181268. A St P -> Syria

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Re: 181268. A St P -> Syria

Postby FloridaMan » 30 Sep 2020, 21:41

Audacia wrote:I always blanche at the Star Wars avatar, though I suspect it means a lot to you. I can't help it. I secretly hope to see you've switched to the 'gator every time I read another AAR

I do think Sir Christopher Lee was a wonderful and iconic actor, and one of the true highlights in a trilogy that is otherwise a guilty pleasure (at best!).

I've been thinking about switching to the 'gator for a while, honestly. Count Dooku isn't quite on-brand for me.

Of course FM does not play "normal" games. Who wants to be that boring anyway? That is part of what makes Diplomacy so fascinating.

Thank you. I try! :)
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