 3 : Tech Time decreased 3 turns. Able to research two techs at once. Able to propose new techs under heavy, heavy, HEAVY GM moderation

Multiple inventors of the same levels do not stack their benefits (if you have 5 level 1 inventors, your tech time is still only decreased by 1 turn)

However, inventors of different levels benefits DO stack

Priests- holy men who increase temple revenue and grant powers from the Gods. Priests are always attached to a particular temple. There can be only one priest per temple

Benefits :
Level 1: an additional 20 gold in the priests home temple.
Level 2: + 30 gold in priest's home temple. Main God power effectiveness increased (details for each God when a level 2 priest comes)
Level 3: +50 gold in Priest's temple. Gain access to God's curse (details when a level three priest appears)

NOTE: Priest's do not like it if you change from their own deity.

Generals - skilled fighting men. Able to lead effectively. Each general Must belong to a general unit type (infantry, archer, siege, or cavalry). The benefits only come when generals are actively leading (no hiding in the back) soldiers of their same unit type. In battle orders, you must state what your General does.


Level 1: increase in unit defense and attack
Level 2:increase in unit attack, defense, speed, and morale
Level 3: Unit increase in attack, defense, speed and morale. Able to predict one general idea of enemy tactics (30 % base failure chance)

However, one must always keep in mind Great People are well, people. They do not enjoy bring mistreated, and, depending on what you do, they could not give you their benefits, flee the country, or even lead a rebellion. One must be sure not to alienate their people.

Furthermore, Great People could also die or be killed. Most at risk for death, are Generals, who run a risk at dying every battle. However, Inventors could be killed during an enemy invasion of his home city. A priest could die of the plague as it sweeps through. Needless to say, if a Great Person dies, you lose their benefits.


Over the course of time, you will want your nation to expand. You can try to take land from your neighbors, or force them into giving tribute, but a safer way is to expand into the white areas on the map..These areas are considered to be inhabited by unimportant barbarians, so it is much simpler to expand into them.

To expand, you simply order at least one unit (or more) into the area you wish to expand to. In your expansion orders, you must tell me how many (and what kind) of units you are sending in, and in what general direction they expand. The GM will determine exactly what land you get, to be shown on the map. To expand, you must also pay 20 gold and 2 Metal (this will be paid with every attempt). You must also decide if the new area will be an expansion of an existing colony (provinces cannot be expanded) or a new colony.

However, the locals will not take likely to being invaded! Every time you try to expand, there is a chance your forces could get repulsed. Having more units in the expansion decreases the chance for repulsion. Successive attempts to expand in the same also decreases the chances.

Once you have expanded, the region will begin producing some free resources for you, typically no more than 1-3. More resources can be extracted through cities.

Military Units

In order to expand into uncivilized lands, topple mighty empires, or defend your land from ruthless invaders, you need a strong military. The units able to be built are below. The buildings cost and upkeep cost are the same for units, and are listed below.

Peasants - 5 gold. I wood. 2 season recruitment time. Common farmers and civilians from all walks of life. Equipped with pitchforks and household items. Fight better when defending their own lands. Every army needs arrow fodder.

Spearmen - 10 gold, 1 wood. 2 season recruitment time.Basically, peasants who have been equipped and slightly drilled. They carry a couple spears with very light armor. Very mobile.

Hoplite - 20 gold, 1 wood, 1 metal. 3 season recruitment time.This is the famous Greek soldier who bested the Persians. They have a Wooden Shield (Hoplon), a couple spears, and light metal armor. Fairly mobile, fairly disciplined.

Phalanx - 30 gold. 2 Metal, 2 wood. 4 season recruitment time. The Phalanx unit employed by Alexander in his campaigns against Persia. With average metal armor, these soldiers were armed with a 16 foot long pike (sarissa). When in close formation, and facing an enemy they display an impassable wall of spears. When attacking to the front, almost nothing can displace nor stand up against them. Weak on the flanks, low in mobility.

Legion ( requires tech) - 30 gold, 3 metal, 2 wood. 4 season recruitment time. Heavily armored, full body shield, short spanish sword, two javelins. Moderate speed individually, but unit formation allows for much flexibility and adaptability when facing various units from multiple directions.

Calvary Units

There are three main basic types of cavalry, depending on what horselike resource you use. For cavalry, it basically dominates the field against all foes, except Phalanx and Legion. Where flanks must be utilized. Mobility can not be surpassed

Horse Calvary - 30 gold, 1 M, 1 W, 1 H (H always means horse). 3 season recruitment time. Horses are faster than camels and elephants, but horses are startled by them.

Camel Cavalry - 30 gold, 1M, 1W, 1C. 3 season recruitment time. Camels, though slower than horses, have more endurance.

Elephant Calvary - 30 gold, 1M, 1W, and 1E. 3 season recruitment time. Elephants are unwieldy, but, if used properly, can ravage enemy lines (Elephants won't be so easily spooked this time,so they will be more effective)

Chariots - 30 Gold, 2 Metal, 2 Wood, 2 horses - 4 season recruitment time. A driver, and an attacker. Top of the line armor and weapons. Absolutely useless on rocky terrain, but on a prepared battlefield is unequalled in fighting ability. Almost like an ancient tank. Basic Cavalry may be able to maneuver better, but chariots are more heavily armored and armed.

