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Finding a better game

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2013, 15:53
by Pedros
From time to time there are requests/moans/complaints/suggestions in the Forum about how players can ensure that the games they enter are of better quality. Most often, this relates to finding games with players who don't NMR often and rarely if ever surrender. Sometimes it's simply about getting games with better players (which isn't the same thing as the first, but certainly includes it) or with players of similar ability to their own.

This post is intended to bring together the different suggestions which are usually made in answer to these requests so that posters can simply be referred to this link. This is the first draft, and other members will doubtless have other suggestions to add, which I will include as they arise. But for now:-

  1. If the game is not anonymous and if you are a premium member, you can always check out the statistics of other players signing up for your games. Time-consuming, but it will give you a good idea. Remember though that if a player has played a lot of games with a fairly high number of surrenders, those might have been in their early games and they may have cleaned up their act since then.
  2. It isn't an infallible rule, but games with short deadlines for movement (24-hours and, even more so, 12-hours) tend to produce lower-quality games (if only because the likelihood of missing a turn through real-life problems is much greater!)
  3. From time to time established players launch Invitation-only games (although I've seen few of these recently). As you become better-known on the site you are likely to start receiving these if your reputation as a player is good. They will be created with a password to prevent other people entering.
  4. It is well worth checking this Forum for games which are currently being advertised (and advertising your own creations here as well!) Many will be set up with passwords but not all of them are secret passwords - the post here may include the password publicly. But the idea is that players who can be bothered to check the Forum are likely to be more committed than those who don't!
  5. Many of the games advertised here have non-public passwords but invite members to PM the creator for the password - this provides an extra demand for commitment (and the creators can, if they wish, check out your stats before handing out the PW.)
  6. Now that the new ratings system is in place there is nothing to stop anybody creating a game specifically for players of similar rating to themselves and advertising it in this Forum with a clear note (perhaps in the title of the topic) about the limits. Players with higher ratings are almost certainly more reliable, since surrenders will immediately affect ratings and NMRs affect the ability to get good results.
  7. There are two other groups organised through the Forum which will be directly of interest.
    The Classicists are a large group of players dedicated to reducing NMRs and surrenders, and membership is restricted to players with a minimum number of completed games and very few NMRs and surrenders (you will see many users of the Forum whose signatures include "Gold member of the Classicists" or similar.)
    Solo Victories Only games are open only to players who have formally pledged themselves to work for a solo victory in that game and to fight to the end. Any member can sign the pledge and join, so there is less guarantee of reliability than with the Classicists; these games however do produce some of the best games on the site.

Important note to new posters here

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2013, 16:41
by Pedros
This thread is for information. Posts adding to that information are welcome, but contributions opening up a debate on possible changes to the system belong in Suggestions, not here; if any appear they will be removed without further warning!

Re: Finding a better game

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2013, 17:31
by gareth66
The other advice that is often given in this context is to try to steer clear of the games with 12 hour deadlines. That is not to say that some such games are not excellent quality games, but they are frequently played by players who are less experienced and/or less committed. A greater chance of finding a good quality game can be found by looking for games with longer deadlines.

Re: Finding a better game

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2013, 18:09
by Pedros
Good point gareth!