Playing with friends/relations - please read!

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Playing with friends/relations - please read!

Postby super_dipsy » 28 Oct 2018, 09:13

Often people who enjoy the game will want to bring friends or relations into it. Sometimes we see a parent wanting to encourage their children to play, brothers or sisters encouraging their siblings to get involved, or school friends wanting to spread the hobby. This is something we all want :D . New blood is what keeps the game alive.

If you are looking to get someone new involved in the game here at Playdip though, you need to take a few things into account to avoid unnecessary hassle for you and your circle. The issue is that if you are not careful, playing with people you know can appear to be cheating, either within the game or across games.

Two player games - a good place to start
A two player game is never going to attract any accusations of cheating :) . It is also an excellent way to show a newbie how the interface works and how moves, attacks, convoys etc work.

Friends games
When you create a game you select the game type. A Friends game is literally what it says - a game where people who know each other can play together without any issues. You can team up against each other in pre-arranged alliances, carry grudges over multiple games, not bother with the site in-game communications or frankly most other rules. There are some rules that are in place for ALL types of games, such as no porn, but playing Friends games removes any risk of cheating accusations. The drawback of course is you actually need a group of friends to play, since other players are unlikely to join Friends games if they do not know the players. You can however set up friends games for less than 7 players.

Rank / Norank games
This is where you have to be VERY CAREFUL to avoid getting accused of cheating or even banned from the site. Remember that although you may feel you are not doing anything wrong, from the point of view of other players they may see things differently. The main problem is that if you know 100% in a game of Diplomacy that another country will always work with you and never attack you, you automatically have a significant advantage over the other players. Even though you may be trying to help your friend/relation, to show them how to play and give them some early success, it is not fair to other players.

The best approach is not to join the same games. One way you can help your friend/relation is to get them to join a game and then advise them. You can sit with them for example, and help them with their communications and decisions. This would best be done in Norank games though, because if you are a strong player and are advising a newbie with a low rating, the new player will play artifically better than their rating which could affect other players' ratings adversely. Playing norank games in this way does not risk this problem.

If you really want to play in the same game, and a Friends game is not practical, then you have to constantly keep in mind that you must play the game as if that person was not your friend or relation. This does not mean you can't ally with them, but if the opportunity arises you should be equally prepared to attack them. And don't think the cheating AI system will be fooled by working together until the end and then taking it in turns over a set of games to attack the other and win; it is still cheating. Frankly, it is almost NEVER going to work out well for you to play the same ranked or unranked games together while one of you is learning. Once you are both experienced, then the general rule is if you DO want to play ranked or unranked games together, make sure you only play the occassional one and remember to always play fairly in terms of not making any special allowances for your friendship.
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