Archer Units

Slingers - 10 gold, 1W. Two season recruitment time. Very mobile, good at hiding. Relatively short distance attack.

Archers - 20 gold, 2W. Three season recruitment time. Very mobile (slightly less than slingers). Medium range. No longbows or composite bows

Chariot Archers (requires tech) - 40 gold, 3W, 2Horse, 1M. Four season recruitment time. Absolutely deadly in combat. Extremely mobile, medium range. One driver, one shooter.

Siege Units
Battlefield War Machine (Arrow shooter) (tech required)- 30 Coinage, 2 Wood, 1 Metal. 3 Season recruitment time. Can be used in sieges but is better at battles. Is meant to target men, not buildings. Pretty slow. Long range.

Siege War Machine (Stone thrower) (tech required)- 30 Coinage, 2 Wood, 1 Metal. 3 Seasons recruitment time. Can be used in battles, but destroys walls and building very effectively. Slow. Long range.

Naval Units

Brieme - 50 gold, 1M, 2W. 2 season recruitment time. Smallest and slowest ships.

Trieme - 70 gold. 2M, 2W. Three season recruitment time. Bigger and faster than Briemes.

Quinquerem - 90 gold. 3M, 4W. Four season recruitment time. Biggest and fasted ship.

Note. All military fleets can be converted into merchant fleets ( and vice versa, though a ship cannot be military and merchant st the same time.) If a ship is made into a merchant fleet, it no longer has the GOLD upkeep, and instead produces you the GOLD that would normally be the upkeep (A Brieme merchant fleet produces 50 gold). However, merchant fleets are not able to defend themselves, and are vulnerable to enemy fleets, pirates, and storms, so be wary. Merchant fleets can transport troops.

Infantry type units will have 3000 men, Calvary 1000, archer 2000. Siege will have 8 things, while naval will have 6.boats.

Base unit movement is 1 region per turn. Though subject to GM change, base water movement is two of those square things on the map per turn.

It is possible for units to cross water without the aid of a fleet. However, you must either pay the locals for the passage ( 10 gold per unit crossing), or else just take their boats, which will make you very unpopular in the area.
The border between two nations counts as a province for terms of movement. If you go to another country's border, the other country will be alerted.


You need not issue official declarations of war in this game. It is perfectly acceptable to just go, and March into another person's land (at least for me. Other players may have an issue with it). However, you must PM me your intentions so that I cam create a thread when appropriate. Here are the rules for war wageing.

For every enemy region you are in, you must pay a flat sum of 20 gold and 1 metal.

To occupy a region, you must capture all of its cities. If a region has no cities in it, you automatically are considered to occupy it, unless a larger enemy force is in the region. Once a region is occupied, it's mines do not produce gold for anymore, and it does it produce resource.

If a unit is unable to get fresh supplies, it's fighting ability will slowly deteriorate, and so will its morale.

the Oracle

The Oracle at Delphi can be consulted, and the GM will give an oracle to the country. 1 Oracle can be given per season. So only 1 country can receive an Oracle every season. They cost 50 gold, or best offer (if bidding arises, Oracles will not settle for less than 50 G). They will be cryptic but helpful, to the best of the GM’s modest capabilities. Every time an Oracle is purchased, the amount of Gold and other resources are stockpiled at the temple of the Oracle in Delphi. So the treasury here will slowly accumulate. Google Delphi for its location in Ancient Greece. So this temple of the Oracle can be ransacked for a quick dollar, but obviously there would be many negative effects religiously and politically. I hope these become interesting in the game, and may considering adding more temple/oracle like things, depending on how it goes.

Though this was HORRIBLY underused last game, here is one that I gave ferdy, if you want an example.

In reply to asking about recruiting some African warlord

King Ferdy, feared throughout the land
To get what you desire you must expand through the sands
And destory the golden tower
And set up a symbol of your own power
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Re: AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

Postby Gooderian » 27 Jan 2014, 22:23

Confused me posting:

Spearmen - 10 gold, 1M, wood

Question 1: 1 wood right?
Question 2: the metal upkeep cost is not calculated in the total amount of resources, I will be at a negative number if they are calculated in. Is that right?
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Re: AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

Postby FortressDoor » 27 Jan 2014, 23:59

mambam14 wrote:Confused me posting:

Spearmen - 10 gold, 1M, wood

Question 1: 1 wood right?
Question 2: the metal upkeep cost is not calculated in the total amount of resources, I will be at a negative number if they are calculated in. Is that right?

I swear, I have tried to edit it in the rules to IW 20 times. And it always changes back stupidly like that.

Spearmen do not have metal upkeep
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Re: AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

Postby AirsoftAlex » 28 Jan 2014, 20:59

Dang, the mine income changed again??
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Re: AHW Rules (See Top for Edits)

Postby FortressDoor » 28 Jan 2014, 21:02

AirsoftAlex wrote:Dang, the mine income changed again??

Yeah. I am doing a very bad job at being consistent. But these will be the permanent mine income.
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