147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 1 more Needed .. Prizes!

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147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 1 more Needed .. Prizes!

Postby Josey Wales » 19 Sep 2018, 12:26

147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 … is looking for 1 more willing-to-be-cannon-fodder in a Ranked, Solo-Only (honour) game. These are a lot of fun and epic momentum swings. Plus, the ever present lottery ticket posted for the small chance we actually hit the 7/7 number draw. Makes the game more entertaining - as if getting pounded is rewarding enough.

PM me for password. No quitters, no NMR-er specialists, Classicists of all stripes welcome.

Currently in game, waiting to play:
Josey Wales
Captain Kylemore

Map variant: Standard
Game type: anonymous_countries
Stats: rank
Draws: Open Ballot
Public: no
Variants: Classic
Map: mapv2
Orders every 3 days
Retreat every 24 hours
Build every 24 hours
Game will reset if NMR on first turn
Protected Game
Don't process deadlines on (GMT+1):
New Year Jan 01, Christmas Dec 25, Halloween Oct 31
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Re: 147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 2 more Needed .. Pri

Postby StarkAdder » 19 Sep 2018, 19:37

What the hell. I'll join.
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Re: 147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 2 more Needed .. Pri

Postby Aeschines » 20 Sep 2018, 03:10

StarkAdder wrote:What the hell. I'll join.

What in the hell...

I see what you did there, Starkus Adderus.
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Re: 147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 1 more Needed .. Pri

Postby Zipzum » 20 Sep 2018, 15:18

I'll join
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Re: 147758. Hell Bent for Leather 7 ... 1 more Needed .. Pri

Postby OldBaldGuy » 20 Sep 2018, 18:37

If still open, I'm in
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